27 Nov 2015

How to: Double your Domain Authority (DA)

how to double your Domain authority

**This is generally geared towards newer domains with a lower DA score, because once you get into the higher numbers, shit starts getting real. Or hard. Damn logarithms. But hey, good SEO practices are useful :D**

Last month, my DA score was 11, and it had been there from about July or August, I think.  With the latest MOZ update it jumped to 23 and I'm still kind of trying to let that sink in. I still don't entirely understand SEO, but I guess I'm doing something right and I thought I'd share that. Because sharing is caring and I'm one of those people. 


25 Nov 2015


Lush ROOTS scalp treatment product outer

So a while ago I told you about my route to buying Lush's avocado co-wash, and although I didn't mention it there, Lush's ROOTS was next on my list to try. Not too long ago, I had a 'fun' reaction to unfamiliar hair products and my scalp was screaming, so I hastily made it into a store the next day and bought it.

We didn'tg get off to the best of starts, but now, for £10.75 it's a little tub of magic for me.


22 Nov 2015

In the Navy

cute winter ootd monochrome sailor skirt

Well, it went from 0 to 100 real fast. And by 100 I mean really fecking freezing. Like, we've had snow. It's November. I'm not really one for the cold, as you can probably tell. But it's great that it's nearly Black Friday, and I can pretty much up my fluffy/cable knit/super thick jumper count without having to auction off a kidney.

And I'm still going to insist on cute outfits regardless of the temperature.


19 Nov 2015

The Perfect Party Look for this Holiday Season

farfetch perfect party look holiday seasons outfit styling ideas

The best party looks for this time of year, to me, are those that create a statement. Whether that statement is 'I AM THE GLITTER BALL/ you're so on trend everyone else might as well just go home, you've won this season/this outfit makes me look da bomb ting and everyone will be talking about it until well into the new year', the key to any perfect look is confidence. 

Though it really doesn't hurt to have some absolutely killer threads in your wardrobe to help. I mean, if I was wearing a Giambattista Valli or Zuhair Murad dress to any of the formal events this year, I'd be pretty damn confident. 

So, my perfect party look for this holiday season? Given free range of the Farfetch website presented an unholy amount of choice, but I managed to narrow it down to one look that I think is pretty recreateable - whatever your budget - and still keeps that lil' summin' summin' you get with designer outfits. 


18 Nov 2015

How to order Good Quality things from China or Asia

how to order good quality clothing from asia

If I had a pound for every time I heard someone say that 'everything from China is shit quality' I'd be immensely rich. So rich, in fact, I would probably be able to buy China. (Ish. Don't quote me on that.) It's kind of frustrating, seeing as many of the brands we know and love in the west are, well, actually made in China, or the far east, and there are a lot of fab brands that don't get the recognition (I think) they deserve because they're Asia based.

And by Asia based brands, I don't mean Romwe and Choies etc, I mean actual brands like mixxmix and dabagirl and those that have legitimate stores you can wander into. I may have actually been to a bunch of the stores. I might be missing them. 

So. If you're ordering from China, or Asia, and you don't want the bad quality stuff, or to be seriously disappointed how do you avoid it?


15 Nov 2015

Savories at Gelato Sheffield

gelato original savory food review crepe melts

The last time I chatted about Gelato Original, I was singing the praises of the mega plates of sweet ice cream and fresh fruit filled crepes. Still fab, by the way. But today I'm bringing you my thoughts on their more savory menu collective, since they do both desserts and actual meals now. With salad and everything.

Still had crepes, though.


13 Nov 2015

When it rains it pours: how to keep going when everything is shit

I've had one of the worst weeks for a very long time. Cue all the stress and duvet cocoons because lol no it's also been raining all week and that really doesn't help. Why can't my reading week be calm and filled only with uni work. 

Because life can be a massive bellend, often. 

But this week, and last, actually, got me thinking about the fact that, well, while this week has been terribad, it's not the worst I've been through, and I had to give myself a little pep talk with 'we made it through that so we'll make it through this by following the same steps'. 

So here's my guide on how not to drown when the sea of life gets really really rough. Or, as it says up there: how to keep going when everything is shit. 


11 Nov 2015

The cutest Co-Ord

stylenanda shark print two piece ootd inspiration

I see your trending co-ordinate item and RAISE YOU ONE WITH SHARKS. I think at this point, Style Nanda probably owns a considerable part of my s(e)oul, but I've been waiting to get my hands on this two-piece set for so damn long. So looooooong.  Sharks for the win!


9 Nov 2015

Brand Watch: DIZEN wishlist

Brand Watch DIZEN clothing

Finding new websites to feed my slight, slight shopping addiction is my jam. Especially if the space is clean and easy to navigate, contains a selection of super cool brands, and is run by a power duo that is, sad to say, actually younger than me. Flippin' heck. 

Well. DIZENclothing is just that. All of that. Even the bit where it's founded and run by 21 year olds. And since I'm all about promoting other people's (especially other girls) successes, when they asked if I'd do a little wishlist post for them I thought why the hell not. Because sharing is caring, and I am always wishing. 


6 Nov 2015

Sushi Express - Sheffield

want to know where to get the best sushi in sheffield? you too can enjoy this wonderful maki if you head to sushi express

Sushi Express is, by far, my favourite place to get Japanese food in Sheffield. I don't even really care that it's Chinese run, the taste is probably the most authentic I've had outside of Asia. Turn your nose up all you like, I have never had a bad experience, and every time I go to eat here I leave feeling happy and dangerously close to a food coma.

It's also the first place I suggest when someone says that they don't know if they'd like Japanese food, or the last time they had sushi it was bad. Chances are, the only previous experience has been Yo! Sushi, and Yo is probably the worst place to go for sushi ever. 

Sushi Express is worlds apart in comparison.


4 Nov 2015

THE CAKE IS A LIE: Fakery in the world of Social Media

talking about all things fake in social media

Breaking news: the social media industry is heavily curated and not all things are #goals. In other news: grass is green. 

It's been a while since I've done an 'opinion piece', so here, have some opinions. I'll also turn the sarcasm off for a second.

I do feel incredibly sorry for what has happened to Essena Oneill, and how her experiences have driven her to remove herself from social media. I mean I've never heard of her before this but hey, I empathise, I do. Really. Body image issues are horrific to deal with, and finding self worth in how others view you is not a path that generally leads to happiness. It's shitty that there are a lot of people out there who enjoy exploiting insecurities to make dollah, but there are a lot of shit people in the world. Props to her for removing herself from the thing causing her so much grief.

No props to her for throwing the rest of us under a bus in the process.


2 Nov 2015

Instagram Style

Sorry for slacking in the posting, guys. Halloween is one of the busiest weeks for societies at Uni, and well, Uni work in general is a thing and I wasn't writing or creating content I felt was good enough for the blog. :(

But!!!!! I hit 600 followers on instagram recently and thought that I'd do a bit of an 'intsa-style' kind of post. A lot of the outfits I wear day to day don't get to feature much on the blog because 1) my phone camera is actually crap and I like having pretty decent quality images on this space and 2) faffing around with the tripod and timer and things when I should've been out of the door 3 minutes ago does not for pretty outfits make. 

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