31 Dec 2015

My New Year's Eve

jones and jones dress cute party dress outfit inspiration

New Year's in my family isn't an extravagant affair. We're very much more a sit-in-our-pj's and play board games family this time of year, since my parent's aren't particularly party people. It's probably a good thing this year, since my little sister and I have quite the colossal amount of work to be doing, and neither of us want tomorrow to be a write off.

But regardless of what I may or may not actually be wearing this evening, New Year's calls for poofy dresses and I'm sort of using it as an excuse to twirl around and imagine the parties I'll host once I've graduated and am trying to find my own two feet.


30 Dec 2015

Favourite Youtube Channels of 2015

FAVOURITE youtube channels

LAST ONE, I PROMISE. That is, unless you enjoy the roundup / recommendation posts, in which case, last one, I'm sorry! Anyway, with New Year's Eve being tomorrow, I thought I'd do a list of my favourite youtube channels of 2015. I've done bloggers/blogs and favourite posts already, so next logical step, really. 

Also I see a looot of people asking for new channels to be recommended to them (same, tho), that I find posts like these quite handy to fling around when you can't fit all the @'s into 140 characters. It's not quite a list of 50 like my other round-up posts, but hopefully there are some new channels for you to enjoy :D 


29 Dec 2015

Some 2016 goals

2016 new years resolution ideas

2015 has been a pretty good year for me. I've worked with and met some amazing people, I did pretty ace when results for my 3rd year at uni were released, and I'm on track to graduate in July. Woot. So apart from doing more of the same, I thought I'd set a few little goals that I can use as a progress check this time next year. I'm not great at the 'resolutions', so having something that I can work towards over the course of the year rather than just a selection of 'TOTES GONNA DO THIS YEAAHH's is a better strategy for me, I think. If you're the resolution type, let me know what resolutions you're making this year.


28 Dec 2015

My 2015 best

best of 2015 little miss fii uk blogs

T-minus 4 days until we drop some glitter balls, tipsily stumble through the countdown from 10, and land in 2016. Heh. That came around fast, didn't it. We've all said how horrifically quickly 2015 went by (seriously, what was that????) and it kind of does feel like January 1st was a couple of days ago... but here we are. 

So I'm using this space to have a look back at my best of 2015 here on the blog, and some of my absolute favourite posts from the girls and guys that I follow. Because tv around this time is usually a bit naff, and you've gotta do something when you zone out 20 minutes into the films... ;)


27 Dec 2015

50 favourite bloggers & 50 favourite blogs

50 favourite bloggers 50 favourite blogs uk blog

This year has been a bit of a rollercoaster - as it is every year to an extent - and I've found I've been wanting to catch up on blogs and youtube channels in my downtime over flicking on the telly and binge-watching music videos (don't judge, I don't have time to invest in a series). I've added to my reading list massively over 2015, thoroughly enjoying all those stolen minutes in between paragraphs of essays catching up on new purchases, recipes and getting inspiration for my own outfits.

Some of these you know already, I try to give as much as I take from the community back, so if you follow me on twitter (doo I'm sort of witty, we can be friends!) then a few definitely will not be a surprise - but I'm still in the festive spirit and all for a proper 2015 roundup... so it's sharesies time. 

You'll have probably noticed that there are two lists: 50 favourite bloggers and 50 favourite blogs... just so I can cover as much ground as possible. The bloggers on the 'blogger' list all have amazing blogs too, I just love the person to bits behind the page. I've tried to make sure that there isn't any overlap between the lists, but chances are a few names slipped through the net... 


26 Dec 2015


New Years Eve dress ideas

New. Years. Eve. I'm going absolutely nowhere this year, unless curled up on the sofa with mum and dad, and the prosecco we didn't have at Christmas because we had surprise champers instead, counts. It totally counts. My sofa is very classy. But! If your plans are vastly more exciting than mine, then you might be in the market for a dress. Or an outfit. Possibly one that is reduced. 

And since I enjoy procrastinating revision by online-sale-window-shopping, I have a handy lil' dress edit for you. Or for me, but that's a technicality. Featuring the dresses that will turn heads because they're not your standard sparkly-sparkly totes predictable NYE party dresses. You can thank me later <3


24 Dec 2015

Nutmeg Shortbread

easy nutmeg shortbread recipe

I've been trying various shortbread recipes this year, since it's pretty easy to whip up a batch of fresh, buttery goodness (seriously, shortbread is 3 ingredients, guys), trying to find the perfect consistency. And along the way I tried adding a few little extras to flavour - and I think this one is my favourite. Plus it's a lil' bit festive... so if you're seriously struggling for last minute gifts, how 'bout some fresh nutmeg shortbread.

