29 Apr 2016

3 Tips for SEO you might not know

easy SEO tips for bloggers

I promise this isn't going to be a rehashing of other SEO tips posts, because I know we're all pretty bored of seeing the same things on different numerical lists, with the order being the only thing changed. I'm bored of them too. 

But there are some that you don't see often at all, some that I've only really found out about recently and, well. Yo. Despite the fact I kinda want to rank first across all search engines, I thought I'd share. Because what sort of blogger would I be if I hoarded all the good stuff to myself. 

If you knew these already, fab! If you've got any others leave them down below so I can start making changes. If these are completely new to you, never fear!


28 Apr 2016

Sheffield: Bungalows and Bears

bungalows and bears sheffield

As graduation, and thus the end of my life in Sheffield draws ever closer, I'm finding that staying and eating in is making me more frustrated than usual. I guess it's the feeling of time running out, away from me down some super steep hill that I've just climbed all the way up, laughing like one of those creepy horror movie children. I'm trying desperately to fit in a load of new whilst slogging away with essays and revision and the D word - it's hard tbh. Sheffield has a load of really great spots to grab a coffee or lunch or pint. 

(Though I'm not a fan of coffee or pints.)

Bungalows and Bears is one of those places that I've meant to go in since first year... and have always been uh, somewhat intimidated by. No clue why, really, maybe it's something to do with the witty chalkboard art or the sheer size of the place (it's pretty huge), but I'm glad I have. 


27 Apr 2016

#IMNOTFORSALE and colour science at Roseannah Sheffield

Roseannah boutique fair trade fashion sheffield

Last week I was invited along to Roseannah, a beautiful fair trade fashion boutique in Sheffield, for a workshop in colour science and information on the store owners' project: NOT FOR SALE / #IMNOTFORSALE.

It was a really relaxed night, plenty of instagram opportunities - Roseannah's interiors are beautiful - and fun chats with some new faces. I haven't been particularly active in the Sheff Bloggers scene since final year is such a stressful time, but it was nice to take a break and learn which colours suit my complexion best (spoiler alert: I was surprised). 


23 Apr 2016

Almost Neopolitan

mixxmix seoul outfit of the day inspiration uk fashion blogger
photos by chantel 

I've had one of those weeks where everything just seems to happen - dissi draft submission? check, varsity final? check, work that took far longer that it was supposed to do? check, pre-planned friend visit? check, events to attend? check - and so I've had a bit of a mildly stressful time. But it's been fab and I've met some great new people and the weather has actually been great. As Chantel would say: it's nice that the sky hasn't been wet. 

In other news, I've been having a bit of a wardrobe funk lately - I'm getting way too excited at the prospect of clearing stuff out and streamlining once I graduate, def need the detox and to have things that are definitely things I wear rather than occasionally or not at all. But I managed to put something together this week. 


21 Apr 2016

No gym? Fab home workout youtube channels and apps

Home workout youtube channels and apps As a student I have little money for a gym subscription, I also have very little time to walk to and from the gym when I do actually want to go, especially this year. Sad times all round because I do like the endorphins of exercise and knowing that you're keeping your body healthy is a great feeling. 

So to save a few extra pennies here and there, I started looking at what was available to me online, the internet is a fab resource for literally everything, and on the app stores so that when I don't have my laptop around I can still work out. As with all exercise, this is what I've found works for me, so might not for you, and before embarking on anything you should go and talk to your doctor. Also it's useful to remember that while exercise is fab, pairing it with a good diet is where you see the best results. 


18 Apr 2016

NoTS 28 Remedy Deep Cleanser & Repair Cream

NoTS 28 Remedy Deep Cleanser & Repair Cream review

For the second part of my NoTS skincare review, I've been trialling the 28 Remedy Acne Pore Deep Cleanser* and the 28 Remedy Repair Cream*. They're the first and final stages of the NoTS Perfect Solution 4 Set, which includes a Tone and a Serum which I've already reviewed, as part of a skin-booting collection from the Korean beauty brand. Q-depot, an online store for Korean beauty and skincare, sent the set along for me to try about a month ago now, so I've had time to really get to know the products and how they work for my skin. 

