how to style a risky dress

Taking inspiration from one of my favourite characters today. I do love a good blue and white combo, and something about pastel blue dresses instantly makes me feel like Alice. 

summer transitional outfit inspiration

summer transitional outfit inspiration

spaghetti strap skater dress*: missguided c/o OcterApp
top: topshop
shoes: newlook

The struggle to put this outfit together though. Wow. The dress is from missguided, which I picked up in my OcterApp haul a while back now, and I pretty much spent the next fourteen days solidly resolute that I would not send it back because the perfect top to wear under it was still out there somewhere. It was in that transitional period when all the boho-summer styles were overtaking the ribbed white mid-sleeved high neck tops I'd failed to get in winter. 

My own fault really but the actual stress

You see, the dress is a little more ... risque than I anticipated. It's not the most risque item I've ever bought (the missguided bodysuit still holds that title), but the line the bust cuts falls in a bit of a ridiculous way. So much so that not having that extra layer underneath means I'd probably get done for indecent exposure without taping things in place. It's a lovely dress, it's not quite scuba - more a thick knit fabric that's a little weird to the touch - but hangs beautifully so the skirt stays poofy. I don't have anything else in this sort of fabric so it's a new experience, but other than the weird bust line i'm pretty pleased. 

The top was £6 in the Topshop sale. Such a steal, but comes with it's own issues. As in, it's white and thin and fab for summer, but so seethrough. If I'd bought this at full price without being able to try it on I think I'd've been taking it straight back. It's a good job that the shirt-under-strappy-dress trend has migrated from Asia to the west because otherwise I'd have two items in my wardrobe that'd be dud purchases. And no-one wants that. 

uk fashion blogger how to wear the shirt under slip dress trend

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Let me know what you think of this outfit, and if you have any tips for styling slightly risky pieces. Or are you more of a 'don't give a damn I'm totally owning this' kinda person?