31 Jan 2016

Don't cut the creativity

desk lay paperchase notebooks and postcards

I've seen a couple of tweets going around this week about creative GCSE's / A-levels and educational reforms, and I'm not going to pretend that a) I really know what's going on, because I don't quite have the time to sit through reports and policies and analyse right now, or that b) it's going to affect me, because I left sixth form five years ago and am coming up to the finish line of my taught educational life. 

But in saying that, I did go through an educational system where creativity was encouraged, at a school that was touted for it's music department and its technological capabilities. I wasn't a massive fan of school, in all honesty I hated quite a lot of it, but creative based subjects allowed me to at least express myself when there was no room for it in the strict formulas of maths, or hard facts of science. 


29 Jan 2016

Korean Beauty Explained: Sheetmasks

korean beauty explained the origin of sheetmasks

It fills me with so much joy that sheetmasks are finally taking off over here. The price hike... not so much, but the fact beauty gurus that pack a pretty sizable punch are talking about them, and talking about them favourably is fab.

Though if you do a quick Google search on what sheetmasks are exactly - and by are, I mean why they're so much of a thing, the same way MAC lipsticks are coveted and Charlotte Tilbury stole the scene - you'll see a lot of reviews and posts touting the '5 best' or 'which works for your skin'. Which is brilliant, you just don't see a lot on the hows or the whys of their popularity. Or why they came to be.

I mean, I did have to naver to get the info I wanted. And I fkin hate naver sometimes.

So, to save you the trouble of learning Korean and trying to find this info yourself; hi. I did that. I spent about 15 hours doing that. :D

There's also a handy video version of this post that I made earlier this month. It's a lot snappier since I was trying to get it to under 5 minutes, but it's there for you to watch!


27 Jan 2016

Little Princess

japanese gyaru style suspender skirt how to style

I'm very much a believer of the notion that if you feel good about yourself on a given day, that day is likely to go well. It's to do with elevated confidence and it's effect on perception of the self, if you think you can take on the world, you can probably take on the world.


26 Jan 2016

...and breathe

Daria Song mindfulness colouring book The Time Chamber

That's it! Bye first semester of final year, hopefully see you never. Well, apart from results in a little while but for now I get a whole 12 days of actual decent sleep and food and fitness and I can breathe again. Obviously there is the dissi, but there isn't any tiny voice in my head going 'why are you taking so long making food you should be studying...' or guilt guilt guilt over not doing work. 

Sometimes I really am my own worst enemy. 


24 Jan 2016

10 lists that I can't stop cackling at

10 brilliant list posts to make you laugh

I'm feeling a lil' bit creatively drained right now (over 5k words of essays will do that to you, I think), so anything from the mush that is currently my brain would probably 1) not make sense or 2) not be very engaging. And since neither of those options are particularly appealing to me, I can't imagine that they would be to you, either.

So. Considering you've probably read the title, this is what we get today. I love a good listicle (list article, fancy portmanteau there, it's fun to say!), so much so that I've done a couple of my own, but they're nothing compared to these.

Seriously, I'll read these and still be howling with laughter into next week. Witty, snappy, bang bang bang. They're everything you look for in internet comic relief. Honestly, they make me want to do that thing on twitter where you fave tweets in the hopes that they'll notice you, and soon be your bff*.

*I don't think this actually works.


22 Jan 2016

The Lust List

lust wishlist asos motel rocks fashion dizen january uk fashion blogger style

It happens every year around this time. Exams feel like they're never going to end and deadlines make that no-refined-sugar kick you've been on a laughable idea as you stock up on all the sweet treats the supermarkets have to offer. Sobs. Oh, and inevitably your bank account will suffer because Hey! You know what's fun? Online shopping.  (if you remember 2015, massive ASOS haul...).

So far I've been good. The shackles of self-restraint have only been jangled a little bit in the apparel department - I have things to be saving for, not splurging on. But boy oh boy is the list of things I love about the length of a Redwood tree. Showing you all of it would be quite a feat, tbh, so with the turning in of The Proposal, I'll treat you all (read: me. I'll treat me) to a look at the best of the best.

The Lust List.


19 Jan 2016

Adding to the stash: Korean Beauty

korean cosmetic haul skin79 tonymoly holikaholika uk blogger

When your life is piles and piles of paper and post-it-notes and multicoloured ink and deadlines, getting parcels you forgot about in the post is a very welcome surprise. I wasn't in dire need of anything this time, unlike my last Korean cosmetic haul, but I saw a some things that I thought were really cute and would like to try. So I hopped on over to roseroseshop's ebay store, rubyruby76, and well, here we are. 


17 Jan 2016

January Thoughts on Graduating

thoughts on graduating - january | uk blogger uk final year student
[img // gratisography]

There's snow on the ground outside, and the wind is biting, sharp little teeth of ice that nip at your fingers if you forget gloves (and you do, so often) to venture outside. Graduation is a long way off, but not at all, and the future questions are being asked more and more frequently. 

'What are your plans for after you graduate?' 'Applied to anywhere yet?' 'Grad scheme? Travel?' 'Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?' 'How's your cv looking?' 'Have you thought about employment?' 

They're like the fast, hidden currents in a deceptively calm sea.


15 Jan 2016

Cheeky sales + new hair

stan smith new look dupes ice cream phone case

This week has been the week of MUCH REVISION. SUCH DISSERTATION. And also seeing Star Wars for the second time. I really do love that film. 

I've been back at the uni flat for near enough a week again now, so the routine is pretty much, revise, read, eat, revise, sleep, revise, eat, etc etc. With a couple of breaks for mentally winding down and yoga. I also managed to sneak in a few cheeky sale pieces before I set myself on the mother of all spending bans. And finally got my mane cut today, after faffing about for weeks over it because, like dentists, I'm not too fond of hairdressers.