And I'm really in love with them. I'm gonna be so, so sad when I run out.

16 Apr 2016

Suede for Spring with Boohoo

boohoo suede for spring ava suedette bomber jacket ootd inspiration

Suede and suedette are A Big Thing for the new season, if you weren't already aware, and we're probably going to be seeing a lot of it in the weeks to come with the like of Coachella and festival season kicking off (I'm so jealous). Even if you're not jetting off to the States, you can still add a bit of that festival chic to your wardrobe rotation, which is exactly what I've done with a little help from Boohoo. The lovely team there challenged me to style my favourite piece from their suede and suedette collection to take me into spring.


12 Apr 2016

5 free tools for productivity

5 free tools for productivity forest app

I'm woefully susceptible to procrastination or working ineffectively in attempts to reach a goal. Easily distracted and prone to overwhelm isn't the best of combinations, so often I need a little bit of help to make me do the things. I've been experimenting with a couple of options I've found to make myself more productive in the last couple of months, and thought I'd share the ones that have been working best for me - in case any of you also suffer from these sort of demons and wanted to tame them slightly. 


10 Apr 2016

Refusing to pay rent - the sorry, sorry state of student accommodation

key photograph

University has swung back into being something of a very considered decision. While this is a brilliantly wonderful in the arena of 17-19 year olds coming straight out of school and realising that higher education isn't the be all and end all of the paths to successful futures, for those that desperately want to further their studies, the prospect of coming out with around £27k worth of debt as standard just from tuition fees is sobering. When you add the cost of living, university extras, and compound interest on to that you're looking at staggering amounts of debt for young people to start off their adult life with.

Tuition fees are a large part of that debt, but they're fixed - for the foreseeable future, at least. They're not going to jump around wildly, or get cut anytime soon. We've begrudgingly accepted this.

Rent, on the other hand. Rent is a ridiculous, hideous joke.

And it's just getting worse.

6 Apr 2016

NoTS 28 Remedy Serum and Toner

NoTS 28 Remedy korean beauty brand review

New Korean skin care always excites me, especially when my skin is feeling a little tired or worn out from the stress of final year and all that it comes with. Something different in my routine makes me remember to take time out for myself and take care of things I've probably been neglecting. Like my face. Oops. 

Recently, I've been trialling the "NoTS 28 Remedy  Perfect Solution 4 Set*", courtesy of the team at the Korean beauty online store Q-depot, to see what it could do for my stressed-out final-year skin. It's been a pleasant change in my evening routine, no aggravation, irritation or anything untoward, which is always a bonus when I switch out and swap things - though I do tend to find my skin reacts an awful lot less to Korean skincare and beauty products.  


4 Apr 2016

Rome: The Food Diaries

rome food diaries cafe angelina dessert

Going on holiday with my mum doesn't necessarily make for extravagant food choices. She's a GP by profession, so sees a lot of people throughout the year come back from trips abroad (or just out) with a multitude of food related ailments. So Rome was a bit of a carousel of pasta and pizza. A mix of good and bad pasta and pizza, with a few supermarket bakery items thrown in, and cake. And gelato. Because you can't go to Italy and not have gelato.

Our hotel provided us with breakfast, so that was one less thing to think about. I've worked out that my inability to decide on places to eat is practically genetic.


2 Apr 2016

the easy, lazy, oversized pinafore

korean style oversized pinafore ootd ideas

Easy is my go-to right now. I do occasionally make it out of my h&m joggers and vintage adidas sweaters. Occasionally. When I do it's usually into something equally roomy and comfy. Oversized on oversized. I know oversized things are usually paired with more form fitting for contrast, but I can't really deal with constricting clothes on top of constricting atmospheres.

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