31 Dec 2016

2016: What A Year

2016 year in review uk blogger
2016, you have been...

Well. You've been.

It's hard to put 2k16 into words, isn't it? For me it's been a year of transitions, for many it's been a 'year of realising things'. Those iconic words from Kylie Jenner that everyone sort of laughed at, then it got too real too fast. It's been the year we've statistically seen more fake news on our feeds than real, the year print media decided to get its claws out, the year there was an actual impeachment in the Korean political system, and the year an awful lot of news was swept under the carpet. 

Oh, and the Brangelina split. 

2016 you have been a year that most want to lock away in a box, throw away the key, tie the box to some concrete, and chuck off a cliff. 

But I've also seen you be fab to friends and family, and me, this year. The silver lining in the storm cloud that you are. 


The Lilac Parka

how to style parka coat winter girly cute
I have four truly winter coats. The shearling aviator, the, toggled duffel, the ski jacket, and the parka. Basically almost all style bases are covered (apart from the camel/black long greatcoat I AM SEARCHING FOR YOU). Some were true investments, but some, like this beautiful lilac parka, were a little bit cheap and cheerful, which makes the cost-per-wear insanely good. 

I mean the cost-per-wear for all my coats is pretty damned fab but you know when you get that surprise bargain jacket and suddenly the world sort of feels like it's going a bit better? Yeahhhh. if you follow me on instagram, you've no doubt already seen it (if you're not following me yet then I post a lot of fashion, food and sky pictures heh), but here are the details.


24 Dec 2016

Ready for #partyafterparty with Boohoo

how to style party dress for winter

I'm generally not one for writing up events here on the blog unless they need to be spoken about, but festivities are happening and Boohoo certainly know how to throw a good party. Which is pretty much the actual epitome of needing to be spoken about. 

Seriously though, I've worked with Boohoo a few times now, and the team are always so lovely and welcoming, and really a general joy to collaborate with. It's also lovely how they put on these events so we can meet the rest of the team we don't speak to as often, and a lot of other bloggy and pr types. So it was really lovely to attend the Boohoo Bloggers Christmas Party at the W Hotel in Leicester Square

23 Dec 2016

Favourite Winter Warmers

winter essentials

It's only recently that I've given any love to the colder months. I used to be such a summer baby that almost 100% of my wardrobe was more suited to warm weather (seriously, the quantity of sleeveless tops I've axed is quite concerning) - and even though I don't claim I'm appropriately dressed for the weather most of the time, I've definitely found an appreciation for the cosiness of winter wear.

And fleece lined blankets.

Seriously. Nothing better than watching (winter) films whilst being hugged by blankets. I know that probably sounds like I'm going to start spouting off about Hygge, but once you've seen minus sixteen degrees centigrade for a full week, you gain a pretty solid appreciation for feeling toasty. 


20 Dec 2016

The Sales Assistant Survival Kit

shop assistant sales staff survival kit hacks
Probably one of the most common jobs around is the sales assistant position. It's the job that tides you over if you're lucky enough to land one once you turn 16, or during your gap year as I did, or at uni, or the step on the ladder to work your way up to managerial or in-house positions. For a lot of people it's considered a temporary position, something to plug a gap in the CV before moving onto other things, but it's a really fun role. Even if it is a little stressful at times. 

I'm currently working my second stint in retail - you might have heard if you follow me over on twitter - and I'm taking as much overtime as they can give me, so I've pretty much thrown myself back into the world of the Sales Assistant after four years out. It's both daunting and exciting, I'm in a much larger store than my gap year position; it's far busier, especially as it's peak trading period too. Shop floor is go go go, but there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make things a little more manageable and a little less frantic. Shifts when you're stressed are The. Worst. 


13 Dec 2016

The Death of Personal Style

the struggle for personal style uk fashion blogger
Dramatic much? Maybe slightly hypocritical, as I'm in peak 'perceived' blogger mode: aka the pj situation, glasses, messy half-up do, because ease and comfort (and also my hair is now too short again to go full on messy bun). I've swapped heels for slipper boots and fluffy socks and yet here I am, wanting to talk about personal style. 

