28 Nov 2016

Afternoon Tea at the Hotel Amba

Hotel Amba Charing Cross Afternoon Tea Review
It's been a while since I've been for afternoon tea anywhere. My Sanderson afternoon tea experience was nice, but I'm generally of the belief that the whole thing is never really worth the money. And these experiences are generally pricey. 

But it was my elder sisters 25th, mum offered to pay, I had plans that could work around spending 3 hours eating finger sandwiches, and I'm a sucker for pretty teapots. Also photo opportunities are something I'll never turn down. 


22 Nov 2016

5 Affordable Alternatives to Microbead Scrubs

best alternative recommendations to microbead scrubs

Microbeads and their use in cosmetics (and cleaning products) has been a bit of a hot topic recently. They're not fab for the environment due to their inability to biodegrade, and they aren't fab for sealife. This year saw the UK government take the first steps in banning microbeads, following on from America's pledge to ban at the end of 2015, as well as Canada, Australia, and South Korea also pledging to ban

This is great news for environmental activists, and the environment in general, but for those who rely on products like Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, and Nip&Fab's scrub range, or any of the products on this list or this list (from beatthemicrobead), finding alternatives that are as effective or affordable can be a bit daunting. Thankfully, the list of microbead free products is quite sizeable and growing quickly, but I thought I'd share 5 of my favourite, affordable, microbead free scrubs

19 Nov 2016

Inspirational, Aspirational, Attainable, or Relatable?

feeling lost in content creation
I've been thinking. A dangerous game to play in these 'ere parts of the world wide web, but thinking has been done and conclusions have been drawn. Or, not quite conclusions, because that would indicate final results since I'm not one to leave hypotheses hanging (unless we're talking my dissertation, which is something I'd like to revisit on a much larger scale at some point), but I've elected to draw a metaphorical semicolon. 

The blogosphere has changed; and before you tab out and sigh heavily that urgh another one has been bitten by the 'ew change' bug, hear me out. 


16 Nov 2016


how to style a statement denim jacket
The embellished jacket trend has really rocketed hasn't it? Since the denim resurgence, we've moved from utility to fun and funky, with so many shops selling patches and pins so you can personalise to your hearts content. (I really love punky pins, and a new find, sour cherry, for my own collection.)

But if you're not up for getting a plain jacket then spending the money on embellishing it, there a multitude of fab styles pretty much everywhere.

13 Nov 2016

Brexit, Trump, and the danger of political apathy.

the problem with not caring about politics
Apathy will kill us, one day. Sorry to be so pessimistic, but in the state things are now, it's hard to dissect each individual facet and locate a silver lining. How have we ended up in a position where the right-wing parties are gaining followers fast, where people are so nostalgic for the 'better past' that they're blinkered to a more global future? 

Well, I know how.

You get someone saying the things people think out loud.

11 Nov 2016

Kit Update - Softbox lighting vs Natural light

difference between artificial and natural light in photos

A month or so ago I bit the bullet and bought artificial lighting to help me take blog photos at any time of day (or night), and to help even out the lighting issues the british winter weather lights to throw at me when filming youtube videos indoors. 

One of the issues I found while I was deciding which lights to get (and also when compiling my introduction to artificial lighting for bloggers and youtubers) was that you're kind of buying blind if you choose to go down the artificial route. Sure you can sort of see how the light evens out with a studio setup for the youtube side of things, but photography wise it's hard to tell what the benefit is until you get them. 

So I thought I'd show some natural light shots vs the different set ups with the softbox. 


8 Nov 2016

Sailor Chic

sailor lolita coordinate fanplusfriend review
Ok. So. Do we remember last year when I talked about my style inspirations and slight penchant for unconventional fashion subcultures? If yes, thank you, this should come as no surprise. If not, I have an incredible soft spot for, and an increasing collection of, Lolita fashion. My wardrobe isn't large at all, it doesn't contain any big name brand, and I'm still learning in the Art of the Coord, but hey. Practice makes perfect and I wanted to share.


5 Nov 2016

The deal with instagram bots (from a non-bot user)

bots and social media growth
I've been doing a lot of reading in my current employment lul, and as much as I wish it was with carefully crafted worlds of some fantastical place, or a guide to thinking more positively when nothing is coming up roses / how to motivate yourself (if you have any recommendations I'm all ears here), it's not. Instead I've been reading ebooks and articles about things going down in the world of social media, digital marketing and the rise of the influencer. Gotta stay 'on brand' right? 

One of the things I've been reading, seeing, and hearing about more frequently is the rise of bots. Technology is rapidly developing in all areas of our lives - hackable kettles, anyone? - and so is the world of online advertising, so it stands to reason that the two, that is, technology to make things easier, and the graft of being successful in everything, would eventually come together. 

And so bots were born. Programs and platforms to ease the steepness of the social media climb, ease the 'gotta be present at all times' nature of interaction on digital platforms. 'Growth Hacking' for want of another term. And I'm still trying to work out if they're 'friend' or foe. 

3 Nov 2016

DUMPTY Spring/Summer 2017 collection

dumpty spring summer 2017 collection review
Trends for next season: wide leg, layers, boxy cuts and 'boyfriend'/oversized silhouettes, fun colours, belts (lots of them), and off-the-shoulder variations. It's a lot of what's currently around, as season to season seems to be less of a colossal shift in trends now ethics and waste are being talked about more, and personal style is a lucrative area. 

One brand that absolutely has these spring/summer '17 trends down, while still being so irrevocably true to their own ethos of not aiming to please or educate, but express beauty naturally with a respect to modern architecture and a humbleness to mother nature, is DUMPTY. Off-timetable with Fashion Scout, they showcased a spring/summer collection that was fun, oversized, and unexpected. And I was lucky enough to get to see it thanks to the wonderful Fashionworked


1 Nov 2016

Fight or Flight

fight or flight - why catcalling is a serious issue
It pains me that it's 2016 and we've still got people arguing that catcalling isn't threatening or dangerous, that it's just a bit of banter. That we're all becoming too sensitive and should just take it on the chin.

I've had various things yelled at me from moving vehicles as I walk down the street. I've had cars pull up for maximum holler effect, and random comments made in passing. But I've never, ever had anyone step out of the vehicle until this past week.

[tw/cw for mentions of assault]

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