21 Dec 2015

A Party Coordinate

Luxemme Olivie coordinate outfit inspiration

Party season. Christmas into New Year provides ample opportunity to whack out the sparkles and the glitz and the glamour all in the spirit of one fabulous party. Shopping for that ultimate party outfit provides ample opportunity for tears in the changing rooms and a hell of a lot of sighing. Also potentially outfit snapping with that one girl you reaaaaaaaaally didn't want to outfit snap with. I'm as for sequins and glitter as the next gal, but sometimes you just need to tone it back and stop the show with monochrome. 

Because monochrome outfits are a tried and tested combination guaranteed to make that awkward dance to not get anything on the white totes worth it. Also, everything always matches. E v e r y t h i n g. 


20 Dec 2015

22 Things All Final Year Students think

22 thoughts of final year university students

In case you were unaware, I'm currently slogging through my final year at university. It's been a bit of a stressful term, so much work and all that. So I thought to lighten the mood, and add a little cheer to the festive season, to compile a list of 22 things we final year students thing during our final year.


19 Dec 2015

Finally feeling festive

red and gold themed christmas decorations

I never truly feel remotely Christmassy until I'm at home - with the tree up and all our fabulously shiny, slightly tacky decorations strewn 'artfully' across the house. It's just something for me that is so homey and welcoming and thoroughly right, that anywhere else just feels a ... well a lot wrong this close to Christmas. 


18 Dec 2015

SEO and why you should learn it* | ad

SEO what it is and why you should learn it

SEO. The acronym on every domain-owning, internet-savvy person’s lips. It causes much confusion, stress and sometimes heartache in the blogging community, but is a very useful thing to wrap your head around. I've talked about how good SEO practices can help improve your Domain Authority, and glossed over a little of what it is there, but I thought the benefits of learning the ins and outs deserved its own post.

So. SEO: what it is and why you should learn? Call it a SEO training crash course.


16 Dec 2015

Rebel Impressions from a Mac Virgin

Rebel MAC cosmetics lipstick first impressions

I've been incredibly lucky so far this December, I won my first ever MAC cosmetics lipstick from the lovely Jessica (over at making it up, go and have a lil' snoop).  First ever MAC product. Don't judge, I've just never got round to exploring the counter before - it isn't exactly cheap and my priorities have been elsewhere whenever I'm in a Debenhams, and I've not been in a MAC store long enough to shop. I've swatched, but never bought.

So, complete MAC virgin that I am - what do I think of Rebel?


15 Dec 2015

10 super easy (last minute) gift ideas

10 last minute gift ideas for christmas
Ahhhhahah Christmas is a 10 days away. Oops. Double oops. This year I swore I was going to be organised and that worked out really well. But if you're anything like me and panicking slightly here are a few really easy gift ideas that are still in stock, not going to force you to remortgage or dip into the savings account, and guaranteed smiles. What could be better? 


14 Dec 2015

Sugarbaby ballet boppers in noir

sugarbaby ballet boppers noire review

The only Black Friday purchase I made this year was this: the sugarbaby ballet boppers in noir. Via Dollskill. Reduced from $95 to $45 I sort of had to get them. THEY MAY NEVER BE THAT PRICE AGAIN. Logic. I has much of it. Obviously. 

So. To make the newest addition to my 'ridiculously scary, how do you walk in them, when are you going to wear them Fiona???' shoe collection (so sorry, mum), say hi to the twins. Also I haven't seen any reviews of these around so thought I'd fill that gap if you want to get a pair of these yourself. Call me Chief Enabler. 

12 Dec 2015

Winter h&m haul

It's a liiiiitle bit worrying how much I love the collection in H&M at the moment. As in, no fair. Please cease and desist with stocking things that I feel I need in my wardrobe. It's painful. Up until last week I had been brilliantly good with the 'not buying things' thing until a little enabler in the form of Chantel / Bonnie Blondie paid a visit. And then a haul happened.


10 Dec 2015

5 super cheap (but super cute) Christmas Decoration Diy's

5 cheap and cute holiday or christmas decoration diys

I love decorating the house for Christmas, have done ever since I was old enough to tear down what mum put up (who needs a cat when you have kids?), and then be plonked in front of brightly coloured sticky paper to make reems and reems ane reeeeeeeems of paper chains. Seriously, we still have paper chains from when I was probably 3 in our Christmas decor box. 