That descriptor that identifies our uniforms of daily life as distinctly us. 


10 Dec 2016

review: Skin79 Rose Waterfull Mask

skin79 rose waterfull mask review
It's cold. The weather is forever unforgiving on our skin (and hair), and the deep moisturisors have made their way into our winter evening skincare and pamper routines. There are so many fab moisturisers and creams and products around to help keep our faces in tip top condition, but one that I've been really excited to try has been the Skin79 Rose Waterfull Mask

So I picked it up a while back, and slipped it into my skincare routine when the weather started getting a little bit nippy, as it's known for being really intensely hydrating. 


8 Dec 2016

Week 1 #Blogmas / #Vlogmas favourites

best of blogmas vlogmas 2016 first week december
The fact that so many people are doing blogmas or the youtube equivalent of vlogmas, in varying forms, is making me ridiculously happy. Although I wasn't planning for a stressful december, I've got one, and setting aside time at the end of the day to catch up on everyone's Christmas-y happenings really helps me to switch off, wind down, and not thing about how hard I'm going to have to adult the next day. 

(It's a scary amount, some days.)

But, with so many people doing daily or weekly content creation in the name of all things festive, it's hard to either find time to read or watch everything, or even work out who you'd enjoy reading or watching in the first place (especially if it's your first year). Especially as there are a lot of really fab creators that don't necessarily have the reach of Christmas Queen, Zoella. 

So I thought I'd share the bloggy love - it is Christmas afterall - and list a couple of my favourite blogmas and vlogmas posts so far from the first week of December.


7 Dec 2016

GIFT GUIDE ft small businesses

small business gift guide
Gifts are sometimes so hard to buy. Especially when you've got brands chucking you 'the best products for x relative or y friend' at you left, right, and centre, and the dread of panic buying sets in. I've seen some absolutely fab gift guides floating around the blogosphere this year (faves so far down below), and even though it's a pretty saturated area, one more won't hurt. 

Especially if it's some fab finds from small businesses and etsy. 


5 Dec 2016

Black Friday buys

black friday haul uk fashion blogger
Black Friday. Whether you're a fan or a think the whole thing is a fad, this year we were inundated with promotional media (all those emails) to entice us into spending our hard earned cash. There were some pretty good deals around, and it's always a little mini fist-pump moment when your favourite brands announce that they're offering a black friday promotion, or something you've been hankering for comes down in price. 

I wasn't planning to spend a lot over the Black Friday weekend, but I did pick up a few things that I've been wanting (and saving up for) for a while. Oh, and that I absolutely love. 


4 Dec 2016

Making memories when you're not that festive

how to be festive when you're not feeling it
It's the first holiday period I've had since I was tiny that isn't immediately followed by exams, or marred with the impending sense of doom that comes with assignments and essays and by taking a break you're not doing enough work. It's the first Christmas I've had where I genuinely get to relax -even though I'll be working retail during the busiest time of the year - and actually enjoy spending time with the family rather than everything being tinged by assessed pieces of work.

It's really, really freeing.

But... my family isn't exactly the most festive.


3 Dec 2016

The Statement Item Wishlist

statement pieces to buy now uk fashion blogger
This year has seen 'the statement piece' really come into its own. We've had statement denim; ornate embroidery; oversized sleeves, ruffles, sweaters, and flares; and accessories that aren't the most practical, but are certainly saying a lot. It's great to see, to be honest. I'm a massive advocate of fun and wearable fashion, and having one foot firmly rooted in the trends of East Asia, it's nice to see some of the more overt styles coming into what I'd consider western mainstream fashion. 

Statement pieces can be quite an intimidating purchase to make - not necessarily because they're a designer statement, but because they're usually brightly coloured, patterned, oddly shaped, and might not work with a lot of what is already in your wardrobe. Cue the 'I reaaally like this, but ...'s, ey.  

