20 Jul 2017

Korean Beauty One Brand Haul #1 - Etude House

etude house one brand korean makeup haul kbeauty kcosmetics

I've been sitting on this idea for quite a while, to be honest. I've been totally in love with Ssin-nims One Brand makeup tutorials since she started doing them, and was trying as hard as I could to work out if I could do something similar whilst I was still in the UK. As you can probably guess, it didn't exactly work out in the interim between finishing Uni and starting my actual job, but now I'm in Korea it is so much easier. 

Since I don't have to cop for shipping or dodge import charges, I can actually bring you one brand hauls, coupled with one-brand 'get ready with me's' over on my youtube. 

I asked on twitter which brand you'd like to see first, and the result was Etude House (english site) by a mile. Good choice guys; Etude House is very much the 'starter brand' for a lot of people wanting to get into Korean beauty and skincare since it's really affordable, so this is a fab place to start. 


10 Jul 2017


sporty summer look uk korea style fashion blogger
photography by www.tuckja.com 

It's hard to be two things at once. I've spent a lot of time, recently, wishing that I could pick one box instead of straddling two (or three) at a time. A feat made all the more weird when you vehemently hate the idea of neat little boxes to divide life. Things are not that simple... yet things could also be that simple.

One of the reasons minimalism has been doing so well is because it's a rejection of all of the unnecessary complications of life, right?


27 Jun 2017

Milk Cleansing - The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk

korean beauty review the face shop rice water cleansing milk
It's a super sad day when your skin decided that it no longer loves your cleansing routine. It was probably a combination of things that led to a pretty frustrating break-out around March - I had just moved countries, and I probably should've been a little more proactive reading use-by dates - but I was left in a situation where my trusty oil cleanser from The Face Shop just wasn't doing anything but hurting my skin - and my first rule of skincare is: always listen to your skin.

There are a wealth of different cleanser types in South Korea. The vast majority are ridiculously affordable and also ridiculously effective. There are cleansing oils, foams, washes, gels, balms, and now milks. And, being a girl that likes to try new things, I decided to dive wholeheartedly into the very last on that list, with The Face Shop's Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk.

8 Jun 2017

Gingham, bows, and body confidence

uk fashion blogger how to wear gingham summer ootd inspiration
There's something about gingham that immediately makes me think of summer. It's the same sort of thing that makes me associate tartan with autumn and winter, which means that somewhere down the line I've bought into a very effective marketing strategy aligning my checked pieces to one particular season. Historically it's probably something to do with fabric weight...

But before I start tangent-ing about what was used in different parts of fashion history, let me show you one of my favourite new additions to my wardrobe. The gingham top of dreams.


1 Jun 2017

A little whimsy

summer fashion outfit inspiration uk style blogger korean inspo kstyle

I haven't done a proper ~fashion haul~ post since I've come back to Korea. I've done various beauty hauls, but fashion is so much harder to do right now. Maybe because I'm minorly (chronically) lazy, and I don't have the Good Tripod with me, the one that actually supports the weight of the canon, but also because it's not exactly the easiest thing to ask your fellow teachers to take shots... and all the photographer friends I know don't live in my city - they're Seoul proper.


Seriously, it's a lot easier to be a consistent fashion blogger if you have someone super close (and decent at photography) to take shots for you. Oh well.

[photos by project_s_way]


29 May 2017

10 good things in May

positivity in blogging 10 good things
Well, May has been a month. I feel like I've been all little wrung out emotionally since the start, even though nothing bad has happened to me personally. I think I'm still trying to get used to being energetic for 6 hours a day. As I said in 10 things I've learned in my first month of teaching, if you think this job is gonna be an easy ride, think again. 

The fact that I've not been particularly consistent here or on my youtube is also contributing massively to my 'meh' mood. I love this space so much, and I hate feeling like I'm not taking care of it enough. If anyone has any tips for blogging or creating videos around a full time job, please share them with me!! Also, if you'd like to see anything specific as video content let me know too~ I'm definitely going to be vlogging UMF Korea, and things I get up to during the summer. 

May hasn't been all tragic or 'meh' though! I've been busy going out and doing things and meeting people and making new friends and still wishing I lived in Seoul proper. So have 10 good things that have happened this month, since I'm all about focusing on the positives.


