10 bloggers you should be following

I don't think I've ever been part of a community that is so immeasurably positive and supportive - other than my family. With few exceptions, my days since starting this blog have been filled with happiness (shush this is going to get real sappy) and conversations with people that I genuinely enjoy talking to, without feeling like I should be this or that because of x, y, z. It's immensely freeing, when you've grown up with people stomping all over you. 

Obvs there's still that spine chilling fear when you meet your internet friends irl that they're going to hate you or find you so incredibly awkward that that friendship is now dead as dead can be, but I haven't had that happen (yet). And those bloggers that I have met in person have actually exceeded my original opinions of them by being even more entirely and endlessly lovely. 

So here are 10 bloggers that I absolutely adore. And I'm not saying that you should go and proclaim your undying love to them immediately, but perhaps check 'em out and give 'em a follow. Or a comment. 

Chantel - Bonnie Blondie  (one of my actual favourite people ever. ever ever ever)

Carolin - Style Lingua  (the first blogger I had no prior connections to that started interacting with me on twitter. She's one of the most genuine people)

Jessica - Blonde of Carbs  (she's such a darling, an actual darling and instantly clicking with people is one of the best feelings) 

Jasminnie - Posh, Broke & Bored  (because any list that doesn't include her isn't worth reading. if you ever need a level summary of anything, or a disney sing-along in tweet form, this is your girl)

Olivia - Dungarees and Donuts  (the positivity that she has is actually inspiring.)

Hannah - hxanou  (my princessy spirit-twin, who I probably live vicariously through for wardrobe benefits. She's also a little ray of sunshine.)

Jemma - dorkface  (when I grow up I wanna be this cool. I wanna be as cool as her.)

Lucy - ljlv  (another one of my absolute favourite people. She's such a trooper, and inspirational.)

Kayleigh - very berry cosmo  (another really inspiring girl. She's adorable, truly, and incredible genuine.)

Sian - Sian Kathrine  (one of my best best friends irl. She's helped me through so much, and I'm really glad she's hopped on this blogging train with me.)

There are way more than 10 bloggers (and blogs) that I will clamber up onto the proverbial rooftops (twitter) and scream the praises of. I'd fight bears for most of ya, tbqh. 

Who are the bloggers that you adore? Let me know the girls and guys you'd hop on a ridic expensive east midlands train just to bring chicken soup to.