They needn't be, though. A statement item can really jazz up a casual outfit without too much planning beforehand - perfect for short notice event invitations - or be a talking point that doesn't really command much styling elsewhere. Personally, I lean more towards statement accessories - bags and shoes are a bit of a vice - but there are so many fun statement items around right now that I've got a bit of a wishlist forming. So here's an edit of my current favourites. 


1 Dec 2016

Winter Skincare Routine

winter skincare for good skin products used and routine

It's hit minus 6 degrees this past week so I think it's safe to say that Autumn is just about done, snow is on the horizon (quite literally for some), and the heating is on pretty permanently. Also, hello December 1st, it's nice to see you after the year we've had. 

Over the past three years - pretty much since the start of this blog, if we're going by exact timeframe - my interest in skincare has dramatically increased. I've shared a few posts on some tips and tricks to help with breakouts in a pinch, and steps to help improve the overall appearance of your skin, but haven't actually done a routine edit yet. 

Mostly because skincare is dependent on skin type and a whole host of other things - but I figured that maybe it'd be useful for some of you. Also it includes a lot of the products I've been using recently, as well as some holy grail favourites. 


28 Nov 2016

Afternoon Tea at the Hotel Amba

Hotel Amba Charing Cross Afternoon Tea Review
It's been a while since I've been for afternoon tea anywhere. My Sanderson afternoon tea experience was nice, but I'm generally of the belief that the whole thing is never really worth the money. And these experiences are generally pricey. 

But it was my elder sisters 25th, mum offered to pay, I had plans that could work around spending 3 hours eating finger sandwiches, and I'm a sucker for pretty teapots. Also photo opportunities are something I'll never turn down. 


22 Nov 2016

5 Affordable Alternatives to Microbead Scrubs

best alternative recommendations to microbead scrubs

Microbeads and their use in cosmetics (and cleaning products) has been a bit of a hot topic recently. They're not fab for the environment due to their inability to biodegrade, and they aren't fab for sealife. This year saw the UK government take the first steps in banning microbeads, following on from America's pledge to ban at the end of 2015, as well as Canada, Australia, and South Korea also pledging to ban

This is great news for environmental activists, and the environment in general, but for those who rely on products like Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, and Nip&Fab's scrub range, or any of the products on this list or this list (from beatthemicrobead), finding alternatives that are as effective or affordable can be a bit daunting. Thankfully, the list of microbead free products is quite sizeable and growing quickly, but I thought I'd share 5 of my favourite, affordable, microbead free scrubs

19 Nov 2016

Inspirational, Aspirational, Attainable, or Relatable?

feeling lost in content creation
I've been thinking. A dangerous game to play in these 'ere parts of the world wide web, but thinking has been done and conclusions have been drawn. Or, not quite conclusions, because that would indicate final results since I'm not one to leave hypotheses hanging (unless we're talking my dissertation, which is something I'd like to revisit on a much larger scale at some point), but I've elected to draw a metaphorical semicolon. 

The blogosphere has changed; and before you tab out and sigh heavily that urgh another one has been bitten by the 'ew change' bug, hear me out. 


16 Nov 2016


how to style a statement denim jacket
The embellished jacket trend has really rocketed hasn't it? Since the denim resurgence, we've moved from utility to fun and funky, with so many shops selling patches and pins so you can personalise to your hearts content. (I really love punky pins, and a new find, sour cherry, for my own collection.)

But if you're not up for getting a plain jacket then spending the money on embellishing it, there a multitude of fab styles pretty much everywhere.

13 Nov 2016

Brexit, Trump, and the danger of political apathy.

the problem with not caring about politics
Apathy will kill us, one day. Sorry to be so pessimistic, but in the state things are now, it's hard to dissect each individual facet and locate a silver lining. How have we ended up in a position where the right-wing parties are gaining followers fast, where people are so nostalgic for the 'better past' that they're blinkered to a more global future? 

