30 Dec 2015

Favourite Youtube Channels of 2015

FAVOURITE youtube channels

LAST ONE, I PROMISE. That is, unless you enjoy the roundup / recommendation posts, in which case, last one, I'm sorry! Anyway, with New Year's Eve being tomorrow, I thought I'd do a list of my favourite youtube channels of 2015. I've done bloggers/blogs and favourite posts already, so next logical step, really. 

Also I see a looot of people asking for new channels to be recommended to them (same, tho), that I find posts like these quite handy to fling around when you can't fit all the @'s into 140 characters. It's not quite a list of 50 like my other round-up posts, but hopefully there are some new channels for you to enjoy :D 

--- one of the my favourite dance crew channels, they've expanded phenomenally this year, and I share them every so often on twitter, but I love their channel to pieces. such talent. 

sorted food
--- am a fan of all the food. am especially a fan of really tasty food. yes yes food. yes, food

--- if you're learning korean then this is a really lovely channel for listening/comprehension practice

--- a korean comedy channel that also helps with listening/comprehension practice. he specialises in short videos rather than sit-down-talky-talky, but he's a laugh. also subs in english and does the odd eng-lang vlog. seriously doing major things for the korean youtube community

--- high end fashion and beauty, victoria's content is as pretty as her blog, and I seriously want her hair ;a;

--- such a qt. i really like her content <3


--- i really like a lot of jenn's outfits, and the fact she's putting out more content that isn't just fashion is fab :)

--- i only found taylor's channel recently, but she's adorable. she also does her videos with japanese/mandarin subtitles, and sometimes does japanese language videos too. so if you're learning japanese they'll be good for listening and comprehension practice :)

--- i love chriselle's effortless style, and the way her videos are edited is gorgeous.

--- hannah! who deserves all the followers. she's adorable, and super lovely and is just a lil' angel child tbh.

--- my sunday doesn't feel complete if i haven't had a chance to sit with a cuppa and watch their weekly's.

So there we have 25 channels you may or may not have heard of before, but ones you should totes check out if you're interested! I love finding new people to subscribe to, so if you have any recommendations, send them my way please!

Also, if you fancy, you can subscribe to me on youtube. No pressure, tho. ^^




  1. YAYYY New YT channels for me to spend more time on YT hahah!
    Lovely recommendations dear :) Now time to check out all the channels on this list that I never knew about!

    xx Carina / Running White Horses

    1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay exactly what I like to hear! :D


  2. I love the Michalaks too! Sunday's are the best when you get to spend 30 minutes watching their week!

    Amanda | Amanda Gouthro

  3. Happy New Year Fii ^^ I've fallen so behind on checking people's blogs and everything. I didn't know you had a YouTube channel. Look forward to seeing more of your videos and thank you for featuring my channel!


    1. Oh noo! Uni and other commitments are a pain sometimes - don't worry aah I don't really publicise it much at the moment, and you're very welcome <3


  4. I'm definitely going to be subscribing to some of these! Great post xo

  5. I love hello october and in the frow as well, Victoria's hair is stunning!



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