asos wishlist header

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimised by the AW lines in ASOS right now  - and by 'personally victimised' I mean: please take all my money because I want it all.

All. Of. It. 

It's bad, really. Terrible. One wrong move,  one too many vodka cranberry's on a social and an easily accessible laptop when I get home added to limited rational and I'm pretty much qualifying for free next day delivery. 

So here's a select view at my ASOS basket because (showing you all of it will be admitting I Have A Problem, and no, shush, I do not that is entirely you) suffering is best done in groups. 

asos wishlist collage

tunic with high neck in cashmere blend (doesn't this just look like the cosiest thing known to man)
london rebel point loafers (that cheeky celine dupe...)
quay australia invader cat eye mirror sunglasses (because being seasonally inappropriate is a specialty of mine)

Sometimes you just... really love what's in for the new season. I think my wardrobe requires a few new treat pieces (ooh look, a sale... ooo looOOOK DISCOUNTS). 

Let me know which items you're loving too, so we can torment ourselves together (and so I can add to my wishlist...)