Well, I know how.

You get someone saying the things people think out loud.

11 Nov 2016

Kit Update - Softbox lighting vs Natural light

difference between artificial and natural light in photos

A month or so ago I bit the bullet and bought artificial lighting to help me take blog photos at any time of day (or night), and to help even out the lighting issues the british winter weather lights to throw at me when filming youtube videos indoors. 

One of the issues I found while I was deciding which lights to get (and also when compiling my introduction to artificial lighting for bloggers and youtubers) was that you're kind of buying blind if you choose to go down the artificial route. Sure you can sort of see how the light evens out with a studio setup for the youtube side of things, but photography wise it's hard to tell what the benefit is until you get them. 

So I thought I'd show some natural light shots vs the different set ups with the softbox. 


8 Nov 2016

Sailor Chic

sailor lolita coordinate fanplusfriend review
Ok. So. Do we remember last year when I talked about my style inspirations and slight penchant for unconventional fashion subcultures? If yes, thank you, this should come as no surprise. If not, I have an incredible soft spot for, and an increasing collection of, Lolita fashion. My wardrobe isn't large at all, it doesn't contain any big name brand, and I'm still learning in the Art of the Coord, but hey. Practice makes perfect and I wanted to share.


5 Nov 2016

The deal with instagram bots (from a non-bot user)

bots and social media growth
I've been doing a lot of reading in my current employment lul, and as much as I wish it was with carefully crafted worlds of some fantastical place, or a guide to thinking more positively when nothing is coming up roses / how to motivate yourself (if you have any recommendations I'm all ears here), it's not. Instead I've been reading ebooks and articles about things going down in the world of social media, digital marketing and the rise of the influencer. Gotta stay 'on brand' right? 

One of the things I've been reading, seeing, and hearing about more frequently is the rise of bots. Technology is rapidly developing in all areas of our lives - hackable kettles, anyone? - and so is the world of online advertising, so it stands to reason that the two, that is, technology to make things easier, and the graft of being successful in everything, would eventually come together. 

And so bots were born. Programs and platforms to ease the steepness of the social media climb, ease the 'gotta be present at all times' nature of interaction on digital platforms. 'Growth Hacking' for want of another term. And I'm still trying to work out if they're 'friend' or foe. 

3 Nov 2016

DUMPTY Spring/Summer 2017 collection

dumpty spring summer 2017 collection review
Trends for next season: wide leg, layers, boxy cuts and 'boyfriend'/oversized silhouettes, fun colours, belts (lots of them), and off-the-shoulder variations. It's a lot of what's currently around, as season to season seems to be less of a colossal shift in trends now ethics and waste are being talked about more, and personal style is a lucrative area. 

One brand that absolutely has these spring/summer '17 trends down, while still being so irrevocably true to their own ethos of not aiming to please or educate, but express beauty naturally with a respect to modern architecture and a humbleness to mother nature, is DUMPTY. Off-timetable with Fashion Scout, they showcased a spring/summer collection that was fun, oversized, and unexpected. And I was lucky enough to get to see it thanks to the wonderful Fashionworked


1 Nov 2016

Fight or Flight

fight or flight - why catcalling is a serious issue
It pains me that it's 2016 and we've still got people arguing that catcalling isn't threatening or dangerous, that it's just a bit of banter. That we're all becoming too sensitive and should just take it on the chin.

I've had various things yelled at me from moving vehicles as I walk down the street. I've had cars pull up for maximum holler effect, and random comments made in passing. But I've never, ever had anyone step out of the vehicle until this past week.

[tw/cw for mentions of assault]


27 Oct 2016

Dungarees of Dreams

how to style full length dungarees
I found a pair of dungarees I've fallen in love with and never, ever want to be separated from.

Which is saying something because generally, when I find and or buy dungarees, I look like an angry toddler.

