29 Sep 2016

Vogue.com, we need a chat

vogue vs fashion bloggers

How's that ivory tower, editors of Vogue? Is it shaking yet? Are the cracks getting too hard to patch as they creep up from the masses you try to set yourself against, yet lord yourself above, yet rely on for revenue?

Such a paradox.

I don't particularly have an issue with you filling pages full of beautiful editorial content, gowns I can't do nowt but wish to afford, in settings that transport me to inspirational corners that I'd've never reached otherwise. I looked to your pages for imagery to stir the melting pot of ideas in my little creative brain, to show me that vast, wonderful scenes were actually feasible, a little bit of magic was possible. I was hopeful that one day I'd be able to do similar things, so I began to try. Countless others, my fashionable sisters and brothers, we all decided collectively that we loved this.


27 Sep 2016

How to style a Jumpsuit for Autumn/Winter with House of Fraser* | #ad

how to style jumpsuits for autumn fall winter
I do love a challenge, and 2016 in the style arena has presented some fab styling challenges with ruffles, clashing prints and the return of basics, but a bit souped up. Hot on the trend list for the new season is another challenge: the jumpsuit. It's something I've been playing around with myself in a more casual sense, I bought my first pair of full-length dungarees this month! (pictured above.) That purchase made me wonder how I'd style more traditional cut jumpsuits, as they're a pretty versatile piece and can be taken from casual right through to night out. A perfect accompaniment, or alternative, to the party dress for the glitzy season.

So I've styled two of House of Fraser's jumpsuits as some inspiration for this season. 

24 Sep 2016

Street Style at London Fashion Week

normcore street style london fashion week

I only managed to get to one day of LFW this SS17 season. Life, trains, why you do this to me? It wasn't the busiest of days outside the Brewer St. Show Space for me, but I managed to catch a few shots of outfits that I really liked from the Fash Pack. I prefer the days when you can actually get some decent shoots rather than having to dodge traffic every three seconds. 

22 Sep 2016

Korean Beauty Explained: Cushion Compacts

how korean cushion compacts work
Cushion compacts - that is, foundations, blush, bronzers, contours - are all the rage right now, aren't they? Everyone, from Lancome and Dior to L'oreal and Topshop, has one on offer, and they're creeping into the makeup bags of people everywhere. 

For some, they're a gimmick, or handy depending on your camp. For others they're quite baffling considering we already have so many other types of base products at our disposal. 

So what makes them different? Why did they become so popular in South Korea and why are they flooding into the Western market? 

20 Sep 2016

Double the Buttons

cute autumn fall outfit inspiration uk fashion blogger

ALL THE BUTTON DOWN ITEMS. And by all I mean two. But they're pretty important items in this outfit to be fair. I refuse to let go of the a-line skirt trend. And the denim jacket has made a return since the weather is getting colder. Finally. 

And as a summer baby that's something I never thought I'd say. 

18 Sep 2016

How to Survive Freshers' Week

how to survive freshers' week at university
It feels so surreal to not be travelling back up to Sheffield this year. I'm officially Alumni with no uni email and limited access to JSTOR, watching the lower years update their status' about moving back to uni. Part of me is itching to go and relive PopTarts one last time, but the majority is content to just sit back and watch the carnage that is Freshers Week unfold through the wonderful mediums of Facebook Photos (pre-untagging) and Snapchat. 

And share some wisdom on How to Survive Freshers Week (or Fortnight). 


17 Sep 2016

#YesStyleTop10 First Impressions

YesStyle Top 10 Blogger sample box review
One of the things that really interests me is reading about other peoples' 'Top Ten of X' lists; sometimes you can discover absolute gems of products or places that you would never have known about before. I also really love testing out products that are considered most bought or most popular from certain websites, to see if I love them as much as everyone else. 

On that front, YesStyle created a special blogger box* with the #YesStyleTop10 Korean beauty products and sent it along for me to try. As I'm a frequent shopper of Kbeauty from various places as I'm not in Korea at the minute, I thought it'd be a fab opportunity for me to show you what's on offer. YesStyle also do sample boxes for Korean beauty products which I also suggest checking out if you like what's in this post!


