28 Oct 2015

Lunch at The Cavendish

sheffield restaurant review the cavendish west street pub food

If you hadn't guessed by now, Wednesdays are a dedicated 'ladies who lunch' day. Once a week three of my beaut uni friends and I schedule in a session where it's just good food, good company and a lotta laughs. It's great when the pressure of uni is ridiculous. Work and essays are not a thing for two hours. So fab. 

Plus all four of us are chronically shit at living in Sheffield and need to explore. And exploration is best done in groups so you can laugh about your fails later. Riiight? 

Anyway, we ended up on West Street at The Cavendish for lunch. We've pretty much all eaten there before, but we all like the food and they just get better each year. Plus their new menu set up is adorable and I am so here for cute menus.


26 Oct 2015

OOTD: Snow Fairy

all white winter outfit featuring We are Cow, missguided, forever21 and dr martens

I do love a good, simple outfit. I think Korea sort of placed the great appreciation for clean lines and single colour outfits as a base in me, and I've taken that on in all of my lazy-but-want-t-have-a-decent-outfit days. All black is obviously a super chic favourite, but I definitely have a soft spot for the all white or soft pastel outfits with a grounding colour. 

And by 'grounding colour' I mean 'any excuse to throw on a denim jacket'. 

24 Oct 2015

A Toner, an Emulsion, and great skin

IASO korean skincare brand - review of their purifying toner and purifying emulsion

Korea taught me many things, but I never truly got on board with the 11-step skincare regime. Mostly because I am lazy, but also because toners, emulsions and moisturisors tend to make my skin do funky things. And by funky, I mean anywhere from woooo new spots wooo to hideous, hideous flaky reactions. Sensitive skin problems, amirite? 

But now that I'm getting older (go on, laugh. Laugh at me), I'm learning that perhaps the super cheap base products aren't the ones, and I won't touch off-the-shelf  skincare with a 10 foot barge pole. Your skin needs to be invested in. It's not great to keep throwing super cheap, easily produced chemicals at it, and I wish 14-16 year old me had understood that. It's been a battle to get things even remotely good, and then in the last two weeks it's like everything has suddenly clicked into place and my skin is ace. 

And I've narrowed it down to the fact that, oh hey, I have a routine now. An actual skincare regime that doesn't necessarily have 11 steps, but it has all the necessary bits, including a Toner* and an Emulsion*. And they don't break me out. Score. 


22 Oct 2015

Hot Pot @ YepYep

review of the individual hot pot restaurant, yepyep in sheffield

The last time I had hot pot was in Seoul - where it's called shabushabu, if you ever want to order it fyi - so returning to Sheffield last year and finding out a hot pot place had opened up quite literally a stones throw away from the main uni campus was music to my ears. Though we're all well aware that I didn't get out much so I've only got around to trying it now.

As part of an EASsoc social that I organised, but I was eager to try it out. Individual hot pot? All the yes, please.


20 Oct 2015

OOTD: All the autumn

I think I've possibly out-autumned myself. Like, if there was one outfit that would be the epitome of AW15 it would be this. High neck top in a rust colour, OTK boots, high waisted jeans, checks, berry lip... I'm so on trend. 

18 Oct 2015

The Sweater Edit

looking for a new not off the high street piece for autumn/winter? Got you covered ...

All hail autumn and overuse of the word 'autumnal' and phrases like 'sweater weather'. I don't know what it is about this year, but I'm not clinging on to the summer baby vibe as much as I usually do, and I am wholeheartedly embracing ALL THE KNITWEAR. GIMME.




Not only have I spent probs a bit too much on stocking up on jumpers for what is apparently going to be the coldest winter Yorkshire has seen for a while (think: months and months of snow, great), but I've been window shopping to add to my ridiculous wishlist. Someone stop me. Parental block all websites where there is a 'buy' button. Please.

If you want to join me on this crazy train of "ooh yes please I'll take all the fluffy warm things" then boy do I have the perfect post for you.


16 Oct 2015

Today I'm Nakd.

looking for a healthy cereal bar to try that contains no added sugar, minimal, all natural ingredients and is dairy, wheat and gluten free? Then I might just have the answer for you...

I'm not the world's best person at remembering when meal times should be, despite the fact that I am usually hungry most of the day, because hey there fast metabolism. Couple that with not liking to eat large portions, and you have basically 'little and often' down to a tee. When I was younger, mum and dad tried to combat this with the likes of cereal bars and trail mix to see me through from breakfast to lunch to home time in school, but holy hell do they contain a lot of rather unnecessary ingredients and a fuck tonne of sugar.

So when Natural Balance Foods got in touch asking if I'd like to try some Nakd bars out, I was intrigued, to say the least. Unsure I'd like them, but willing to give them a go, I accepted, since healthy cereal bars have been on my 'list of things to try' for quite a while.



13 Oct 2015

How to save money as a student

how to save money as a student

I know the pain of the week after that shopping-centre student lock-in, the one where everyone goes and spends probably the entirety of their student loan in Topshop or (as I watched one girl in my first year) Armani Exchange. It leaves you feeling a little bit, um, reckless, nervous, wondering how you're going to feed yourself for the next 4 months, right? 