Not saying that these don't also make me look like an angry toddler, but they're also soft and comfy and perfect for the next two seasons, as well as any down days where joggers or pj's aren't entirely appropriate.


24 Oct 2016

What would you buy immediately if you won the lottery?

little luxuries to buy if lottery win
The question was posed by @misslellabell (eating with my fingers): "What's the first thing- the actual very first money-this-second-transferred thing- you'd buy if you won the Lottery?"

We all fantasize so much about the big purchases we'd make if we had the funds - houses, cars, things we'd pay off (or back), the once in a lifetime experiences - but I don't think I'd ever thought about the little luxuries I'd finally be able to go 'oh ok maybe I can' before I saw that tweet.

It's funny isn't it - so here's a list of little luxuries I'd get if I won the lottery.


23 Oct 2016

Nosedive: is this the future

black mirror season 3 nosedive - is this where we're headed
Nosedive is the start of Black Mirror season 3 - debatable depending on the order you watch, but it's the first one I've seen of the new series - and it struck somewhat of a chord. Well, 'striking a chord' sounds a bit dramatic as well as a touch petulant, but the episode raises some interesting points re: the social media game and what exactly we're heading towards. 

I'll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible if you want to catch it yourself over on Netflix etc., and I really suggest you do, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on issues I felt Nosedive raised, whether you've seen the episode or not, since I really think these points need to be spoken about more


21 Oct 2016

Heart on her sleeve

how to style gyaru suspender skirt
Seasonably appropriate clothing, do I own it? Probably the title of my outfit memoires, to be honest. The answer is yes, of course, but sometimes the need to be cute outweighs the need to be practical. This leads to a wildly confused wardrobe, but hey. I likes what I buy, and I buy what I likes. 


18 Oct 2016

Studio Lighting for Blogging and Youtube

daylight bulbs for blog photography
There comes a time when your daytime duties and the weather don't sync up. You're all set to take some fab photos, subjects blu-tacked in place, accessories just right, you have a solid block of time with no potential interruptions on the horizon... and the sun just doesn't make an appearance. At all. Or you've just sat down to film a video you're really excited about and suddenly the lighting goes haywire. Or the only times you get to take photos/film anything are very early in the morning or very late at night when the 'natural light' we covet so much is non-existent. 

There comes a time when you start looking into getting some help with the lighting issue, and look into the more artificial side of things - where things can get very overwhelming very quickly. 

I've just picked up my first set of softbox lights, and thought that I'd talk a little bit about the alternatives on the market at different price points, so if you're looking for a smidgen of extra help through the winter you know what's on offer. I'm not a professional photographer by any means, and there are options that I don't cover here, but I hope that it's a useful introduction of sorts. 

16 Oct 2016

Favourite Fashion Instagram Accounts

best favourite fashion instagram accounts

Instagram. The most fickle of the social media's, but one that provides me with so much inspiration since it's so easy to browse and discover and see. After the Dreaded Algorithm of Doom was introduced, I've found myself spending more and more time in tags and explore, which has turned up some absolute gems of accounts that are definitely feeding my creative side. 

I find myself scrolling through explore more often than I scroll through my feed at the moment, and  it's definitely made me far less mad at the whole algorithm situation. It also shows me when accounts I interact with a lot have posted recently rather than showing me popular things from 10hours to 4 days ago.

Seriously instagram, can we change back to the instant?? 

Regardless, here are some of my favourite fashion focused instagram accounts I've been double-tapping a lot recently, and that have provided me with a lot of outfit and shoot inspo. 


11 Oct 2016

Scream Queens Wardrobe edit

scream queens style steal wardrobe edit
Scream Queens is back. All the slightly cliche, mildly plotless, marginally grating horror combined with the faux fur pastel wardrobe of my dreams. It's so nice to see inspiration in a colour palette that isn't typically autumn this time of year, and also one that draws so much from more vintage aesthetics.

