Day 3 of fashion week was a great day for catching models and their 'off duty' brand of styling. Most of the girls seemed really stressed (weren't we all, though), yet still had a minute to pose for some quick shots before they dashed off to find their uber's/hailo's/cars. 

The weather also permitted us to have a lovely spell of unbroken sunshine, although the wind was still around to make sure we were all very aware that summer clothes were probs not the best idea. Plus the light around the BFC show space made taking decent shots a bit of a challenge. 

Which look is your favourite here? I'm in love with the navy skirt-suit, that nautical edge from the buttons on the skirt = loveee.

I'm also posting street style snaps to instagram, not just the ones I pick for le blawg, so make sure to check that out!

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