22 Jun 2016

That's The Spirit

summer outfit inspiration band tee uk fashion blogger

There are days when I don't feel particularly fab. Recently, those days have been increasingly frequent, which isn't always outwardly obvious, and I'm hoping that as more future-type things fall into place, the un-fab days will start dispersing again. At the minute though, I'm having to face things head on, because time waits for no woman and I have things I (begrudgingly) have to do. And, as Bring Me The Horizon say: That's The Spirit. (Also, so does my dad.)

photography credit: Hannah
st martin's street leicester

summer outfit inspiration band tee uk fashion blogger

summer outfit inspiration band tee uk fashion blogger

sunglasses: aliexpress
denim jacket: vintage levi's via We Are Cow
skirt: korea
shoes: choies

I've written about my love of band tees before, and some of how I style them, so when Vanilla Underground gave me the opportunity to add to my collection, I naturally jumped at the chance. They're so easy to throw on and mess about in, without fuss or worry, while showing a lil' bit of loyalty to the music that you jam to. 

Vanilla Underground is a pretty awesome site that specialises in fandom merchandise and pop culture apparel, with a massive range to suit your needs. They also stock accessories and fun gifts (including funkopop's!) making it one stop shop for anything fan related. It's fab, really. If you follow me on twitter you'll know that I'm pretty into certain franchises, and I've been eyeing up a couple more of the items on the site for birthday presents. 

summer outfit inspiration band tee uk fashion blogger

For the styling, I'm loving the slightly oversized/boxy/loose fitted tee tucked into skirts right now. It's super cute. The skirt is one I picked up in Korea, but greet tartan is one of my favourite tartans, and quite popular in the West so you can find it quite easily. The shoes are from choies and really standing the test of time. I wear them so often that I half expect them to fall apart at a moment's notice - I've had to retire a couple of lesser worn pairs  to the Shoe Graveyard in the Saga of Moving To and From Uni - but they're still going strong. Fab news, because I think once they do, if they do, then I can actually get a pair of JC Nirvanas. 

The jacket is a fave from We Are Cow, the usual rhetoric of 'it goes with everything' that is trotted out whenever a fashion blogger talks about denim jackets is not just something we say. If you haven't invested in a denim jacket yet, be it oversized or fitted, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. It's such a staple.

Though one of my absolute best purchases this year has been these sunnies from aliexpress. They add to my mirrored lens collection and definitely turn heads. Expect to see them quite a bit over the summer. I'm mildly obsessed. 

summer outfit inspiration band tee uk fashion blogger

Are you a fan of band tees? How do you style them~ let me know <3

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  1. Great outfit. BMTH is so so good, I'm so obsessed with their new album!

    Hannah | Oh January

  2. Fab outfit chick you look bloody stunning as always <3
    And I agree, you can never go wrong with a band tee ;)
    LJLV | Fashion & Lifestyle

  3. You look beautiful!! I love your outfit and the images are great!
    Darlene | www.sozudo.no

  4. In love with this band tee! I really love this simple casual look and especially the shoe!

  5. Gorgeous lady in a gorgeous outfit.

    I specifically love your skirt :3

    Nice images, they are so good!

  6. Pretty Images. Beautiful Outfit and your skrit looks so good.

  7. Fii you look gorgeous in these pictures ^_^ I really like how you've styled the band tee! X

  8. YOU GORGEOUS THING YOU. Really, you look amazing as always <3 I love how you've stayled this outfit!
    Jemma xx

  9. Ahhh, I love this look! I want to buy band tees, but don't really listen to many bands? Or at least the ones I do, probably don't have chic, minimalistic tees like this!

    Meg | Elmpetra

  10. I absolutely love this outfit! So cute and simple!

    Grace xx



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