31 Mar 2016

Soap & Glory Endless Glove moisture mask and hand cream

soap & glory endless glove 2 in 1 moisture mask and hand cream flatlay product shot

In my secret, unglamorous, not-for-the-internet life I have issues. Lots of them, but one of the main (and wholly aggravating) grievances I have is eczema. In all honesty I think I probably suffered with it in the freaking womb, since I can't actually a remember a time when it's been truly 100% gone. 

It always comes back too. Sorry myths about 'growing out of it' that got tossed around as a child. It's about as stubborn as my hayfever. 

If you suffer, then you'll know that eczema = super duper sensitive skin. The slightest thing can set it off, sometimes completely unknown, so I'm always very wary about what I put on my skin, be it hair care, makeup, or more generalised skincare. Ingredient labels are my best friend. I have a little book with the fancy names I need to avoid. 

Hand creams are a bit of a minefield. I get eczema outbreaks on my left palm and top knuckles of my middle three fingers on both hands the minute the weather turns cold (or there's dust, or I'm really stressed out). It's pain. It's horrible, disgusting pain and hi yes you're probably wincing reading this but eczema is the least amount of fun in winter. And hand creams are such a saviour when they work. It's just finding one that does, without irritating, that soothes without the chemical cocktail of a medicated cream. 

So, Soap & Glory - how does your Endless Glove moisture mask & hand cream fare? 

30 Mar 2016

Travel Diary | When in Rome

The colosseum rome travel diary uk travel blogger

Do as the Romans do... 6 days and 6 nights in one of the most historic cities in the world - and we all know how much I love cities. Mum thought I needed a break, I thought I needed a break (spoiler alert: dissertation stress didn't), and also that mum definitely needed one, and my older sister wanted to go on holiday. My younger sister - who sometimes very kindly does my outfit shots for me at home - decided she had too much work to do and would stay back with dad and 'crack on'. 

So we three intrepid explorers grabbed our passports, our super light suitcases (and my less light laptop and camera case), to board hand-luggage only to Rome, Italy. Let the adventure begin. 


29 Mar 2016

The Tan Chelsea Ankle Boot

asos airbound leather chelsea ankle boot review

My absolute shoedrobe staple, my must-have item, my 'nothing is complete unless I have this in my life' is the Chelsea Boot. Flat, heeled, platform, midnight black or leopard accented, they're a classic shape and so very, very versatile. Minimal fuss, minimal effort - maximum chic.

Seriously, I don't think they let you into Paris without proof you own a pair***.

(***Don't quote me on this, it's 90% a joke)

It might be surprising then, that right now I only actually own one pair of flat Chelsea Boots. I'm picky, you see, and have been brought up to appreciate the breathability of leather uppers and flexible soles. Also arch support. It's hard to find a shoe that fits all the criteria that is affordable - most leather-upper bendy soled flat shoes are waaaaaaay out of my price range... apart from this pair. 

The pair that is the actual MVP of my shoe collection right now, the ASOS Airbound Leather Chelsea Ankle Boot.


27 Mar 2016


wanderlust - millennials thoughts

Travel is chicken soup for the soul - a possibly augmented quote (source-file_not-found) heard in passing, years ago, cemented into a fire-pit with flames regularly stoked by the prospect of adventuring to far off lands. 

With each new leap forward in technology, our world becomes smaller, more accessible for the wide-eyed wanderer to pack their bags and leap in tandem, an open-armed freefall, into the rich mix of cultures our societies create. 

Wanderlust is the bug that bites, and instead of shying away, it compels you to heed its call. 


22 Mar 2016

The Topshop wishlist

topshop wishlist new in uk fashion blogger

Not too long ago I would walk past Topshop and sigh as nothing caught my eye. I've had a bit of a love-hate relationship with the brand: love because they do have some fab basics and seasonal showstopper pieces; hate because the things I've loved have been few and far between or so horiffically expensive and I am #brokeassstudent. Not a match made in heaven.

Recently though, the things that I'm loving are less few and far between and more ... a few things every season. Which is really saying something considering I'm one for the quirky, not-so-normal pieces and have a heavy bias towards Asian brands.

And that shift has turned into me wishlisting something a whole catalogue long. It is probably a catalogue at this point. Sorry not sorry (but I really am).


20 Mar 2016

Creative Block

what a creative block feels like

There's static everywhere. Vague ideas form grey-grey-white-black shapes, almost indiscernible against the grey-grey-white-black background. flicker, flicker, flicker. Everything is jumbled and it's such an extraordinary amount of effort to collect these hazy half-ideas, quarter-musings, fractions of fragments and mould them into something resembling a coherent train of thought.

I'm lucky that I don't get the dreaded 'creative block' all too often...

But when I do it's a wall the length and height akin to the greats.


17 Mar 2016

Transitioning into spring

spring ootd uk fashion blogger bomber jacket pinafore dress white trainers


It's been a mix of really alright-but-still-fecking-freezing and holy-shit-no-i'm-not-leaving-my-flat weather, recently. And adding that to wow-hi-there-dissertation-wait-no-what means that, uh, my life is uni and study and uni and class and uni and THE DIAMOND and possibly the SU. Not the Winter Gardens or non-slightly-disgusting-70's-architecture. Rome cannot come fast enough. (Yay Saturday).

