27 Oct 2016

Dungarees of Dreams

how to style full length dungarees
I found a pair of dungarees I've fallen in love with and never, ever want to be separated from.

Which is saying something because generally, when I find and or buy dungarees, I look like an angry toddler.

Not saying that these don't also make me look like an angry toddler, but they're also soft and comfy and perfect for the next two seasons, as well as any down days where joggers or pj's aren't entirely appropriate.


24 Oct 2016

What would you buy immediately if you won the lottery?

little luxuries to buy if lottery win
The question was posed by @misslellabell (eating with my fingers): "What's the first thing- the actual very first money-this-second-transferred thing- you'd buy if you won the Lottery?"

We all fantasize so much about the big purchases we'd make if we had the funds - houses, cars, things we'd pay off (or back), the once in a lifetime experiences - but I don't think I'd ever thought about the little luxuries I'd finally be able to go 'oh ok maybe I can' before I saw that tweet.

It's funny isn't it - so here's a list of little luxuries I'd get if I won the lottery.


23 Oct 2016

Nosedive: is this the future

black mirror season 3 nosedive - is this where we're headed
Nosedive is the start of Black Mirror season 3 - debatable depending on the order you watch, but it's the first one I've seen of the new series - and it struck somewhat of a chord. Well, 'striking a chord' sounds a bit dramatic as well as a touch petulant, but the episode raises some interesting points re: the social media game and what exactly we're heading towards. 

I'll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible if you want to catch it yourself over on Netflix etc., and I really suggest you do, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on issues I felt Nosedive raised, whether you've seen the episode or not, since I really think these points need to be spoken about more


21 Oct 2016

Heart on her sleeve

how to style gyaru suspender skirt
Seasonably appropriate clothing, do I own it? Probably the title of my outfit memoires, to be honest. The answer is yes, of course, but sometimes the need to be cute outweighs the need to be practical. This leads to a wildly confused wardrobe, but hey. I likes what I buy, and I buy what I likes. 


18 Oct 2016

Studio Lighting for Blogging and Youtube

daylight bulbs for blog photography
There comes a time when your daytime duties and the weather don't sync up. You're all set to take some fab photos, subjects blu-tacked in place, accessories just right, you have a solid block of time with no potential interruptions on the horizon... and the sun just doesn't make an appearance. At all. Or you've just sat down to film a video you're really excited about and suddenly the lighting goes haywire. Or the only times you get to take photos/film anything are very early in the morning or very late at night when the 'natural light' we covet so much is non-existent. 

There comes a time when you start looking into getting some help with the lighting issue, and look into the more artificial side of things - where things can get very overwhelming very quickly. 

I've just picked up my first set of softbox lights, and thought that I'd talk a little bit about the alternatives on the market at different price points, so if you're looking for a smidgen of extra help through the winter you know what's on offer. I'm not a professional photographer by any means, and there are options that I don't cover here, but I hope that it's a useful introduction of sorts. 

16 Oct 2016

Favourite Fashion Instagram Accounts

best favourite fashion instagram accounts

Instagram. The most fickle of the social media's, but one that provides me with so much inspiration since it's so easy to browse and discover and see. After the Dreaded Algorithm of Doom was introduced, I've found myself spending more and more time in tags and explore, which has turned up some absolute gems of accounts that are definitely feeding my creative side. 

I find myself scrolling through explore more often than I scroll through my feed at the moment, and  it's definitely made me far less mad at the whole algorithm situation. It also shows me when accounts I interact with a lot have posted recently rather than showing me popular things from 10hours to 4 days ago.

Seriously instagram, can we change back to the instant?? 

Regardless, here are some of my favourite fashion focused instagram accounts I've been double-tapping a lot recently, and that have provided me with a lot of outfit and shoot inspo. 


11 Oct 2016

Scream Queens Wardrobe edit

scream queens style steal wardrobe edit
Scream Queens is back. All the slightly cliche, mildly plotless, marginally grating horror combined with the faux fur pastel wardrobe of my dreams. It's so nice to see inspiration in a colour palette that isn't typically autumn this time of year, and also one that draws so much from more vintage aesthetics.