I've yet to see what the wardrobe team have done for the new season which starts in the UK soon, but I've put together my own little edit of some outfits that I think would probably be Chanel worthy. If not Chanel, then maybe Chanel no.2.


9 Oct 2016

New in: beauty

RIMMEL LONDON autumn winter scandaleyes reloaded
New season, new skincare and new beauty trends to try. Colour palettes get darker, moisturisers get more intense, and routines become gentler despite the penchant for fuller coverage and more drama in the day-to-day.

Not to mention the intensity that comes with makeup around Hallowe'en. What a time to be alive.

I've had a few fab parcels arrive at my door in the way of beauty bits, so thought I'd do a little roundup before full reviews grace these pages.


6 Oct 2016

Coloured Hair, don't care

worries about dyeing hair pastel shades

I have a bit of weird relationship with hair dye. I religiously pin images of girls with cute unnatural hair colours in a variety of shades, a lot of the girls I follow on instagram, twitter, youtube, and through blogs, have a fab rainbow collectively. I know it's all a bit ~tumblr queen~ #altgirl, a total cliche in the way of the internet, but I think it's a milestone you get to at some point. 

Basically, and I've said this a fair few times over the last year, I want to do something fun with my hair. Catch is: I'm terrified. 


5 Oct 2016

New Lush Bath Bombs

LUSH cosmetics halloween christmas range

Not as in new new for Lush new, but new for me. Well, the Pumpkin one is pretty new, from their Hallowe'en range, but I'll get to that in a bit. 

I'll also let you in on a little bit of a secret: I've not tried a lot of Lush bath products before. Shock horror, I know, right? But when you're not great in heavily perfumed shops, and discover the wonders in Korea without a bath, and then back at uni when you don't really have time for baths - the bathing products aren't really top priority. 

But now that all that stress is done, I'm moving onto the Actual Adult Life Stress, where there's infinitely more time for fun baths. And I also have a bath. 

So at the Christmas Launch for the Leicester store, I thought I might as well pick up something to indulge with. 

4 Oct 2016

Nearly Witches

autumn winter outfit inspiration uk fashion blogger

Is it print mixing if the colours and patterns are kinda similar? Although the answer is probably no, I'm electing to choose that it does, so that I can say I'm trying out another one of the aw16 trends of the hour. Also it means I can wear a lot of my favourite items in my wardrobe together without really caring to much if the prints go or not. 

Stars and bows can totally be a thing. 

3 Oct 2016

The Graduate job struggle: Under-experienced and Overqualified

the graduate struggle overqualified and underexperienced how to stay positive

Under-experienced and overqualified. The graduate equivalent of a rock and a hard place. That nice degree you've spent three, four, or five years of your life slogging away to get, vs the lack of full-time experience you wield because education has been such a large part of your life. 

It's probably the most demoralising part of hunting for a full time job as a fresh graduate. 


2 Oct 2016

autumn outfit inspiration

autumn fall outfit inspiration moodboards
It's the most wonderful time of the year~ according to that song, and the fact that Autumn seems to be catnip to bloggers. It's time to refresh wardrobes, dig out the fluffy scarves, the jumpers and the chunky knit cardigans. Stomp crunchy leaves in wellies and lose all the gloves.

New seasons bring new inspiration. I love looking at pretty autumn outfits to get inspiration in how to style my own wardrobe for the turn in weather, so I thought I'd share some of my outfit 'moodboards' and hope that they might inspire you too.


1 Oct 2016

Beauty Review: TonyMoly Choco Mushroom Cream Pore Pack

tonyMoly Choco Mushroom Cream Pore Pack review
Pores. We've all got 'em, and there are countless products on the market that target them. I've tried a fair few myself with varying negative effects (burning to breakouts to topical reactions... how fun), so have steered clear for fear of ruining my skin again. 

Then I saw the disarmingly cute TonyMoly Choco Mushroom Cream Pore Pack and thought that I might as well try it out. 

That sounds hideously resigned, but I actually really quite like this as a product so far. 