But being at Uni makes decorating for Christmas really hard, spare hours this time of year to make it look like you've shoplifted half of Wilko's tinsel stock are hard to come by (feck you, essays), and the extra penny you may have spent on that £2 crochet hanging star are more likely to go on your heating or alcohol. Then there's the hassle of taking it all down when you have to leave, because you really don't want to be that tosser with tinsel in your window come January. All in all, buying decorations can be a bit of a pointless exercise. 

If you're like me, though, and love a lil' bit of Christmas in the home, then you're going to love these 5 super cheap and super cute DIY's I've found for ya. 


Scream Queens style steal

scream queens style steal affordable fashion

Sooo I might have started watching Scream Queens. I'm late to the party, I know, I know, but uniiiiii. I'm not fully caught up but I'm on episode 9 and so far my favourite thing is the wardrobe departments styling choices. Bet none of you saw that one coming... lolz. I don't think I've ever wanted a wardrobe of pastel faux fur as much as I do at this moment - or a line skirts and white strappy shoes. So I've compiled a lil' collage of my favourite Scream Queen style steals that are def more affordable than anything they're wearing on the show. 

Unfortunately I don't have the limitless bank account of a KKT. 


8 Dec 2015

The one where I see my favourite band live

one ok rock live uk tour 2015

I am sad. Chantel has buggered off back to cross the border and the post-concert blues has set in strong. Yesterday (so, the 7th Dec), I ran off to Manchester to go and battle my way to the barrier so I could see my favourite of favourite bands in all their screamy shouty rock gloriousness. And it was brilliant. It was, by far, my absolute favourite night of the year. 

And I've waited nearly 10 years to see One Ok Rock live. I've waited 12 to see their vocalist in concert. I am so emotional right now. 


7 Dec 2015

The Steam Yard

The Steam Yard Sheffield review

There are some spots in Sheffield that are fab. Like seriously fab. The Steam Yard is definitely one of them. It's kitschy and homey and all sorts of wooden rustic that makes me kind of want to live there. Division Street is home to a few of these insta-friendly places (the Lucky Fox is super close), and they're the perfect stop on a cold, super windy day when you're up to your armpits in wallpaper samples. 


6 Dec 2015

Stocking Fillers under £10

stocking fillers under £10

Just a few things under £10 that would be cute gifts or small things to add to the stocking above that open fire ;). Or gifts if you're skint and looking for something fairly cute (and possibly practical) to give to your uni friends.


5 Dec 2015

Takitoritang (닭도리탕) recipe

The Korean Food Adventures continue - this time home cooked. Which makes me ridiculous amounts of happy because these recipes for pretty wholesome, hearty Korean dishes are not that hard. Finding the ingredients, maybe slightly difficult, but the actual cooking?

Shove it in a pot and hope it doesn't boil over.

4 Dec 2015

Smooth skin for winter - acuregen body oils

Smooth skin for winter - acuregen body oils

I have trouble in winter with really dry skin - I think we all do, to some extent, yes? - and sometimes finding an oil or a body butter that really, truly nourishes is hard. Especially if you have any number of other skin complaints (hey there eczema). And no one likes feeling as greasy as that takeout you definitely didn't have last night, amirite?

So when Acuregen asked if I'd maybe like to try one of their new body oils, I thought why not? My skin could use it.

(And tbh, yours might too.)


3 Dec 2015

Brand Watch: Chotronette

chontronette dress collage

I've already started the search for the perfect summer ball dress... in fact I actually started before this summer started, but that's a minor technicality. When you're planning an event as special and (hopefully) as memorable as a ball at the end of the school year - you want your dress to be as spectacular as the event. 

Basically, I want to realise my princessy dreams tbqh. And bloomin; hell Chotronette has set the bar high. High as in: help I've tripped, and unless I'm fitting into Licorice Candy I'm not getting back up. 


1 Dec 2015

Gothic Romance

manchester fashion industry gothic romance party ootd

Happy December first everyone!  I can practically smell Christmas (although that may just be cookies, or the fear of blogmas/vlogmas(???)) and Party Season is revving up. So what's a better way to celebrate than popping across to Manchester for the MCR Fashion Industry's AW15 Gothic Romance event?!

I dragged Sian with me, and despite spending a very windy day getting caught in all the Manchester rain, we had quite a fun time. And before any of you (and by you, I mean you, Mum) stress, I did have a jumper and the thickest coat I own present. I just wasn't about to wear them for a party. 

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