oversized graphic tshirt how to style for summer

I don't think I've been as obsessed with a t-shirt as I have been with this one. It's fab. I genuinely have so much love for it that I need more in a very similar cut with different graphics on the front. Stat. (No I don't what I actually need is a wardrobe clear out so that I can then fill it with multiples of this tee cut that is what I need.)

One of the trends currently seen on the streets of South Korea is 'oversized', and I've been waiting to get my hands on this sort of tee because it's something that I've been loving. 

summer outfit inspiration oversized graphic tee ripped jeans trainers
tee: icecream12 via yesstyle
jeans: forever21
trainers: new look

Reasons why it's a fab top: it's so loose. Not that we're in the middle of a heatwave or anything anymore - seriously what is this summer?? - when easy breezy clothes are practically a requirement, but this still ticks all the boxes for suitably comfy because of its oversized cut. We're not talking boyfriend cut here, we're talking 'might look like I've nabbed this from my dad' cut. It's got the most fab dropped shoulders, the sleeves finish at my elbows, and I could probably wear it as a minidress. 

Reason number 2: you can wear it with literally everything. Jeans? Like this. Shorts - you bet, see my instagram. Skirts, tuck it into anything from skater to body-con and it's still stylish. So versatile. Or you could wear it over the top of your bottom options for bit of funky layering. 

Reason number 3: it's suitable for all seasons? I'm guilty as charged of having a heavy wardrobe bias towards the warmer months. Call it being a summer baby, but there's also something about winter trends that I tend to feel less comfortable in or with. Too many layers? I dunno, but I'm pretty sure that this tee will work in the colder months with longer sleeved tops underneath for much needed warmth. 

Basically I'm just really really pleased with it. 

summer outfit inspiration oversized graphic tee ripped jeans trainers

I decided to go for a bit of a pale blue and white vibe for the rest, as it's a tried and tested combination that always feels kinda fresh. The jeans are from forever21, although I went at them with a pair of scissors after I bought them, they did not come this distressed. The trainers are my trusty NewLook adidas dupe... although I've worn these enough now to know that investing in an actual pair of Stan Smiths wouldn't be a regret. I wear these so often. Though I'd really love to know what your favourite colourway is? I think the gold look pretty and ridiculously eye-catching, but I also quite like the pink? 

summer outfit inspiration oversized graphic tee ripped jeans trainers

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What are your thoughts on the oversized trend? Are you a fan, or do you think it all looks a bit 'raided-dads-closet' childish?