31 Aug 2016

Beauty Review | It's Skin dear my muse velvet powder

it's skin dear my muse velvet powder pink beige review

I find it very difficult to find base products that match my skins shade. And although I am far better off in that respect than, sadly, many others, being both pale and cool toned means that the majority of foundations are too dark and too yellow. It's such a struggle. 

So far I've found Korean base makeup products to be the best match, but when I'm running low I don't have the luxury of just nipping in store and restocking like I did when I was in Korea, so sometimes have to revert back to Western brands while I wait for Korean beauty orders to arrive. And this is where the It's Skin Dear My Muse Velvet Powder* comes in to help.


23 Aug 2016

Lunch at Caffe L'eto

caffe l'eto soho london matcha iced tea

There's a place in London that does good matcha. I repeat; there is a place in London that does good matcha. 

That's basically my life goal, find restaurants that don't massacre one of my favourite ingredients. 

I was introduced to this gem of a spot by Cherie, who was lovely enough to treat me to a birthday lunch when I was down in London for the Blogosphere Tea Party. Caffe L'eto in Soho was, unsurprisingly, busy; but anywhere that manages to do a decent matcha beverage can be as busy as it wants as long as it serves me food. 


19 Aug 2016

Things you need to know about your year abroad

hongdae seoul - things you need to know about your year abroad
So Imii wrote a post - that I connected with on a deep and personal level - about her experiences on her year abroad in Paris, and how it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows and macarons and the Eiffel Tower, but it was also the best experience of her life. It's a fab read, I highly recommend. It also resonated strongly with me as my own experiences in Seoul, as well of many of my classmates, were remarkably similar. 

For all our spouting about how fab years, studies, or placements abroad are - no one ever really talks about the tough side of it. Once the gloss is peeled off and you get into the nitty-gritty of actually living there, once you've seen all the tourist spots and settled into more of a routine than wide-eyed excitement at almost bloody everything, when it starts to feel more like real life and less like a holiday - no one really talks about that.


18 Aug 2016

A Little Bit Alice

how to style a risky dress

Taking inspiration from one of my favourite characters today. I do love a good blue and white combo, and something about pastel blue dresses instantly makes me feel like Alice. 


17 Aug 2016

Mid-August Wishlist

mid-august summer autumn new season wishlist uk fashion blogger
Wow it's been a long time since a wishlist. Or it feels that way, if you consider 'long time' only relevant as a marker if it's been over a year. But with that 'new season' tingly feeling starting to thrum around the fashion world I thought I'd collect a few of the things I've been eyeing up recently into a coherent post. 

It's a bit of mix though, some summer things you can still snap up and hope september is more 'summery' than we've had throughout the whole of June, July and August, along with some bits and pieces that are definitely looking more towards Autumn and the colder months. 


14 Aug 2016

Review: ScrubLove Mint Temptation

scrubLove mint temptation coffee scrub review

Is there anything better than bloggermail on your birthday? Few things bring me as much joy as a well-timed parcel, and I must say that this little gift from ScrubLove was the most well timed. The lovely people there got in touch a little while ago asking if I'd tried coffee scrubs before, and despite seeing a load used on social media (seriously instagram loves them) I hadn't picked one up yet. So ScrubLove being lovely said they'd send one along for me and I'd see how I get on. 

And let me tell you a thing


13 Aug 2016

Flower Fairy

chlo.d.manon bardot top how to style uk fashion pretty girly summer style

I threw this outfit together in about five minutes. That isn't a humble-brag in the slightest, mostly because I'm surprised that I actually managed to throw something together in about five minutes. I was running massively late to catch my train to London, had no outfit planned, had to do my makeup in about five minutes - the epitome of actual-mess-twenty-something-who-needs-to-get-her-life-together. The only solid aspect that I knew would be part of this outfit were the shoes. 

Which sort of sums my life up really. 


11 Aug 2016

The trials and tribulations of writing a CV

how to write a cv

It may be quite odd to hear that someone who writes a blog, routinely uploads selfies on the internet, and has, on more than one occasion, posted a snapchat story that consists entirely of her face, has trouble crafting a CV. Yet here we are.

I have a chronic inability to write about myself in a favourable manner for a document to be handed to professionals. Everything sounds too pretentious, like it's the written representation of an elaborate, unnecessary hand gesture. Even though they are my very own, very real achievements, they also somehow sound too arrogant. Too much-ful, in the wonderful words and world of Lewis Carroll of which I am very obviously not a part; while simultaneously sounding a little childish, a touch inexperienced, with a dash of 'this sort of sounded better in my head than when I said it out loud'. At least to me, anyway. 

