23 Mar 2017

Three Effective Ways to spring clean your wardrobe

effective ways to clear out wardrobe

Broken record alert, but: it has been my mission for the past couple of months to clear out my wardrobe. And yes, it has really taken me that long. I'm not a 'do it all in one fell swoop' kind of person (unless that is the only physical way to go about a task), especially when it'd take a solid couple of hours to work through everything I have. I've watched countless decluttering videos, I've read Marie Kondo's tidying guides, I've tried a variety of methods to work out what it is I'm wearing and what I'm not.

And it's not been easy.

Some methods have worked better than others, some were a great place to start, but became irrelevant once the process got going. So if you're struggling to start, have hit a plateau and know you can cut more, then hopefully this may help.


18 Mar 2017

Hongdae: The Meerkat Cafe

meerkat cafe seoul hongdae

Ok so Korea is a little bit famous for its cafe culture. As in, there are a slight f*ck tonne of cafes here, catering from board games to Hello Kitty, to comics to cats and dogs (stay tuned for me going slightly bonkers over corgi puppies). And now there is a meerkat cafe. 

A cafe where you can sit and watch and play with the meerkats. 


It's magic.


9 Mar 2017

South Korea Take 2: The first 2 weeks

moving to south korea e2 visa teaching

I’ve been back in South Korea for just over two weeks now, as in, writing this... it's been two weeks exactly since I stepped on a plane, two weeks and six days since I arrive at Incheon airport. And, first things first, this time round was way, waaaaaaaaay easier than the first time I was out here, even though I did it almost completely by myself (my dad drove me to the airport, bless).
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