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As it turns out, I have a lot of grey clothes. It's a really, really wearable colour - which is probably preaching to the flippin' choir but I really like the colour grey. It's not too clinical (white, white and more white), or too dark (black as the depths of night), but a nice in between depending on your mood. Also it's really close to silver and I fudging love silver. 

Also, fishtail braids are so pretty but take a flippin' age to do. 

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grey winter outfit inspiration uk fashion blogger

beanie: asos
quilted bomber jacket: taobao
sweater: taobao
jeans: h&m
shoes: ebay

I don't think I particularly suit beanies. I've worn this one a grand total of twice since I bought it in the asos sale last year, but I'm determined to wear it more. The lil' patch on it says 'no brand needed' which: ha. hahahaha. But I think it's really cute. 

The sweater and the jacket are from TaoBao, and for the price (cheap, basically) the quality is ah-may-zing. I've worn the jumper multiple times since it arrived last year and it's so snuggly and so warm and soft - it was basically £5. The jacket I saw, really liked, and now I'm tempted to get the pink one too (but won't because I'm putting myself on a spending ban). It cost about £11? Roughly? You'll see soon enough how good the quality is and why I'm so in love soon. 

Jeans are old h&m, you know their £9.99 black ones? Or the ones they used to do? Yup those. Still in love, these are ridic well worn. 

The boots are from eBay. Chantel rocked up to mine in a pair and I decided that we needed to twin. Though mine are patent and come with handy zips. 

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grey winter outfit inspiration uk fashion blogger

I promise one day I'll look more amused in photos. Also today was the first time I've EVER done fishtail braids I'm so proud of myself.

It's the little things. :')

What do you think of all grey outfits? Thoughts on this look? Leave a comment, let me know! <3