16 Apr 2016

Suede for Spring with Boohoo

boohoo suede for spring ava suedette bomber jacket ootd inspiration

Suede and suedette are A Big Thing for the new season, if you weren't already aware, and we're probably going to be seeing a lot of it in the weeks to come with the like of Coachella and festival season kicking off (I'm so jealous). Even if you're not jetting off to the States, you can still add a bit of that festival chic to your wardrobe rotation, which is exactly what I've done with a little help from Boohoo. The lovely team there challenged me to style my favourite piece from their suede and suedette collection to take me into spring.

boohoo suede for spring ava suedette bomber jacket ootd inspiration

boohoo suede for spring ava suedette bomber jacket ootd inspiration

bomber jacket* c/o boohoo.com
tshirt: cheap monday
plaid shirt: new look
shorts: missguided
sunglasses: asos
moon choker* c/o dizen clothing
princess necklace* c/o jewellerybox.co.uk
trainers: new look
socks: primark

There was so much to choose from (I've included a couple of my other fave suede(tte) items below), but I settled with this chocolate coloured Ava zip pocket bomber jacket* because 1) bomber jacket and 2) other than one old pleather jacket I don't have any outerwear that isn't in the 'oversized' category. I was also really drawn to the deep chocolate colour, because that's a thing I'm really loving about this spring's suede trend: there's SO MUCH COLOUR.  If tan isn't your thing, darks and pastels have been added to the mix. It's fab.

So, outfit. I was definitely trying to channel slightly warmer vibes from somewhere, but still stay comfy as my days consist of sitting for hours in the library right now. Slogan tees are a girls best friend for making a statement that is a more put together version of 'just rolled out of bed super soz' - add some high waisted shorts or jeans, I'm loving these from missguided, though I do want to find a good belt for them as they're a bit on the big side. For now, I'm content to do the 'plaid shirt round the waist' thing, because I still think it looks pretty adorable.  Add trainers, cute socks, bit of sparkle - my current favourite necklaces are over on my instagram - eyeliner as fierce as your personality, throw on the Ava bomber to keep you cozy while the spring nip is still in the air, and you get an instant badass outfit.   Also I swear Primark do the best cheap socks tbqh. 

boohoo suede for spring ava suedette bomber jacket ootd inspiration

layered necklace outfit inspiration

boohoo suede for spring ava suedette bomber jacket ootd inspiration

If I could do boxer-braids then I think that would be a really cute hairstyle to go with this look, but I don't have a clue. I tried. Failed epically. It's really nice to be able to take outfit shots outside again now - even if it means dodging slightly hectic weather. Longer days, longer hours of sunshine, a bloggers absolute dream.

suede(tte) faves:

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Don't forget to let me know what you think, and whether or not you'll be rocking suede (or suedette) for spring!




  1. LOVE THAT BOMBER. LOVE. Suede would kill me with the weather in singapore, but omg I'd totally choose style over comfort for that bomber!

    x, Carina

    1. ahahah nah bb you'd roast! I think one of the thin silky bombers or the mesh sleeved ones would be fab in your climate though :D


  2. This is such a cute outfit! I love the bomber X

  3. That bomber/plaid/tee combo though. HOT DAMN.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  4. Love this look. The plaid shirt around your waist finishes this whole look off. (And it does indeed make you look adorable <3)

    xx Izzy | Qthee

  5. Fii, you look too cool. I love suede always, and I need me a bomber jacket! x

    Martha Jane | www.marthajanemusic.com

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