20 Jul 2017

Korean Beauty One Brand Haul #1 - Etude House

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I've been sitting on this idea for quite a while, to be honest. I've been totally in love with Ssin-nims One Brand makeup tutorials since she started doing them, and was trying as hard as I could to work out if I could do something similar whilst I was still in the UK. As you can probably guess, it didn't exactly work out in the interim between finishing Uni and starting my actual job, but now I'm in Korea it is so much easier. 

Since I don't have to cop for shipping or dodge import charges, I can actually bring you one brand hauls, coupled with one-brand 'get ready with me's' over on my youtube. 

I asked on twitter which brand you'd like to see first, and the result was Etude House (english site) by a mile. Good choice guys; Etude House is very much the 'starter brand' for a lot of people wanting to get into Korean beauty and skincare since it's really affordable, so this is a fab place to start. 


10 Jul 2017


sporty summer look uk korea style fashion blogger
photography by www.tuckja.com 

It's hard to be two things at once. I've spent a lot of time, recently, wishing that I could pick one box instead of straddling two (or three) at a time. A feat made all the more weird when you vehemently hate the idea of neat little boxes to divide life. Things are not that simple... yet things could also be that simple.

One of the reasons minimalism has been doing so well is because it's a rejection of all of the unnecessary complications of life, right?

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