24 May 2017

Caron Heim Macarons

where buy macarons south korea
Macarons are having a bit of  a moment in Korea right now. They've always had the underlying popularity that comes with the slight decadence and French Patissiere extravagance, but recently the number of bakeries that make them (and make them well) has boomed. No more Paris Baguette disappointments~ Score.

One such bakery is Caron Heim (caron_heim on instagram, or 가롱하임 in hangeul), which is a beautiful little independent business based in Bupyeong, Incheon. 


18 May 2017

With Reckless Abandon: the art of making luck

uk fashion blogger spring summer outfit inspiration
I've had this post sitting in my drafts for ages, since, ironically, I haven't really found the right words, or the right phrasing. Nothing has felt like it's articulated my point well enough. A point that is basically talking about how I do things without really thinking about possible consequences more often than not.

Seriously (and sorry, mum, dad, really I am) I have a habit of getting myself into some really hilarious situations. Mostly, they wind up ending in my favour. You know how they say life begins at the end of your comfort zone? Well... my comfort zone is sometimes all but a dot to me.

[photos by project_s_way]

9 May 2017

April Beauty Favourites

April beauty favourites korean beauty blogger
Well it's been a hot minute since I've done a monthly favourites. Especially a beauty favourites post. Usually I'm a creature of habit, the way I do my makeup hasn't really changed that much since I started wearing it at 15 (though I ditched the solid blue eyeshadow haa, how embarrassing), and it's hard to test out new products month on month when you don't have a lot of disposable income. Or are chronically bad at saving... 

But! I guess that's changed for April. Mostly because I've been in a position where I can buy a lot more (yay employment), but also because I'm back in Korea and there is so much choice. A vast ocean of affordable choice. 

Also the fact that I had to have a major declutter of basically everything I owned before I moved has probably helped the fact I actually needed new things - apparently my hoarding tendencies also span to both skincare and beauty too, who knew?? - and when the the temptation is there, I have very little self control. (Yes that is probably a bad thing, I am aware.)

Anyway, if you're up for reading a slightly late beauty favourites post, then here we go!


21 Apr 2017

Hexagon (헥사곤) - Garosugil Sinsadong

Hexagon 헥사곤 latin american restaurant seoul south korea

I'm resurrecting 'the food series' after what has seemed like an absolute age. One of my favourite things to do in South Korea is explore all the restaurants, cafes, and general eateries that I've been eyeing up over on instagram for too fudging long. On my explorations so far, I've been happy to see that some of my favourite places from my year abroad are still alive and kicking, but also saddened that some of them haven't survived the last three years. Seoulites are a particularly tough crowd - competition is fierce

A few weeks ago - when I met up with Devina before Seoul Fashion Week - we went for a little wander around the DDP to take some photos, and then on to Sinsadong for me to see how much it's changed (not that much, but also so much at the same time), and for food. We weren't feeling anything particularly heavy, so decided to give Hexagon a go. 

Latin American food in Seoul? Ok let's go. 


14 Apr 2017

10 things I've learned in my first month of teaching abroad

10 things to know teaching english south korea
So I've been teaching for a month now - first official paycheck and everything - and it's definitely taught me a thing or two about life. I'm pleased that I wasn't ever really a complete and utter terror at school, and that I was one of those kids that actually did my homework despite not really wanting to.

Seriously, when people say that some jobs are easier than others, if they lump teaching into that I'm not going to be happy.

I teach elementary and middle school students (so from age 7 to about 14?) and they've taught me one or two things so far..

Or 10.


11 Apr 2017

Collective Korean Beauty Haul: 3CE, Chosungah Beauty, Etude House + more

Ohh it's been a while since I've actually been able to do a proper haul - yay employment and feeding into the behemoth that is consumerism! I'm so happy to be back in close enough proximity to buy some of my favourite brands without having to worry about slightly extortionate shipping fees, marking up prices, and no free samples when you pass a certain payment point. 

I was pretty damned careful with my money last month, trying to work out what you're general expenses are when you also still have startup costs to worry about it hard, but I ended up spending way less than I thought! So, that means you can treat yo' self, right? 