29 Sep 2016

Vogue.com, we need a chat

vogue vs fashion bloggers

How's that ivory tower, editors of Vogue? Is it shaking yet? Are the cracks getting too hard to patch as they creep up from the masses you try to set yourself against, yet lord yourself above, yet rely on for revenue?

Such a paradox.

I don't particularly have an issue with you filling pages full of beautiful editorial content, gowns I can't do nowt but wish to afford, in settings that transport me to inspirational corners that I'd've never reached otherwise. I looked to your pages for imagery to stir the melting pot of ideas in my little creative brain, to show me that vast, wonderful scenes were actually feasible, a little bit of magic was possible. I was hopeful that one day I'd be able to do similar things, so I began to try. Countless others, my fashionable sisters and brothers, we all decided collectively that we loved this.


27 Sep 2016

How to style a Jumpsuit for Autumn/Winter with House of Fraser* | #ad

how to style jumpsuits for autumn fall winter
I do love a challenge, and 2016 in the style arena has presented some fab styling challenges with ruffles, clashing prints and the return of basics, but a bit souped up. Hot on the trend list for the new season is another challenge: the jumpsuit. It's something I've been playing around with myself in a more casual sense, I bought my first pair of full-length dungarees this month! (pictured above.) That purchase made me wonder how I'd style more traditional cut jumpsuits, as they're a pretty versatile piece and can be taken from casual right through to night out. A perfect accompaniment, or alternative, to the party dress for the glitzy season.

So I've styled two of House of Fraser's jumpsuits as some inspiration for this season. 

24 Sep 2016

Street Style at London Fashion Week

normcore street style london fashion week

I only managed to get to one day of LFW this SS17 season. Life, trains, why you do this to me? It wasn't the busiest of days outside the Brewer St. Show Space for me, but I managed to catch a few shots of outfits that I really liked from the Fash Pack. I prefer the days when you can actually get some decent shoots rather than having to dodge traffic every three seconds. 

22 Sep 2016

Korean Beauty Explained: Cushion Compacts

how korean cushion compacts work
Cushion compacts - that is, foundations, blush, bronzers, contours - are all the rage right now, aren't they? Everyone, from Lancome and Dior to L'oreal and Topshop, has one on offer, and they're creeping into the makeup bags of people everywhere. 

For some, they're a gimmick, or handy depending on your camp. For others they're quite baffling considering we already have so many other types of base products at our disposal. 

So what makes them different? Why did they become so popular in South Korea and why are they flooding into the Western market? 

20 Sep 2016

Double the Buttons

cute autumn fall outfit inspiration uk fashion blogger

ALL THE BUTTON DOWN ITEMS. And by all I mean two. But they're pretty important items in this outfit to be fair. I refuse to let go of the a-line skirt trend. And the denim jacket has made a return since the weather is getting colder. Finally. 

And as a summer baby that's something I never thought I'd say. 

18 Sep 2016

How to Survive Freshers' Week

how to survive freshers' week at university
It feels so surreal to not be travelling back up to Sheffield this year. I'm officially Alumni with no uni email and limited access to JSTOR, watching the lower years update their status' about moving back to uni. Part of me is itching to go and relive PopTarts one last time, but the majority is content to just sit back and watch the carnage that is Freshers Week unfold through the wonderful mediums of Facebook Photos (pre-untagging) and Snapchat. 

And share some wisdom on How to Survive Freshers Week (or Fortnight). 


17 Sep 2016

#YesStyleTop10 First Impressions

YesStyle Top 10 Blogger sample box review
One of the things that really interests me is reading about other peoples' 'Top Ten of X' lists; sometimes you can discover absolute gems of products or places that you would never have known about before. I also really love testing out products that are considered most bought or most popular from certain websites, to see if I love them as much as everyone else. 

