korean style oversized pinafore ootd ideas

Easy is my go-to right now. I do occasionally make it out of my h&m joggers and vintage adidas sweaters. Occasionally. When I do it's usually into something equally roomy and comfy. Oversized on oversized. I know oversized things are usually paired with more form fitting for contrast, but I can't really deal with constricting clothes on top of constricting atmospheres.

korean style oversized pinafore ootd ideas

style inspiration korean style oversized pinafore ootd ideas

sweater: forever21
crop top: asos
pinafore dress: yesstyle

I've not been feeling a lot lately. Or too much. Or not the right sort of feelings. It's weird. Things are happening and things are... not. It's confusing me.  I'm repeating a lot of outfits day-to-day, or having trouble styling things, and I think it's a lack of inspiration because I don't have anyone to shoot things for me, or have a reason to get excited about outfits.  All these things that I have so much love for but no love for right now. 

I am digging the oversized pinny look atm. We all know I've been eyeing up the Topshop lot something fierce, but I decided to get this one through a brand on yesstyle.co.uk because I haven't shopped with them for a while (give or take 3 years), and it's more economical than taobao for shipping right now. I have something planned for the rest of the order and the one I made from mixxmix, it's just... getting it together and realising what I imagined. 

That's the struggle though, isn't it... getting the thoughts out into something tangible, something real. An actual thing that's here and not imaginary. I've always had issues with that - nothing is ever quite right. 

The pinafore is cute though, isn't it? It's quite a thin corduroy fabric, so it's something I can wear all year round rather than just relegating it to winter-wear, and it's got two little poppers on the straps so you can adjust how it sits. The length is not something I'd usually gravitate towards, it's more on my knees than above, and if I have it on it's longest strap length it's below them. 

Boxy crops compliment oversized things quite well, I think. I got the Asos trio in black, grey, and white a while back and frequently bring them out to wear. A staple basic. Though it's still a bit too cold to wear them without jumpers, so I dragged out one of my favourites from forever21. It's massive and has 'oops' on the front. Fitting. 

It's frustrating when you want so much more for your content but can't quite deliver. I guess it's probably frustrating for you to read, too. I'm not angling for a pity party, honest, I'm just trying to verbalise the weird feelings because I feel creative people are always supposed and expected to be creative, but it's very hard to get to that stage where it's fab and easy all the time. I think I'm trying to compensate for that in the way I'm dressing aha. But the stagnating is what's making me restless. I want to put new new better more up here, and the only thing I'm pushing right now is word counts and pens. 

korean style oversized pinafore ootd ideas

Soon though. 

I promise. 

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