blue and white summer styling ideas korean brands

I think this is possibly one of my favourite combinations right now? Oversized vest / long top with a skirt. Can't really go wrong with that, can you? It's also fab that I can finally get proper wear out of... most of my wardrobe. I'm such a summer baby it's terrible.

blue and white summer styling ideas korean brands

Nohant is probably one of my favourite Korean brands. They do very minimalistic basics, that usually have some sort of funky or quirky theme to the collection they're part of. This vest is from their original cities collection - tees, sweaters and the vests - which unfortunately has been copied to absolute buggery now, but I guess it's a really striking design. The collection features London, Milan, Tokyo, New York, Seoul, and Paris, with Hangeul (the Korean alphabet) mixed into the Roman alphabet names, and each city has a different colour associated with it. 

blue and white summer styling ideas korean brands

top: nohant
skirt: missguided* c/o octer
shoes: taobao

The skirt is from missguided, one of their faux leather a-line series, which I picked up through Octer. They came in a variety of pastel colours, but I'm always drawn to blues over lilacs or pinks as I think they suit me that tiny bit better, and I tend to get a lot more wear out of them. The skirt has a fabric lining so that you don't get ridic sticky and hot when you've been sitting down for too long, or cling to you too much when you walk. A fab lil' skirt that was so much cheaper than it's River Island sibling I'd been eyeing for so long. 

blue and white summer styling ideas korean brands Shoes are from Taobao, and the first pair I've ever ordered from there. I was super skeptical that they'd be absolutely tragic considering they were about £7, but I was pleasantly surprised. I mean they're the tiniest bit big, but considering all the nifty little tricks available now to rectify that problem I don't mind too much. They survived a night's work without making my feet hurt - probs a combination of the platform and the veeeeery soft fur lining - actually this outfit survived a whole night's work without causing any outfit related problems. So it's a win for this. I'd go as far as to say it's one that would label me an outfit repeater. 

What do you think? Blues and whites are pretty classic, and summery, don't'cha think?


photos by liv