This wasn't all bought in one day (I think I'd cry), it's a collection of some of the bits and pieces I've picked up over the last month - and includes a new brand I've yet to try~


10 Apr 2017

[STREETSTYLE] Trend Report: Seoul Fashion Week

trend watch streetstyle seoul fashion week
If you've seen the streetstyle posts from this season of Seoul Fashion Week (if not: day 2, day 3, and day 6), you've probably got a bit of an idea of what's been trending in the style arena as we move into spring and summer. Since the weather was a little bit unpredictable, there were also some solid transitional outfits to deal with the conundrum of 'warm days, cold nights' that spring is known for. 

It's so confusing when I don't need a coat really to go to work, but as soon as I leave it's cruel and cold and a jumper just won't do.

So, if you're looking for some spring fashion inspiration to spice up your style game a la Seoul, I've done a little trend report for you. I've also included a lot of photographers that you should really check out the instagrams of!

7 Apr 2017

A graduate scheme that’s a bit different: Unlocked* #ad

interesting graduate schemes to apply for unlocked prison officers

Graduates, we all know the struggle of finding employment, especially in a climate that doesn’t seem to know if it’s coming or going. We’re facing uncertain times in the world, and it’s so very very daunting when we’re trying to take those first steps after uni in becoming independent.

But have you ever thought about graduate schemes?


6 Apr 2017

[STREETSTYLE] Seoul Fashion Week (day 6)

헤라세울패션위크 스트릿스타일 hera seoul fashion week fw17 streetstyle
My favourite day was definitely Saturday. Mostly because it was my only full day at Seoul Fashion Week this season (boo at the need to work and earn money and be all responsible), which meant I could take alllll the photos, but also because it meant that I got to miss any and all April Fools Day pranks because I was busy playing ninja photographer.

And also occasionally getting trapped by photographers, because my outfit for day 6 was by far my favourite. Asos, come through with the wide-legged culottes in actual petite sizes. My tiny not-even-five-foot-three ass can actually wear cropped trousers now, thank you.

I took about 463 photos on the final day to make up for my lack of shots on day 5, so it was hard to narrow down my favourite looks. (I managed, don't worry!)


5 Apr 2017

Where did the personal style go

personal style fashion blogging flat otk boots how to wear
I was asked one question a lot this past week: how is fashion in Seoul, or fashion in South Korea as a whole, different to fashion in London/the UK/the West? It's an interesting question, and one that I actually particularly enjoy answering rather than shying away from with answers like 'oh, they're both great!!' or 'there isn't really that much of a difference'.

Simply because there is a difference. There's a veritable Grand Canyon sized chasm of a difference when it comes to personal style.


4 Apr 2017

[STREETSTYLE] Seoul Fashion Week (day 3)

헤라세울패션위크 스트릿스타일  hera seoul fashion week fw17 streetstyle
Seoul Fashion Week streetstyle got me feelin like [insert dancing_emoji here].

Day 3 brought morning sunshine and my first real experience of the microfashion that Seoul Fashion Week has sort of become known for. Seriously, there are some incredibly dressed small people running about. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it from an ethical stance, since the parents are generally carting around suitcases and changing the kids in the subway for maximum exposure, but I'm not as salty as US Vogue about outfit changes, and if the kids are having fun then that's all that really matters? Regardless, the looks were strong, I was super happy snapping away and feeling that my photography is getting better.

Ninja streetstyle mode, activated.


3 Apr 2017

[Review]: Skinfood Yuja Water Toner and Emulsion

skinfood yuja water vitamin c toner emulsion review

I've found a pretty snazzy product for helping manage outbreaks of Milia. It comes in the form of Skinfood's yuja water toner, and oh my gosh it makes me all sorts of happy. It's a great day when samples turn out to be seriously fricking good at managing problems you didn't even know where to start with. 

2 Apr 2017

[STREETSTYLE] Seoul Fashion Week (day 2)

헤라세울패션위크 스트릿스타일 hera seoul fashion week street style fw17
The most exciting event of my calendar so far has flashed by in what seemed to be a rain-filled two seconds. Seoul Fashion Week is my actual life-blood in March and October, and although I was only doing half-days from Monday to Friday, I've been monumentally more inspired in the last week than I have done in the last year.

