manchester fashion industry gothic romance party ootd

Happy December first everyone!  I can practically smell Christmas (although that may just be cookies, or the fear of blogmas/vlogmas(???)) and Party Season is revving up. So what's a better way to celebrate than popping across to Manchester for the MCR Fashion Industry's AW15 Gothic Romance event?!

I dragged Sian with me, and despite spending a very windy day getting caught in all the Manchester rain, we had quite a fun time. And before any of you (and by you, I mean you, Mum) stress, I did have a jumper and the thickest coat I own present. I just wasn't about to wear them for a party. 

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manchester fashion industry gothic romance party cupcakes

manchester fashion industry gothic romance party ootd

corset: ebay
choker: c/o dizen*
shoes: jeffrey campbell lita's

My posture has never been as good as it was Sunday, I've only worn this corset once before for Halloween, and it isn't exactly the sturdiest thing so it did get a bit loose towards the end of the day as I was moving around. It's really pretty for around £10 on ebay, and I wasn't expecting proper steel boned corset structure or cinching or strength, but it did it's job for both occasions quite nicely. 

The jeans are about 3 years old from boohoo, but they've worn the test of time quite well, there aren't any tears in the lace panels despite me being not too careful with my leg sometimes (weirdest sentence to type, ever), and the stitching hasn't frayed or come apart despite multiple washes. The darkness of the denim has faded a bit - it's the tiniest amount though - but I don't remember any colour bleeding or transfer in that process. 

Also, that tiny little crescent moon choker* is basically my new favourite necklace. I adore moon-anything jewellery, I think it's so cute and dainty, and the perfect addition to my jewellery box. It's from DIZEN clothing, who I've mentioned before in a brand watch post, and their chokers are brilliant quality for the price. I'd def suggest picking one up, they go with pretty much everything in your wardrobe ever. 

manchester fashion industry gothic romance party ootd

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Have you started your party season off yet? Tell me if you have, and what you wore! And let me know your thoughts on this outfit. Maybe I might bring out some more of my edgier outfits despite the cold!