14 Sep 2016

The Blue and White Striped Shirt

how to style blue and white striped shirt

If there's one trend to hop on now for the transitional period into autumn fashion it's the blue and white striped shirt. Although usually relegated to the work-slash-office section of many a wardrobe (mine included), they're a surprisingly versatile piece: a little bit Greek Island with the colour scheme to remind us of summer, a little bit of an introduction to the bold patterned shirts and blouses hitting the rails very soon.

Basically a Trend To Watch. 


12 Sep 2016

Who am I dressing for?

who do i dress for telegraph man repeller trend response article
With each new season comes new trends, new designers, new cuts, colours, and favourite shops of the moment. It's a great time if you've felt a bit creatively drained or uninspired by your entire wardrobe as the weather changes and we hit transitional. But as with all things new, criticism is hot on its heels, which is fair play; but as with all things fashion, that criticism is less about shapes and materials, and more about what men like and if this seasons new looks repel them.

The world is changing so quickly, and yet we're still having articles shoved down our throats from 'reputable' news sources that tell us we should be more concerned about whether the lads in our circles or potential beaus are keen on dark florals or split hem skirts and raw edging than whether or not we actually like the pieces ourselves.

Like, what the fuck???


8 Sep 2016

Cruelty Free in Korean Beauty

cruelty free korean beauty and cosmetic brands english
I came across news recently that the Korean government had passed a Bill that details phasing out the use of animal testing in companies by 2018, and a ban effective immediate thereafter. This actually happened in January of 2016 - so I'm really slow picking this up - but it hadn't really hit my radar until I went looking for updated information on the list of Korean brands that are cruelty free.

Which in itself is a bit of a quagmire. So I thought I'd sift through all of that to share which brands are classed as cruelty free officially. I've tried to be as thorough as possible so fair warning, this is in depth.


7 Sep 2016

Getting over Driving Anxieties | *ad

how to remove fear of driving

Fun fact: I'm actually pretty terrified of driving. Or I was until I actually started learning. There's something about getting inside a metal box that you're controlling that has the potential to kill people if you're not paying attention, or get yourself killed, that never really filled me with much excitement. I think I've seen far too many episodes of Casualty. 

But driving is a really valuable skill to have. It gives you this instant freedom (provided you have a road-legal vehicle, insurance and fuel), a sense of independence, and opens up doors. These are great end-goals to keep in mind when parallel parking gets really frustrating, and combined with other tips I've been given from friends that learned to drive before me, the wisdom of my parents, and my own experiences can really banish the fears around learning to drive. 


4 Sep 2016

Current favourites: small businesses & indie brands

blogger favourite recommended indie brands small businesses

When news broke that Zara has been stealing/copying artwork from small business and indie designers and using it on their products, I got really, really annoyed. Annoyed at their response to Tuesday Bassen, annoyed that I couldn't really do more other than raise awareness through my social media platforms and vow never to shop in Zara again. I know it isn't exactly a new concept, high-street stores create replicas of designer items all the time (I own pieces that could be considered direct copies or actual knock-offs), so that might come across a bit rich; but I also think there's something far more sinister in blatantly copying artwork or designs from indie brands and small businesses that can't defend themselves legally because they physically cannot afford to.

How gross is that?

So in what I'm hoping will become a semi-regular feature, I'm sharing my current favourite small businesses, and I encourage you to support them all. <3


2 Sep 2016

#Shareasmile - gifting with Getting Personal

getting personal - best place to personalise gifts online
Last night they unveiled Christmas trees on QVC, and despite Autumn not starting officially until 22nd of September, the weather being fairly warm and sunny, it seems we are entering the season of gifting. 

Cue blind panic, the realisation that Winter Is Coming, and probably questions about my choice of TV channels. Thankfully, Getting Personal is here to help with one of those things. 

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