scream queens style steal affordable fashion

Sooo I might have started watching Scream Queens. I'm late to the party, I know, I know, but uniiiiii. I'm not fully caught up but I'm on episode 9 and so far my favourite thing is the wardrobe departments styling choices. Bet none of you saw that one coming... lolz. I don't think I've ever wanted a wardrobe of pastel faux fur as much as I do at this moment - or a line skirts and white strappy shoes. So I've compiled a lil' collage of my favourite Scream Queen style steals that are def more affordable than anything they're wearing on the show. 

Unfortunately I don't have the limitless bank account of a KKT. 

the faux fur:

scream queens style steal affordable fashion emily faux fu gilet - £30
religion (via asos): longline faux fur gilet in shaggy long hair - £100
vero moda (via asos): faux fur jacket - £45.50


scream queens style steal affordable fashion

faux london (vias asos): mini leather look skirt silver - £40
asos: textured pu mini skirt - £28 //

the shoes:

scream queens style steal affordable fashion

So, this is a collection of my findings so far - I am genuinely loving most of the styling choices this series is throwing out - wearing things that are slightly off-grid a lot of the time draws so many stares and looks and general hoo-ha that any wardrobe department that diverts from the norm is a wonderful department in my book. Also, all the pastel.  Such inspiration for my little pastel princess heart. And the dark faux fur with a cutesy pastel outfit speaks to my inner hellchild. 

What are your scream queen picks if you're watching the show? Actually, what are your thoughts on it?? I'm trying to catch up so no spoilers please - but let me know what you think and if it's a good watch or not :D