I've yet to see what the wardrobe team have done for the new season which starts in the UK soon, but I've put together my own little edit of some outfits that I think would probably be Chanel worthy. If not Chanel, then maybe Chanel no.2.


9 Oct 2016

New in: beauty

RIMMEL LONDON autumn winter scandaleyes reloaded
New season, new skincare and new beauty trends to try. Colour palettes get darker, moisturisers get more intense, and routines become gentler despite the penchant for fuller coverage and more drama in the day-to-day.

Not to mention the intensity that comes with makeup around Hallowe'en. What a time to be alive.

I've had a few fab parcels arrive at my door in the way of beauty bits, so thought I'd do a little roundup before full reviews grace these pages.


6 Oct 2016

Coloured Hair, don't care

worries about dyeing hair pastel shades

I have a bit of weird relationship with hair dye. I religiously pin images of girls with cute unnatural hair colours in a variety of shades, a lot of the girls I follow on instagram, twitter, youtube, and through blogs, have a fab rainbow collectively. I know it's all a bit ~tumblr queen~ #altgirl, a total cliche in the way of the internet, but I think it's a milestone you get to at some point. 

Basically, and I've said this a fair few times over the last year, I want to do something fun with my hair. Catch is: I'm terrified. 


5 Oct 2016

New Lush Bath Bombs

LUSH cosmetics halloween christmas range

Not as in new new for Lush new, but new for me. Well, the Pumpkin one is pretty new, from their Hallowe'en range, but I'll get to that in a bit. 

I'll also let you in on a little bit of a secret: I've not tried a lot of Lush bath products before. Shock horror, I know, right? But when you're not great in heavily perfumed shops, and discover the wonders in Korea without a bath, and then back at uni when you don't really have time for baths - the bathing products aren't really top priority. 

But now that all that stress is done, I'm moving onto the Actual Adult Life Stress, where there's infinitely more time for fun baths. And I also have a bath. 

So at the Christmas Launch for the Leicester store, I thought I might as well pick up something to indulge with. 

4 Oct 2016

Nearly Witches

autumn winter outfit inspiration uk fashion blogger

Is it print mixing if the colours and patterns are kinda similar? Although the answer is probably no, I'm electing to choose that it does, so that I can say I'm trying out another one of the aw16 trends of the hour. Also it means I can wear a lot of my favourite items in my wardrobe together without really caring to much if the prints go or not. 

Stars and bows can totally be a thing. 

3 Oct 2016

The Graduate job struggle: Under-experienced and Overqualified

the graduate struggle overqualified and underexperienced how to stay positive

Under-experienced and overqualified. The graduate equivalent of a rock and a hard place. That nice degree you've spent three, four, or five years of your life slogging away to get, vs the lack of full-time experience you wield because education has been such a large part of your life. 

It's probably the most demoralising part of hunting for a full time job as a fresh graduate. 


2 Oct 2016

autumn outfit inspiration

autumn fall outfit inspiration moodboards
It's the most wonderful time of the year~ according to that song, and the fact that Autumn seems to be catnip to bloggers. It's time to refresh wardrobes, dig out the fluffy scarves, the jumpers and the chunky knit cardigans. Stomp crunchy leaves in wellies and lose all the gloves.

New seasons bring new inspiration. I love looking at pretty autumn outfits to get inspiration in how to style my own wardrobe for the turn in weather, so I thought I'd share some of my outfit 'moodboards' and hope that they might inspire you too.


1 Oct 2016

Beauty Review: TonyMoly Choco Mushroom Cream Pore Pack

tonyMoly Choco Mushroom Cream Pore Pack review
Pores. We've all got 'em, and there are countless products on the market that target them. I've tried a fair few myself with varying negative effects (burning to breakouts to topical reactions... how fun), so have steered clear for fear of ruining my skin again. 

Then I saw the disarmingly cute TonyMoly Choco Mushroom Cream Pore Pack and thought that I might as well try it out. 

That sounds hideously resigned, but I actually really quite like this as a product so far. 

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