28 Feb 2016

Forging my Own Path

paperchase map postcard

There's always been a hill before me. Sometimes so steep it's practically a mountain (like now), sometimes a gentle, grassy knoll that takes a few steps to overcome. A lot of the scarier, almost entirely vertical mountains, with their their jagged rocks and invisible peaks  were born from the tectonic plates of the relationship with my parents colliding in a horrifically pretentious metaphor. 

We're chill now, my parents and I, there's something about growing up that really makes you appreciate your parents, but I was the more rebellious daughter, Not rebellious in the way the media portrays, but rebellious enough that by the time I'd finished 6th form, I'd set most of the career expectations my parents had for me on fire. 

I've never really been a fan of being told what to do. 


25 Feb 2016

#LushSpring at Lush York

#LushSpring 2016 lush bath collection

I do love an adventure. If time allows, any chance I get to throw too much money at train tickets I will grasp with both hands and throw responsibilities to the wind. This particular adventure was to the #LushSpring event at Lush York - and although I didn't throw any responsibilities to the wind this time (I brought dissi work to do on the train, yay me), I did throw a ton of caution, since I haven't been to York for about 10 years. And when I upon my arrival it would be dark. 

Thankfully the absolute darling that is Louise Rose - over at louiseroserailton.com - was there to shepherd me to and from the station, with a lil' time for starbucks chats before the event begun. Suitably de-nerved, we made our way Lush York's first ever blogger event, something I feel really happy to have been a part of, to have a look at the #LushSpring range. 

Spoiler alert: I think a lot of it is really quite fab.


24 Feb 2016

Trend Crush: SS16

Trend crush spring summer 16 easy and wearable trends

Despite being routinely ridiculed by sunshine and it not being warm (what is this winter of which you speak???), I am seeing rain marginally less, blue skies marginally more, and hold up it's still light-ish at half 5 in the evening. This practically means we've hit spring. I don't care if that's horrifically optimistic. 

And with spring comes transitions and cleaning and sometimes veritable wardrobe overhauls, or at least a few new, key pieces to add to the hangers. I know everything is very much centered around the autumn/winter collections right now, what with LFW just finishing (cue the tiny violin because I wasn't there), but sometimes it's nice to have a little reminder of what to expect for the season we're moving into. 


21 Feb 2016

I have no idea what I'm doing

deskspace flat lay

There's something really cathartic about writing down thoughts and feelings for people on the internet to somewhat relate to. The process goes like this: conceive an idea, tap black keys with white letters to make black letters appear on white pages, backspace, shape thoughts into sentences and sentences into paragraphs that sit quiet but content, as I sit quiet and content and try to gather my feelings after finishing a post.

In writing, I know what I am doing.

In life - well.

20 Feb 2016

I am not a product

IS MAKEUP false advertising - i am not a product

I am not a product.

I'm not four limbs and a torso of stiff, ABS plastic, and a head of soft PVC.

I am not secured by four ties to three walls of cardboard with an acetate window to look out on coldly lit aisles

I am not stood on a shelf surrounded by my sisters and my brothers and my non binary siblings, waiting to be picked up by the hands of those who want me

I am not someone or something you provide a voice for, put in made-up scenarios, and put back when you're done

I am not brainless or mindless

I am not tricking you with changing what is on my face from day to day, or from the clothes I wear

I am not a false advertisement because

I am not a product.


18 Feb 2016


red tartan tennis skirt outfit inspiration uk style

More plaid? Yup. Sorry not sorry - it's the staple of British fashion. The teeniest, tiniest hint of plaid on you and in any country people will hone in on brit style. It's our identifier in the way that our collection of islands lacks a 'traditional' dress - minus the Scot's up north with your kilts, but if we're talking Hanbok's or Qípáo's or Kimono's or Lederhosen, the UK has been through such a style evolution it's hard to pinpoint one solid traditional outfit. Instead, checks and tartans have stood the test of time instead of silhouettes.

Which I'm glad for, because I do love a bit of it in my wardrobe.


15 Feb 2016

The LYDC Backpack

LYDC tartan backpack review

When push comes to shove in the proverbial arena of accessories, I'd say I'm more of a shoes girl - if that wasn't obvious enough. But recently, and recently it really is, I've started taking more of an interest in bags - surprisingly they're not just things to carry stuff around in. 

I was super duper lucky last December: if you remember I won my first ever MAC lipstick, as well as being one of the winners of the F.B.L. Bloggers giveaway in collaboration with LYDC London. I was pretty much sat by the door waiting to see which bag I'd receive, until I was packed back off to Uni and had to wait for my mum to post it to me. So much waiting, but it got to me before the start of second semester and so has replaced my array of fabric totes as my 'uni bag' and become a wardrobe essential.


14 Feb 2016

The Troubles of Having a Baby Face

troubles of having a baby face

At 22 years old, I'm routinely mistaken for being 16, and getting 'double ID'd' is just par for the course. In between all of the 'omg you'll look so young when you're X age' or 'you're so luckyyyyyy' outbursts from pretty much everyone - which yes, I shall concede these are perks I very much look forward to - there are some real actual troubles those of us who are perpetually young looking will understand all too well. 

