looking for a new not off the high street piece for autumn/winter? Got you covered ...

All hail autumn and overuse of the word 'autumnal' and phrases like 'sweater weather'. I don't know what it is about this year, but I'm not clinging on to the summer baby vibe as much as I usually do, and I am wholeheartedly embracing ALL THE KNITWEAR. GIMME.




Not only have I spent probs a bit too much on stocking up on jumpers for what is apparently going to be the coldest winter Yorkshire has seen for a while (think: months and months of snow, great), but I've been window shopping to add to my ridiculous wishlist. Someone stop me. Parental block all websites where there is a 'buy' button. Please.

If you want to join me on this crazy train of "ooh yes please I'll take all the fluffy warm things" then boy do I have the perfect post for you.

mixxmix:: blondy-misery print sweatshirt
topshop:: colour block sweatshirt
mixxmix:: penguin raglan sweatshirt
kikiyo:: contrast number pullover (via yesstyle)
deepny:: contrast trim pullover (via yesstyle)

It seems the items that are taking my fancy this season are either really minimalistic, or really, really 'ugly'. As in, I walked into Topshop sometime last week and squealed in delight at all the conventionally not-quite-pretty sweaters in their little section. And then whenever I look online I'm super drawn to the soft sister, minimalist sweaters that just look so ridiculously cosy. I just want to be snuggled in knitwear. 

Are there any autumn/winter pieces that you've had your eye on this season? Are you a fan of the minimal or the ugly, or both? And WHO'S EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS JUMPERS???