Regardless of the nuances I read into my own CV, and the pain it might cause, writing it shouldn't take that long; just remember to include these things, especially if you're like me and aren't the biggest fan of writing about yourself. 

9 Aug 2016

23 things at 23

life lessons learned uk blogger

'Life is a box of chocolates' Forrest Gump taught us, 'you never know what you're going to get'. Well, with the addition of flavour cards that isn't strictly true; it'd read better as 'life is like a gift selection box someone else got for you, you never know what you're going to get'. But growing up is all about learning how to deal with what life throws at you, and knowing that even the shittest chocolates taste better when they're baked into cakes. 

August is my birthday month, and as is somewhat of a blogger tradition, here are 23 things I've learned at 23. 


8 Aug 2016

New in: Korean Beauty Haul

collective korean beauty haul skinfood tonymoly nature republic the face shop

It's been a while since I've done some proper haulin' in the realm of Korean beauty, and with the sales kicking in at the beginning of July I decided that it was a great time to snap up some things I needed to restock, and try some new pieces. There's a bit of everything here, hair care, skincare, and makeup; some favourites, some things that are completely new to me, and some bits that are raved about in the Korean beauty circles that I'll give you my thoughts on as and when I try them!


6 Aug 2016

Review: Neulii Aloe BHA Soothing Serum

neulii aloe bha soothing serum review

When breakouts strike, everyone and their grandmothers' dog have tips and tricks and sworn-by remedies to combat the little blighters and restore your skin to it's former glowy glory. I've got a few of my own too, but they're usually less 'qick-fix get rid overnight as much as possible' and more 'give us a weekend of no engagements and we'll be good by Monday'. 

But sometimes a weekend of no engagements and being good by Monday isn't fast enough. Who wants nasty little tenants on your problem prone areas that you have to navigate around because you don't want to contaminate your brushes/beauty blender? No one. And although I don't have an absolute miracle treatment that is as effective as magic, I do have something that slays the pesky bacteria in a 'die die die slay' rather than '#slay'. 

Neulii Aloe BHA Soothing Serum, you're up. 

4 Aug 2016

5 Transferrable skills from blogging

transferrable skills from blogging

Buzzword alert: transferrable skills. An 'en vogue' term that basically means things you can do well in one aspect or area of your life, may also apply to somewhere else. For slightly lazy gals like me, that's kinda fab - especially when education eats into that all-valuable experience time, and the job market is measely where you live - because things you do in, say, blogging, can actually apply to other things. 

Cheers all round. The next time someone says that blogging is (mildly) useless, toss em' a few of these. 


3 Aug 2016

URBAN 1980

oversized graphic tshirt how to style for summer

I don't think I've been as obsessed with a t-shirt as I have been with this one. It's fab. I genuinely have so much love for it that I need more in a very similar cut with different graphics on the front. Stat. (No I don't what I actually need is a wardrobe clear out so that I can then fill it with multiples of this tee cut that is what I need.)

One of the trends currently seen on the streets of South Korea is 'oversized', and I've been waiting to get my hands on this sort of tee because it's something that I've been loving. 


2 Aug 2016

Summer Sales Accessories Haul

summer sale accessories haul

Asos had a sale. I am weak. That's about it. 

Well, there's more to it than that, as in the reason I was even browsing Asos in the first place, but if we're getting down to the what actually happened, there's your answer. And in the first line of a post. Who even am I right now??? 

There are twists in the narrative, however. Not all of the items in the little accessories haul are from Asos, but all of them are things that I've been looking at acquiring for quite some time and, despite moving from the category of 'student' into 'looking for employment', thought I should get them before they sold out. Foolproof shopaholic logic. 


1 Aug 2016

Review: Lush Rehab & Fairly Traded Honey

Lush rehab and fairly traded honey shampoo review

I bought these two together, so I thought I'd review them together. It's no secret that I am on a bit of a haircare crusade at the moment. I'm desperately trying to nourish what genetics gave me, and was doing pretty well until a really unfortunate styling incident (far too much hairspray and way too much backcombing) that pretty much fried all that good work. With the combination of trying hair oils and no heat styling options, there was quite a bit of product build up on days I didn't get the oil levels quite right, and frequent washing was stripping all the nutrients because greasy hair is death with social obligations. 

Enter Rehab, for the product build up, and Fairly Traded Honey for the nourishing. How did I find them?

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