red tartan tennis skirt outfit inspiration uk style

More plaid? Yup. Sorry not sorry - it's the staple of British fashion. The teeniest, tiniest hint of plaid on you and in any country people will hone in on brit style. It's our identifier in the way that our collection of islands lacks a 'traditional' dress - minus the Scot's up north with your kilts, but if we're talking Hanbok's or Qípáo's or Kimono's or Lederhosen, the UK has been through such a style evolution it's hard to pinpoint one solid traditional outfit. Instead, checks and tartans have stood the test of time instead of silhouettes.

Which I'm glad for, because I do love a bit of it in my wardrobe.

red tartan tennis skirt outfit inspiration uk style

red tartan tennis skirt outfit inspiration uk style

top: new look
skirt: h&m

I don't know when my love for tartan manifested, but I do know that I've had at least one piece in my wardrobe at any given time. This h&m skirt is the latest addition, joining my LYDC backpack, both Primark peter-pan collared dresses and a New Look shirt in all their checked glory. For the sake of variation, only two of the items match patterns closely enough for them to twin... but it's one style that I think I'm always going to find myself drawn to.

This skirt also gets bonus points for combining my love of checks with my love of tennis skirts - and being a whoooooooooole lot cheaper than the American Apparel plaid options, I couldn't pass it up. It was on offer, too. Black with plaid is such a classic combination that I have an abundance of options already to style it with - this New Look high neck ribbed crop top with effortless on the chest adds a little bit more to the basic elements.

And I really like this top.

It's so soft.

And effortless.

red tartan tennis skirt outfit inspiration outline little miss fii

Although you can't see, I paired this look with my trusty black chunky heeled boots that I got myself for Christmas (to me, love me), as they carry on the kinda grungy vibe and I just really love wearing them. Instant height. It's too cold at the moment to throw my denim jacket on over the top, but that's a look I'm definitely going for once it warms up a tad. For now though, I think I'll chuck on a totes in trend bomber, some over knee socks (over tights), and some lollipops because I feel like this outfit is that brand of effortless cool.

What do you guys think?


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