mixxmix seoul outfit of the day inspiration uk fashion blogger
photos by chantel 

I've had one of those weeks where everything just seems to happen - dissi draft submission? check, varsity final? check, work that took far longer that it was supposed to do? check, pre-planned friend visit? check, events to attend? check - and so I've had a bit of a mildly stressful time. But it's been fab and I've met some great new people and the weather has actually been great. As Chantel would say: it's nice that the sky hasn't been wet. 

In other news, I've been having a bit of a wardrobe funk lately - I'm getting way too excited at the prospect of clearing stuff out and streamlining once I graduate, def need the detox and to have things that are definitely things I wear rather than occasionally or not at all. But I managed to put something together this week. 

mixxmix seoul outfit of the day inspiration uk fashion blogger

mixxmix seoul outfit of the day inspiration uk fashion blogger

denim jacket: COW
sweater: mixxmix
top: asos
skirt: asos
shoes: choies
sunglasses: asos

Moving away from wearing heavy coats and fluffy, fluffy jackets means that spring is FINALLY HERE, even though it's a bit nippy some days. Slowly but surely moving into leather jacket/one jumper weather and I can't wait. Though, as some lad pointed out to his friends in the street the other day I'm 'still wearing tights', because I'm not that brave just yet. 

The sweater is a current favourite from mixxmix. It's so unbelievably soft and snuggly, and fleecy on the inside so that I'm not always caught out by wind chill. It's got a little motif on the chest that says 'blondy & misery' in a diamond, which probably makes it really obvious it's from a Korean brand since there's been a massive trend over there recently for subtly motifed sweaters. Also it's baby pink and I do love me some pastels. 

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Skirt and top wise, we're sticking with Asos basics, and Asos basics really do make fab base outfits. I've got a high neck long sleeved crop on in grey, and the skirt is their jersey skirt in black that's a go-to of mine. It's a classic and wears really, really well. The shoes I'm wearing are from Choies, they're super easy to walk in and a favourite in my collection. The pastel satchel is from Korea, and considering it was Not Expensive At All, hasn't nicked, frayed or broken despite getting pretty regular usage. 

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I hope you've all had a fabulous week! Let me know what you think of this look.