Ok hairdressers are way better than dentists I just get scared and embarrassed because reasons.


13 Jan 2016

Ghost Child

duffle coat outfit inspiration uk fashion blogger

This is probably one of the coldest days for a while, but I'm taking advantage of revision breaks to shoot outfits in front of some of Sheffield's most impressive architecture. Also trying something new with today's editing - so let me know what you think!


11 Jan 2016

Be bold, be dark

dark lipstick collection uk beauty blogger

In my very baby lipstick collection (seriously, very baby), I have come to love my dark shades more than any other. There's something so empowering about having a heinously dark colour on your lips, especially when it comes with compliments. It's also lovely to see that the dark shades have been officially brought out of 'halloween' vampiness, or being a strictly winter shade. It's nice to know that our faves are wearing the bold, dark lip in the height of summer. 

With that in mind, I've swatched the darks that I have, and would absolutely adore to have your recommendations, as I really want to expand my collection. I'm also pretty proud of myself that I didn't make a Star Wars pun with the title. :D


10 Jan 2016

Living on your own at Uni

living on your own at university

You're probably seeing a theme. Sundays are time for cups of tea, talky posts and lifestyle bits. And today I thought I'd lift the lid a little on my uni living situation this year. So grab a cuppa~ <3

I made the decision last academic year, that for this one - my fourth and final 10 month haul - I wanted to live on my own. No sharing. No flatmates. Just me, myself, and I. And a mountain of work. 

It's a bit of an odd decision to make when university is supposed to be such a whirlwind of socialising and meeting people. It never stops, at almost every turn (read: night out) there are new faces, new opportunities and new people to add to your little circle, to welcome into your life. It's a bit of an odd decision when you look at me, too. I enjoy being social. I'm definitely more extroverted than I am introverted -

and yet I still wanted this year to be just me. 


9 Jan 2016

10 Things I've always been crap at

uk blogger 10 things not good at

In a world where we love to celebrate our achievements (rightly so) and curate the best possible image of our lives (eeh), real things can get lost in the ether. 'Real' things like the stuff we're not so hot at.

So in true spirit of being real on the internet (you can read my thoughts on that - it sort of involves cake, if the cake in question is a lie), I thought I'd share 10 things I've always been crap at. Since as long as I can remember, or more recent things I've discovered that I just can't do.


7 Jan 2016

January TaoBao Haul

january taobao haul uk style blog

I was going to call this a 'winter' haul, but I don't usually shop for seasonably appropriate things on TaoBao. Considering Taobao isn't exactly seasonably appropriate either. I mean, sure they'll push their winter things on you at the appropriate time, but that doesn't mean you can find a linen blend sailor-style dress that you can only really wear with nude/white tights when it's that sort of weather because it's a lil' bit see through. Damn linen.

Taobao, for those who don't know, is kind of like the Chinese lovechild of Amazon and eBay. I guess? You have the auction/buy it now element of eBay, and the find-absolutely-fecking-anything nature of Amazon. Plus relatively cheap prices depending on what you search. It's the Chinese-language parent company of AliExpress, and unless you are currently residing in China or speak Mandarin, you need a shopping service to use it. 

I'm going to do a 'how to' TaoBao post soon, I promise. In the meantime you can read Hannah's taobao how to.

So. Haul. 


5 Jan 2016

The Daily Uniform

grey winter outfit inspiration uk fashion blogger

As it turns out, I have a lot of grey clothes. It's a really, really wearable colour - which is probably preaching to the flippin' choir but I really like the colour grey. It's not too clinical (white, white and more white), or too dark (black as the depths of night), but a nice in between depending on your mood. Also it's really close to silver and I fudging love silver. 

Also, fishtail braids are so pretty but take a flippin' age to do. 


3 Jan 2016

Stuck in a Solitaire Loop (and how I'm getting out of it)

how to get out of a procrastination loop

Twitter, you said you wanted more lifestyle, so you're getting more lifestyle. 

Breathe in, breathe out. I'm lucky enough to say I've never had a full blown, thoroughly debilitating panic attack. I've had pretty severe asthma attacks, so I'm thinking if it's anything like that, I never want one, and those of you that suffer, you have my endless sympathy.

I've been feeling a lot more 'anxious' this academic year - and I put that in quotations because it's not anxious anxious, anxiety disorder anxious, but that cumulative nervousness that comes with pressure. That balling in the pit of your stomach that makes you feel a little bit sick all the time, that stops you getting a good night's sleep because the cogs are always whirring. 

I'm not very good with pressure, and I've gone and put a lot of it on myself this (academic) year. 

Bravo, Fii. Bravo.


1 Jan 2016

2016 Planner Set Up

how to set up filofax for first time planners

Bear with, I am very new to this. As in, very, very new. I've read a lot about filofax/planner set ups and thought that the start of a new year was a good a time as any to... well, set mine up. You may remember that I bought my little personal sized filofax in March last year, and told you about how it had helped me stay a tad bit more organised, but around August, I hadn't used it anywhere near as much as I thought I would and it saddened me. From the start of uni again in September, right through to the last day of 2015, it was more a glorified date-book than anything else.


SO. I'm investing more of what precious little time I have before exams and deadlines in setting it up so that it's an effective way for me to organise and keep on track of things. Obviously it's going to have important dates in, but it can be so much more. And I have so many packs of stickers.

Any of you who use planners on the regular give me tips! Hints! Links!?!?! Please I'd love to hear how you guys set them up. :))

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