(Or, if we're being about as dramatic as I was over on Twitter on Wednesday, more inspired in the last 3 days than I have in the last 3 years...)

Part of that inspiration comes from the Streetstyle that Seoul Fashion Week has in absolute buckets. I've seen everything from normcore to ridiculously fashion forward. I've made a ton of new friends this week, and Saturday took the most unexpected, but most wonderfully weird turn. It's never a dull week at the DDP when the fashionistas are around. 

So, as per my escapades with Fashion Week, have some of my favourite streetstyle shots. 


23 Mar 2017

Three Effective Ways to spring clean your wardrobe

effective ways to clear out wardrobe

Broken record alert, but: it has been my mission for the past couple of months to clear out my wardrobe. And yes, it has really taken me that long. I'm not a 'do it all in one fell swoop' kind of person (unless that is the only physical way to go about a task), especially when it'd take a solid couple of hours to work through everything I have. I've watched countless decluttering videos, I've read Marie Kondo's tidying guides, I've tried a variety of methods to work out what it is I'm wearing and what I'm not.

And it's not been easy.

Some methods have worked better than others, some were a great place to start, but became irrelevant once the process got going. So if you're struggling to start, have hit a plateau and know you can cut more, then hopefully this may help.


18 Mar 2017

Hongdae: The Meerkat Cafe

meerkat cafe seoul hongdae

Ok so Korea is a little bit famous for its cafe culture. As in, there are a slight f*ck tonne of cafes here, catering from board games to Hello Kitty, to comics to cats and dogs (stay tuned for me going slightly bonkers over corgi puppies). And now there is a meerkat cafe. 

A cafe where you can sit and watch and play with the meerkats. 


It's magic.


9 Mar 2017

South Korea Take 2: The first 2 weeks

moving to south korea e2 visa teaching

I’ve been back in South Korea for just over two weeks now, as in, writing this... it's been two weeks exactly since I stepped on a plane, two weeks and six days since I arrive at Incheon airport. And, first things first, this time round was way, waaaaaaaaay easier than the first time I was out here, even though I did it almost completely by myself (my dad drove me to the airport, bless).

28 Feb 2017

New in Skincare: Korean Skincare mini-haul

korean beauty skincare haul

You guys seemed to want to see a lot of the Korean skincare and beauty products I can get my hands on now I’m in the ROK (Republic of Korea, South… not the DPRK, North) again. I’m so glad that you do though, because it kinda gives me an excuse to try a lot of new things – especially the brands!

Although most of my money at the moment is going on food and start-up costs for my new flat (who’d like to see a flat tour?), I have managed to pick up a few bits and pieces. Admittedly, I only really needed one of these things, but the rest are always really useful to have in my skincare stash.


16 Feb 2017


style inspiration tennis skirt uk fashion blogger
No word of a lie, it snowed on the day of this shoot. Legit snow. Freezing temperatures and snow. But, I braved the wintery weather to give you a little sneak peek of one of the possible outfits I'll be wearing to Seoul Fashion Week this season (so you might see it again, albeit with variations, sometime soon). It's also probably one of my current favourite combinations, despite it being horrifically seasonally inappropriate. 


14 Feb 2017

Two Giveaways - with love from me to you

little miss fii beauty giveaway
It occurred to me, recently, that I have been doing this blogging thing for a little over three years now. That's quite a while, really, to be writing up my ramblings and posting them on the internet. That's also quite a while, really, for people to sit and read, then even respond to said ramblings on the internet. 

So, considering I've finally had the time to actually sit down and sort out things amidst the hell that is moving (and packing) my life to move across the other side of the world again, I'm here to say a massive, heartfelt, kind of really soppy THANK YOU for your support so far. 


Thank you so much, it honestly means the world. 


3 Feb 2017

The Huge Announcement: I am moving!

moving to south korea in 20s

I've been a bit cryptic in the last month and a bit over on twitter, instagram, and a little on here. It's been really hard to keep this announcement a secret; each stage I've passed that's got me that bit closer has been so exciting. But because the size of the move, how many factors there are and hoops to jump through, and how many things can go (and have gone) wrong, I've been reluctant to announce it on here. Just in case it all went tits up and then I'd have to un-announce the whole thing.

(Also, if I ended up not going, I think it would actually crush me.)