All is not lost, though. There are a few pretty ace, totally legit ways you can actually save (and even earn) money as a student. Better still, they're not exactly asking you to get up at 8am on your one day off, and also don't require you to put yourself on a spending ban. Sure they're not as regular as if you were given contracted hours, but an extra £30 here or there, or a random fiver appearing is still quite nice. 

Did I mention they were totally legit?


11 Oct 2015

Andrews cafe tea rooms

andrews cafe tea rooms sheffield review

'EXPLORE SHEFFIELD!!!!' I scream at myself, write it in my diary, on my calendar, that napkin over there because god almighty I actually need to stray a little further than the IC roundabout and big Tesco's. Final year and I've barely seen this city because one too many corp's during freshers was the Thing To Be Doing. 

My goal this year (along with getting a first, putting on successful events, being all the social, moving my blog on, upping my youtube game) is to see more of this city that has been my home for two years - Korea stole me for one - and actually be able to respond when someone asks me for recommendations. And what do I do when I go exploring? I grab Sian and we make a cute time out of it. 

So we went for tea and cake at Andrews Cafe Tea Rooms. Because somehow I've never been before. 

9 Oct 2015

10 Bloggers I actually adore

10 bloggers you should be following

I don't think I've ever been part of a community that is so immeasurably positive and supportive - other than my family. With few exceptions, my days since starting this blog have been filled with happiness (shush this is going to get real sappy) and conversations with people that I genuinely enjoy talking to, without feeling like I should be this or that because of x, y, z. It's immensely freeing, when you've grown up with people stomping all over you. 

Obvs there's still that spine chilling fear when you meet your internet friends irl that they're going to hate you or find you so incredibly awkward that that friendship is now dead as dead can be, but I haven't had that happen (yet). And those bloggers that I have met in person have actually exceeded my original opinions of them by being even more entirely and endlessly lovely. 

So here are 10 bloggers that I absolutely adore. And I'm not saying that you should go and proclaim your undying love to them immediately, but perhaps check 'em out and give 'em a follow. Or a comment. 

7 Oct 2015

Puriskin cosmetics, acuRegen & breast cancer awareness

ACUREGEN cosmetics puriskin resurfacing formula white blog flatlay

You can take a minute to read the title, don't worry, I'm not gonna rush you, it's a bit of a mouthful.

But! Fashion Week brings many an event to London, which is great if you're caught between shows and have an hour or two (or seven) to kill. One such event was the #AvantPremier showrooms, a collection of presentations from some very gorgeous, very high end boutique brands. One of which was acuRegen/Puriskin


5 Oct 2015

currently in my ASOS basket...

asos wishlist header

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimised by the AW lines in ASOS right now  - and by 'personally victimised' I mean: please take all my money because I want it all.

All. Of. It. 

It's bad, really. Terrible. One wrong move,  one too many vodka cranberry's on a social and an easily accessible laptop when I get home added to limited rational and I'm pretty much qualifying for free next day delivery. 

So here's a select view at my ASOS basket because (showing you all of it will be admitting I Have A Problem, and no, shush, I do not that is entirely you) suffering is best done in groups. 


3 Oct 2015

New In: Sheetmasks

what sheetmasks to buy

Changing up my day to day routine and settling into a new one always makes my skin seem to go a little bit naff. Sucks when the largest changes - like, oh, um, moving back to uni - come at a time when I'd prefer my skin to be as ace as it was mid summer. Life tho, right?

I think everyone and their nan knows that when stuff starts heading south for my skin, I run for the sheet masks, and I was super duper happy that when Mati came to visit in September, she'd brought me some from Korea. Actual babe, since it's harder for me to get some of my favourite sheet masks that were stocked in Olive Young. I was also gifted two packs from the lovely people at Timeless Truth when we went to the Bloggers Hangout Bloggers Love Fashion Week event that same week. I've been so excited to try them and see how they compare to the formulation of the Korean brands, so stay tuned for that!


1 Oct 2015

LUSH - avocado co-wash

wanting to try the avacado co-wash lush brought out but are a bit unsure? read my thoughts here...

What do you do when you (brilliantly) forget to bring shampoo of all things to uni? You bite the bullet and go down to Lush to see what they have in their slightly-overwhelmingly large hair-care collection. And ask about things. 

It's not something that I've talked about on the blog, because there are countless other people who are better informed than me, and generally a lot more comfortable talking about it, but I suffer from a form of trichotillomania - yes that hair-pulling compulsion. It's become a lot better over the years, but I've put my scalp through an actual awful amount and once I read Lace and Whimsy's blog post on her current hair-care routine, I felt like I absolutely had to try Lush. 

So when I was recently down in London, I popped into the Oxford Street branch and asked some q's, deciding that as my hair is also not in the best condition, I should probably give the avocado co-wash a go. 

It makes my bathroom smell divine. 

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