troubles of having a baby face

At 22 years old, I'm routinely mistaken for being 16, and getting 'double ID'd' is just par for the course. In between all of the 'omg you'll look so young when you're X age' or 'you're so luckyyyyyy' outbursts from pretty much everyone - which yes, I shall concede these are perks I very much look forward to - there are some real actual troubles those of us who are perpetually young looking will understand all too well. 

The frustration is real. 

I think the worst thing, or at least for me it's the worst thing, is that no one really takes me seriously? I managed my first club night this week at one of the busiest times of the year in my working circle, and it was pretty damn successful if I do say so myself. However, it took a while for the venue staff I was in charge of to take me seriously, and actually understand that 1) yes I know what I'm doing and 2) I'm not a pushover, when I ask you to do something I expect it to be done. Not sure why looking young automatically equates to 'being incompetent' - or that people think I'm going to throw a tantrum over talking things out civilly like adults? Throw me a bone here, the assumptions are kind of offensive. 

Asking my age then proceeding to hit on me always leaves me feeling a bit weird. Like, ok yeah you wanted to make sure you weren't dicing with the law, but if it's a place I had to be ID'd to get in to, assume that I'm older than 18 plz k thanks. 'Wow you look so much younger' generally translates to 'wow you don't look legal' and that's all sorts of weird to me. Bar staff who ask to check I'm over 18 and then proceed to pour me all the doubles when I know for a fact that cocktail does not require them... you can sort of stay. Ish. Still weird. I know you're just doing your job, but still weird. 

Being told I shouldn't be all over the facial creams/eye creams/sun cream because 'I have nothing to worry about' is another pet peeve. I like taking care of my skin, and I burn so easily that suncream is always, always a must. 

I'm mistaken for a fresher so often now that it's become a sort of running joke in some of my friendship circles. It's funny, sure, but on nights out it's weird af. Add that to my 'resting lost face' and the automatic assumption is I'm a poor baby fresher fumbling around campus, when in reality I'm an overtired final year and why are you in my library?? 

Constantly being asked by people who come to the door if my parents are in. Nope, no, it's just me. Don't live with the 'rents anymore. Also this is quite obviously student accommodation??? I get this a lot on the phone too, which makes for awkward conversations and some hang-ups from people who don't actually believe me. 

Being ID'd on a bad day for paracetamol never helps. 

In general though, I do appreciate the fact I can mess with people regarding my age. It's fun and I'm a lil' bit evil, but having these kind of things repeat multiple times in a day, or being told that I don't look old enough to do a job I'm being paid for can be kinda hurtful sometimes. Especially if I'm supposed to be making sure a room full of people stay safe and happy...

So, do you guys agree or disagree? Are there any troubles I've missed - or what's been your worst experience?