But!! We're out of a very murky and wildly frustrating grey area, so here we go:

I am moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


31 Jan 2017

Language is important

language used speech important politics
It's such an important thing, language. The way we use words to express ourselves, describe our surroundings, make sense of what's happening. We look to people's use of language to help us understand how we are supposed to react to a situation; are they using words to express joy, sadness, fear?

Language is a powerful tool. The nursery rhymes sung in childhood to deflect harsh words undersold this power - sticks and stones may break my bones, but words? Words will seep into your consciousness through repetition, they will shape actions with the intent behind them. They legitimise, they ratify the 3am thoughts of self-doubt, the thoughts you feel you can't say in public. 

Language changes over time. Certain words become more, or less, nuanced; the definitions warp, sometimes reclaimed by the groups they were once slurs to describe. Language is immensely powerful in dividing people, both through barriers of understanding and through disagreements in ideology. 

Language is also incredibly powerful at uniting, 

But it is all about intent

29 Jan 2017

Wishlist: Travel Essentials with Skate-hut*

travel essential wishlist
January is almost over! And I don't know about you, but I have that 'can it be spring now, please' feeling. I'm tired of running in negative degrees, and although the frosty mornings with clear skies are undeniably beautiful, I kind of really want some warmer weather back. 

It's probably all the holiday adverts on TV. My mum says that now is the prime time to book getaways, since we're all bored of the mundane that hits us quite hard after New Year's is over, and need something new to look forwards to. (Also with the way the news is at the minute, I really don't blame people for wanting to switch off for a few days...)

So with that in mind - and my own big move arriving at an alarming speed (it's basically three weeks now, jeez) - I've been looking at a few bits and pieces that I've been meaning to upgrade or replace for a while now, as well as some other travel essentials. 


23 Jan 2017

On Beauty Standards and 'weird Asian' products or apps

I'm not entirely sure why, but Meitu - a Chinese produced image editing/selfie app - has been doing the rounds on twitter and the rest of social media recently. I say 'I'm not entirely sure why' because the app is by no means new; I've had various versions on my phone over the past couple of years, as well as competitor apps. It's a fairly standard fixture in some of the circles I'm in.

The reactions to it have been... interesting, to say the least. The newest feature offers a 'drawn effect' to a selfie, so you basically look like you're an anime/manga/manhwa character rather than the usual meitu tools, and comments/captions have been along the lines of 'so cute/so kawaii' 'it doesn't look like me' 'best selfie version' etc. It's varied. To clarify, Meitu is not an 'anime yourself' app, it's an app that is used to 'perfect' selfies with filters etc that specifically cater to Chinese beauty standards. It has since branched out into more 'makeup application' and airbrushing for a global consumer, but the root marketplace is Chinese.

I saw an interesting comment by a twitter account I follow that raises awareness of issues affecting the East and Southeast Asian communities (@ESEAsianbeauty) suggesting that instead of fawning over the new fad/exotifying/othering elements of different cultures, that we use the opportunity to talk about the beauty standards and how they differ country to country.

So. I 'meitu'd' myself with the new feature (also with the auto feature on the usual editing side of things) and am here to talk about different beauty standards and the issues I have with an awful lot of videos on Youtube or blog posts testing/reviewing products that are from China, Japan or Korea.

19 Jan 2017

Wishlist: Currently Coveting

january collective wishlist uk fashion blogger
We might be dealing with some of the most wintery weather to hit our shores in a while, but the sales are slowly winding down and the new, transitional lines have started to hit the rails. SEASONS ARE CHANGING in the fashion world. It's that breath of fresh air after stewing yourself in Christmas jumpers and fleecy pyjamas, it makes me feel really inspired to put together new looks, and consider updating the old wardrobe with some new pieces.

Though this time around, I'm definitely looking at items that will work with what I already have, and that I'll get a lot of wear out of. I didn't purge my wardrobe to fill it up with trend-led purchases and things that were impulse buys. And I definitely don't want to end up with more things I've bought and never worn again.

So with that in mind, here's a wishlist of 'new in' items that I'm currently coveting.


