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I threw this outfit together in about five minutes. That isn't a humble-brag in the slightest, mostly because I'm surprised that I actually managed to throw something together in about five minutes. I was running massively late to catch my train to London, had no outfit planned, had to do my makeup in about five minutes - the epitome of actual-mess-twenty-something-who-needs-to-get-her-life-together. The only solid aspect that I knew would be part of this outfit were the shoes. 

Which sort of sums my life up really. 

It was also the outfit I wore to the Blogosphere Summer Tea Party, although I didn't get any shots of it in beautiful London streets from any of my blogging babes I saw throughout the day - opportunity horrifically missed because the weather was far nicer down in the city rather than the oddly-too-bright-overcast we've had recently. Thankfully the sun came out enough for me to persuade the sister into venturing out into the wilderness that is our garden - it's incredibly nature friendly - and get some snaps.

fairy inspired summer fashion ideas uk fashion blogger

fairy inspired summer fashion ideas uk fashion blogger

bardot top: Chlo.D.Manon via yesstyle
skirt: forever21
shoes: ebay
(choker: velvet heart
socks: mixxmix)

Props to me for finally hitting gold member status on yesstyle finally. Although for an aggregate points system it's probably not the best thing in existence because whoops for spending money when I'm not actually employed. Whatevs. I picked up this beautiful linen bardot top from there (along with that fab oversized tee I love so much) from the Korean brand Chlo.D.Manon, because it spoke to me on the website, I kept thinking about it, and you know when that happens it generally means that not long after it winds up in your basket and then on its way to you? Yup. It's perfect as a summer top, light and breezy, looks good tucked into shorts (a la the modelled shots on the website) or a skirt. I adore the tie detailing on the sleeves, and it's square cut enough that it looks pretty as the bardot style or worn on the shoulders. 

Which happens often because as much as the bardot style is wonderful and pretty, with tops the sleeves don't half migrate back up your arms. 

chlo.d.manon bardot stripe top sleeve detail

fairy inspired summer fashion ideas uk fashion blogger

The skirt is an old forever21 style, really pretty and floaty and one of my favourites to pair things with in summer. It's seen a lot of different combinations since it's been in my wardrobe, and always gets a lot of compliments. It was part of the more 'boho inspired' lines when it was available, so if you're testing those style waters without fully committing to the boho trend, a skirt might be the way to go to add a little bit of that to your wardrobe while still getting a lot of wear for your pennies. 

Any sort of shoes that look like ballet shoes and I'm likely to really really want them. Unfortunately I'm not anywhere near close to getting a Vivienne Westwood pair of Rocking Horse shoes, but eBay options are there to see if I'll wear things or not. I got these last year and absolutely love them, plus they're wearing really well for eBay/China buys. With the rocking nature - the base of the heel is cut out - they can be a little tricky to walk in at times, but they a fun shoe to have. 

fairy inspired summer fashion ideas uk fashion blogger

rocking horse shoes how to style

Major thumbs up to my lil' sibling who is starting to understand the ins and outs of photography gymnastics. Going to really miss having her around when she goes back to uni dammit. 

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Let me know what you think of this outfit!