But today was nice and sunny and the 2nd part of my mixxmix order arrived so I decided that I wanted to Look Cute and get tea with Sian before Easter Break started. I mean I'm doing the exact same thing tomorrow but it's been so loooooooooooong since I've had a chance to just sit and chill and catch up and not have to be studying.

I mean I really should be studying but I want just one day dammit.


15 Mar 2016

Trend Crush: The Mirrored Lenses

firmoo optical eyewear review


Yes that warrants capslock because I've been eyeing up a pair since... Korea? April of Korea? When GENTLEMONSTER became a thing and everyone was wearing them? When I'd stop and stare at the pretty lenses in styleNANDA and all but paw at them.


And NOW I HAVE MY OWN PAIR. The women's full frame mixed material mirror sunglasses* from Firmoo.com. They're so pretty, arrived just in time for the weather turning sunny, total score. Oh and I'm totally taking them to Rome with me for explorations over Easter Break.

12 Mar 2016

hey mickey

transitional outfit inspiration cute cartoon trend

As someone with a heavy interest in the Asian fashion scene, it's interesting to see which trends get picked up and transported to the west a full season or two... or three... or four later. And yes I did almost that exact sentence recently because I find it quite funny. Cartoon motifs are making waves at the minute, so I'm digging out a few of the crops and patches I picked up on my year abroad to style for the spring-summer season. Do love how cyclic fashion is, makes my life so easy. 


8 Mar 2016

Beauty on trial: Hair Oil

does oil really keep hair healthy peppermint coconut castor rosemary keratin argan

Things I am self-concious about: my hair. 

It's getting easier to talk about, but I've never truly ever been at peace with the somewhat unruly mass of waves and curls and ringlets genetics blessed me with. I've flat-ironed it into submission on the days when things look so wrong, and I've pulled and shredded so the lovely thick texture it had pre-year 5 is all but a dream. 

I'm desperately trying to condition it back to that stage of no stress, that stage of not really caring whether it needed to be straight or styled or more manageable. And whenever I ask for help or recommendations of products to soothe my 3am anxieties in regards to the dead protein on my head (because really, that is all hair is) - the ever patient, brilliant girls with fabulous hair on my t-list tell me to try oil. 

One particular babe has told me exactly which oils to get, where to apply them and what they'll do for me. And I'm hoping that once I've got through a bottle (or two) over a long enough time to start seeing results that I'll either have hair as fab as hers, or at the very least be more comfortable with mine. 

So what's on trial?


6 Mar 2016

Comfort Zones

missguided mesh flocked bodysuit flatlay

We start off in warm comfort. Safe and protected, with those who have promised to love and look after us, to provide for us, shielding us from danger too great for our tiny infant selves. As we grow and learn, we do so in (mainly) safe environments, with those who teach us quick to help, correct, encourage. We form opinions, we create dialogue in a safe and comfortable environment. 

With age comes questions, expectations, realities we'd rather not face and some decisions we'd rather not make. We develop a space, secure and cosy, that we're comfortable in. Four metaphorical walls that protect us, tell us that we're safe and that anything that falls in this area we can do. A zone of things that we are sure of. A zone of comfort. 

They are necessary for us to create, a benchmark for our assessment of new experiences, a sanctuary to return to, an area where you know the rules to the game and most of the players. They're reliable, familiar. 

But sometimes it is necessary to step outside of them.


5 Mar 2016

With the band

how to style a band tshirt

I do love a good band tee. I've got quite a collection in my wardrobe, each with their own memories and sentiments stitched into the seams, infused in each cotton fibre. Some I wear quite regularly, because they're easy to style or make a great statement piece, others get relegated to the pj drawer because they're the definition of impulse buy or being caught up in the moment and they just don't fit quite right and the design isn't something I'd wear past the front door. 

Regardless, I do find them a lil' bit of a wardrobe staple for me now, and some of my favourite street style looks that my fave street style photographers have taken feature the humble band tee.


3 Mar 2016

The One That Got Away (or why you should never take expensive lipsticks on a night out)

lipstick flatlay

I have learned, in my 22 years of life, that some things are just not meant to be. Sometimes things happen, so far out of your control that they leave you wondering if you're not just in some random Sim's game being controlled by a slightly sadistic 14 year old. 

Other times, things happen that are completely your own fault and make you question your ability to perform basic human tasks. 

Like not losing important and/or expensive things. 

Especially if those things are gifts. 


1 Mar 2016

5 Korean Cosmetic brands you need to know

5 korean cosmetic brands you need to know nature republic

So I did a post yonks ago about Korean brands I class as 'bubblegum' - cutesy, with a target audience of teens/fans of all things adorbs, generally really quite affordable - and I had all the intentions in the world to follow it up... but life got in the way. Oops. So instead I thought I'd do a little roundup of my top 5 Korean Cosmetic / Beauty brands - the ones I buy from regularly, since they're becoming increasingly known in the West (yay!). 

There are loads of Korean Cosmetic brands around, so this is by no means a list that is going to get chipped into slabs of stone and propped up as an 'unchanging order of things' or written in blood, signed and sealed as trufax 4 lyf. 

Sorry for that last one. 

Have some brands. 

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