14 Jan 2017

Fashion and Beauty goals 2017

attainable beauty and fashion goals for 2017

2017 is going to be A Good Year. I have decided. Not necessarily 'my year', because hey, we're 14 days in, and I'm not making any grand statements that I might look back on in 6 months and think 'well that's gone monumentally tits up'. But I'm definitely setting myself targets this year. As with my life/blog/youtube goals, nothing is a fixed point, a number to reach and sit back on and go 'yes this is a thing that makes me feel good', instead I'm looking at progression from a starting point: forward movement. 

And this forward movement is something that I really want to see in the way I approach my wardrobe and my dresser. 

So let's talk fashion and beauty goals for this year, which may sound like a bit of an odd concept, but stick with me ok?


11 Jan 2017

High Street Dupes for Designer Shoes

high street dupes for designer shoes
It's been a while since I've talked shoes. I was going to say solely shoes, but even I grimaced at how bad a pun it was, so, you're welcome. But it has been a significant length of time since I've dedicated any blogspace to a footwear edit... so let's change that right now and talk designer shoe dupes

As a self-confessed shoe lover, I do get a little thrill over seeing new styles hit the runways, the instagram pages, and ultimately the high street. Not all of them are my cup o' chai, but the appreciation is always there. And it's really interesting to see which styles take a veritable grip on the fashion world and become, pretty much, ultimate shoe staples. But at designer prices, it's a little eye-watering to see how much these go for (if that's your price point... fancy spotting me a pair or two?), and oftentimes I'm scouring the etailers for the best dupes. Someone's gotta do it. 

Most of the pairs I've listed here have been around for a few years now, but the dupes 1) have got much better and 2) are way more plentiful, so there are more options for you to shop styles you like!


8 Jan 2017

How I store my makeup: Ikea Moppe drawers

makeup storage small medium collections ikea moppe drawers

Makeup storage: the reason clear plastic shelving, that is somehow deceptively small, can be priced at upwards of £15 even on websites like amazon and aliexpress. Even the little paper desk tidies have spiked significantly. I've spent a lot of time in the last few months or so looking at the various options available to me, watching far too many makeup storage videos on youtube (the size of some peoples' collections is honestly intimidating) for inspiration and recommendations. 

I decided around the middle of December that I was going to get the best value for money for pretty decent quality from Ikea; sturdy, minimal upkeep, reliable products, and I can take it back if it isn't right, I don't like it, or if there are any problems in the future really easily. 


4 Jan 2017

How to be a better shopper

what shop assistants want you to know

I think, towards the end of last year, I was 88% super bitter lemonade. I absorbed all the lemons 2016 threw at me. There were a lot of them. To be honest, working the Christmas period in retail  compounded the bitter and had it bordering slightly on resentment. I was counting down the hours to 2017, and the ability to return to my sunnier disposition and not be exhausted after a 4 hour shift. 

It's a little sad though, because I really do enjoy working in retail most of the time. You meet a lot of really interesting people, the staff discounts and uniform are fab perks that take the edge off a little, and I'm lucky enough to have worked stores where I get on with the rest of the staff really well. 

But christ almighty some types of customers seem like it's their life mission to test us. I'm a firm believer that everyone (and I really do mean everyone) should work as a shop assistant or waiter/waitress at some point in their life, because it definitely changes your outlook on your own shopping behaviours

Though if you don't fancy that, here are a few - tongue in cheek - tips on how to be a better shopper, from shop staff to you. 


1 Jan 2017

2017 Goals for life, blogging, and youtube

2017 goals for life blogging and youtube

I love the start of things. New day, new month, new year, new ambition, new goal. It fills me with this massive sense of excitement that helps with motivation. I generally don't subscribe to the hype of 'new year, new me', since change is a constant aspect of life, and if you're truly dedicated to something you can start it at any time; but I do love the fact that January 1st can be a springboard, placeholder, or marker for something really great. 

So let's talk goals. I like writing mine down so I can refer to (or flat out ignore) them throughout the year. I also prefer to view them as flexible guidelines or ideas - I ticked off some of my 2016 goals, but not all - because you can't plan for all life throws at you, but knowing that I've at least committed to something makes me more determined to achieve it. I explained in my 2016 roundup that I've been feeling lost a lot recently, so I think referring back to this post, and what I want to achieve in the next year is something I'm going to be doing more. 

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