Daria Song mindfulness colouring book The Time Chamber

That's it! Bye first semester of final year, hopefully see you never. Well, apart from results in a little while but for now I get a whole 12 days of actual decent sleep and food and fitness and I can breathe again. Obviously there is the dissi, but there isn't any tiny voice in my head going 'why are you taking so long making food you should be studying...' or guilt guilt guilt over not doing work. 

Sometimes I really am my own worst enemy. 

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daria song mindfulness colouring book the time chamber cover

But today I decided to reward myself, because my exam went well. *Crosses fingers, touches wood* I feel I did the best I could with the questions, and the last 17 weeks of notes and work and committing things to memory feels like it's paid off? Marks will be the true testimony of that, but for now I can take a step back and put uni to one side for a second and starting sorting out what I wanted to do in the first week of January, in the last. Yay. I also finally, finally got my hands on one of the mindfulness colouring books that everyone and their pups have by now, but it's been the motivator for revision and exams and doing well. As in, I wasn't allowed one until today, and I was only allowed to get it if the exam went well. Harsh, but I procrastinate too much for niceties, really.  Got these cute little paperchase postcards too, because adorable and I liked them. 

Super super happy that they had the one I really wanted in stock too. £9.99 in WHSmith (I got a cheeky 10% off because the front cover is nicked and it affects one of the pages, but I like things like this to be pristine and it was the only one left. It's The Time Chamber book by Daria Song, the story of a tiny fairy who lives inside a cuckoo clock and it is so honestly me that when I saw it with mum over Christmas she pretty much said that it was everything toddler-colouring-in Fii would've wanted, so it's nice to know I'm still sticking to my roots. 

Fun fact: I actually collect porcelain/ceramic/etc fairies. And dragons, but mostly fairies. 

Other things that are happening now? Well, I get to start properly planning The Ball. I've mentioned this a few times last year, but the cliff notes is: my committee position this year means that I get to pretty much chair The Ball Committee and I'm both equal parts excited and terrified. Excited because ohmigoSH BALL. Terrified because fkin hell ball. I get to share the workload so it's not all bad, but I think I'm going to do some planning update posts, so if any of you are uni-ball planning, or just party planning, it might help. Budget meeting is Thursday, so oo things are rolling. Theme is picked and sorted, decorations are being sourced. AHH. 

Anywho, this is turning into a long-assed Tuesday post that was probably what Sunday's should have been... Oh well, Sunday's actual post was pretty fun. I just feel so massively, massively relieved now. Self-pressure is something I'm desperately trying to work on, but it's a process. 

Thank you also to all of you who wished me luck on social media this morning! I'm pretty sure that it helped a lot, and it means so much, so massive hugs. Thank you.