The frustration is real. 


13 Feb 2016

10 signs you've found a brilliant group of friends

10 signs you've found a brilliant group of friends

Let's raise a glass for all the gal-pals and bromances that are so completely platonic when everyone and their bloomin' dog is trying to sell us romance out of their backsides. When you've committed your immediate future to your degree, there isn't a lot of time for dating, but there's always time to check the group chat/ have a coffee/skype. Always.

In the past, my judge of character hasn't been the best. I've put my trust in people I really shouldn't have, and consequently experienced and endured really toxic friendships - something I'm glad is being spoken about more. I think I've finally navigated the choppy waters and have landed in a few friendship groups that are fab - and it makes me so happy.

So here are 10 signs that you've found a top-class group of pals.


11 Feb 2016

Brace yourself

braces casual outfit uk style blogger outfit inspiration

So final semester has begun and I'm feeling both excited and overwhelmed. And tired. Incredibly tired (though that's probably the fault of Tuesday night...) Settling into a new timetable takes a little while, but I feel like everything is going to hurtle past in an instant and before I know it, I'll be handing in a bound dissertation, donning my dress for the ball and then bidding farewell to my uni life. HELP. 

9 Feb 2016

Trend Crush: The A-line skirt

trend crush a line skirts how to style

My collection of skater skirts has had to make room in the last few months for a growing collection of a-line sisters. It's a trend I'm totally crushin' on right now - button- or zip-through look in a slightly more structured material than a lot of my floaty other things. They're a really versatile item to have in your wardrobe too, they cinch at the waist and flare in a way that doesn't make you look like you're about to grab a pair of dance shoes. With so many different styles on the scene right now, there's definitely something for everyone - but I've picked my three fave skirts and shown you how I'd style them :D


7 Feb 2016

On being Single

the good parts of being single

Ah February. The month where suddenly everything is heart shaped, and we all sit in this weird chocolate battle between selection boxes and Easter eggs. In the great Valentine's debate, I'm a solid fence sitter: not really for, not really against, though I wasn't a fan during the stint in Korea. They have too many couple days - dating culture is intense. 

Speaking of dating culture, or just dating actually, I find it kind of weird people get surprised when I say 'I'm not looking for a boyfriend'. Prompted, obviously. I'm not wandering around just telling absolute randoms  whenever the mood strikes. That would be odd.  But it feels like the decision to not want to be attached to someone else  is a strange one to make, or that it's not a decision you've made and there is actually something wrong with you - though that's another kettle of fish and a different post entirely - and that the single life is sad and dull and not desirable.

Which is all rubbish because being single is pretty ace. 


6 Feb 2016

Resource roundup for Bloggers & Youtubers

secret resources for bloggers and youtubers

As well as being a certified stationery addict, I'm also a little bit of a 'resource collector'. As in, I have about 1008 fonts; a specific folder with subcategories for textures, PSDs and the like; and an entire pinterest board dedicated to finding new graphics, font pairings and downloadables. I'm not sure if I'm at the 'no I need help' or the 'I need more gigabytes of storage' stage... 

Regardless of how far deep I am into the black hole that is pretty digital creations, I love finding new resources to bring my design game up a notch or two. It's especially important when you're creating content for blogs, since using other people's images without consent  is a massive no-no. If you wanna know why, then countless people have written up on that subject - but the crux of the matter is, it's content stealing. Although there are some places that allow you to use images free of charge or with accreditation, and I've shared some of these down below!


4 Feb 2016

Review: Holika Holika FACE2CHANGE DoDoCAT Glow Cushion BB

holika holika face2change dodocat glow cushion bb review compact with box

Why hello there, adorable cushion compact. Nice to meet you, I'm sure you'll be a beautiful addition to my collection of bases.

Limited edition brand collaborations are always my favourite lines released by korean cosmetic brands. They're not usually better in formulation than the regular releases - it's definitely all about the packaging. Which is pretty much the reason I added this to my cart. It's art by Audrey Jeanne, on a compact. It's adorable. 

I also hadn't tried anything from the face2change range before this, so thought that I might as well pick up bb cushion (glow cushion bb, if we're being pedantic about names) since I'd probably get most use out of it. I'm not really one for daily wear of primers or glosses, and base products are something that HolikaHolika do really well - I've loved their aqua petit bb cream in the past. 


2 Feb 2016

Honest thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy s6

samsung galaxy s6 gold honest review awake screen

I've been a part of the Samsung Galaxy S6 clan since Christmas, and since that's just a little bit over a month ago now, I thought it was more than enough time for collecting my thoughts on the device to share with you, so here we are. 

Bear in mind, my previous handset was the Galaxy S3mini, so I'm no stranger to Samsung phones and the need for multiple battery packs, or patience with the android system. I did get the S3mini in 2013 though, and was soldiering on despite a cracked / peeling screen, the inability to move past JellyBean, and calls randomly cutting out at the 2 minute mark. We had a good run. 

So with my little galaxy history out of the way, how does the Galaxy S6 compare?

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