On that front, YesStyle created a special blogger box* with the #YesStyleTop10 Korean beauty products and sent it along for me to try. As I'm a frequent shopper of Kbeauty from various places as I'm not in Korea at the minute, I thought it'd be a fab opportunity for me to show you what's on offer. YesStyle also do sample boxes for Korean beauty products which I also suggest checking out if you like what's in this post!


14 Sep 2016

The Blue and White Striped Shirt

how to style blue and white striped shirt

If there's one trend to hop on now for the transitional period into autumn fashion it's the blue and white striped shirt. Although usually relegated to the work-slash-office section of many a wardrobe (mine included), they're a surprisingly versatile piece: a little bit Greek Island with the colour scheme to remind us of summer, a little bit of an introduction to the bold patterned shirts and blouses hitting the rails very soon.

Basically a Trend To Watch. 


12 Sep 2016

Who am I dressing for?

who do i dress for telegraph man repeller trend response article
With each new season comes new trends, new designers, new cuts, colours, and favourite shops of the moment. It's a great time if you've felt a bit creatively drained or uninspired by your entire wardrobe as the weather changes and we hit transitional. But as with all things new, criticism is hot on its heels, which is fair play; but as with all things fashion, that criticism is less about shapes and materials, and more about what men like and if this seasons new looks repel them.

The world is changing so quickly, and yet we're still having articles shoved down our throats from 'reputable' news sources that tell us we should be more concerned about whether the lads in our circles or potential beaus are keen on dark florals or split hem skirts and raw edging than whether or not we actually like the pieces ourselves.

Like, what the fuck???


8 Sep 2016

Cruelty Free in Korean Beauty

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I came across news recently that the Korean government had passed a Bill that details phasing out the use of animal testing in companies by 2018, and a ban effective immediate thereafter. This actually happened in January of 2016 - so I'm really slow picking this up - but it hadn't really hit my radar until I went looking for updated information on the list of Korean brands that are cruelty free.

Which in itself is a bit of a quagmire. So I thought I'd sift through all of that to share which brands are classed as cruelty free officially. I've tried to be as thorough as possible so fair warning, this is in depth.


7 Sep 2016

Getting over Driving Anxieties | *ad

how to remove fear of driving

Fun fact: I'm actually pretty terrified of driving. Or I was until I actually started learning. There's something about getting inside a metal box that you're controlling that has the potential to kill people if you're not paying attention, or get yourself killed, that never really filled me with much excitement. I think I've seen far too many episodes of Casualty. 

But driving is a really valuable skill to have. It gives you this instant freedom (provided you have a road-legal vehicle, insurance and fuel), a sense of independence, and opens up doors. These are great end-goals to keep in mind when parallel parking gets really frustrating, and combined with other tips I've been given from friends that learned to drive before me, the wisdom of my parents, and my own experiences can really banish the fears around learning to drive. 


4 Sep 2016

Current favourites: small businesses & indie brands

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When news broke that Zara has been stealing/copying artwork from small business and indie designers and using it on their products, I got really, really annoyed. Annoyed at their response to Tuesday Bassen, annoyed that I couldn't really do more other than raise awareness through my social media platforms and vow never to shop in Zara again. I know it isn't exactly a new concept, high-street stores create replicas of designer items all the time (I own pieces that could be considered direct copies or actual knock-offs), so that might come across a bit rich; but I also think there's something far more sinister in blatantly copying artwork or designs from indie brands and small businesses that can't defend themselves legally because they physically cannot afford to.

How gross is that?

So in what I'm hoping will become a semi-regular feature, I'm sharing my current favourite small businesses, and I encourage you to support them all. <3


2 Sep 2016

#Shareasmile - gifting with Getting Personal

getting personal - best place to personalise gifts online
Last night they unveiled Christmas trees on QVC, and despite Autumn not starting officially until 22nd of September, the weather being fairly warm and sunny, it seems we are entering the season of gifting. 

Cue blind panic, the realisation that Winter Is Coming, and probably questions about my choice of TV channels. Thankfully, Getting Personal is here to help with one of those things. 

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