28 Sep 2015

Bill's, though

bills london brewer street restaurant review

The only good thing about LFW being held at Brewer St. car park (because let's be real, it still smelled of paint), was the fact that it was adjacent to Bill's. I don't know whether that was advanced planning - get all the fashionable people close to this super swish, bloggers' fave of an establishment - or an incredibly happy coincidinc. Whatever, it would've been totes rude to not see what all this fuss is about. 

Plus: pink lemonade, the promise of fish finger sandwiches and a hefty dose of  'well you like food? Bill's it is!' from the ever lovely Hannah - loveiconfantasyego, go check her out - and I was a pretty happy camper for my first, second, and third Bill's visit. 

Well it was right there. 


26 Sep 2015

The Uni Stationery Haul

First week of Final Year starts on Monday... and I've only just finished getting myself sorted stationery wise. For someone that has a verified stationery addiction that is probably raising a few eyebrows, but I'm good to go. Sorted. 

Apart from the fact I forgot to pick up a lecture notebook. Balls. 


25 Sep 2015

London Fashion Week: street style day 5

London fashion week ss16 street style day 5

The 5th and final day of London Fashion Week was also a tad bit soggy. Umbrellas were at the ready (clear plastic, so you could still see the outfit underneath in all it's glory), as people shuffled between shows and photographers hid under any available overhang.  Ta London, it's been a blast.


24 Sep 2015

London Fashion Week Street Style: Day 4

London fashion week ss16 street style photos

And the rain came tumbling down... Day 4 of fashion week was soggy, to say the least. The street style was still on fire though, it was just tough to get decent shots without risking cameras, since rain does that terrible terrible thing called water damage. Ain't nobody got time for waterproof cases.  (In saying that, I should probably invest)


23 Sep 2015

London Fashion Week street style day 3

Day 3 of fashion week was a great day for catching models and their 'off duty' brand of styling. Most of the girls seemed really stressed (weren't we all, though), yet still had a minute to pose for some quick shots before they dashed off to find their uber's/hailo's/cars. 

The weather also permitted us to have a lovely spell of unbroken sunshine, although the wind was still around to make sure we were all very aware that summer clothes were probs not the best idea. Plus the light around the BFC show space made taking decent shots a bit of a challenge. 


20 Sep 2015

London Fashion Week Street Style: Day 2

london fashion week september 2015 street style photos

On the streets of London Fashion Week Day 2.  Mainly a work day for me (more on that later, oo), but I managed to snap a few shots in between running around like the hell child that I am. Also bumped into a bunch of photographer friends (both UK based and international), which is always nice, and made a load of new friends (yay!). Fashion Week has a funny way of being absolutely hellish, but still bringing us all together. 


18 Sep 2015

Day 1 Street Style - LFW SS16

london fashion week street style

So London Fashion Week has begun, and the street style this year is on point. Let's not talk about how fun it was that my train was delayed, and the consequences of that delayed train, I might cry. Instead, lets look at allllll the pretty people wearing pretty clothes. Because there were a lot out there today. There were also a lot of cars, taxis, vans, the occasional lorry, but hey, what's a bit of danger to scare you into getting that perfect shot.

Or be flattened.

Keeps us on our toes.


14 Sep 2015

Shooting Arrows

looking for dainty jewellery and stuck for options? little miss fii has the perfect solution for you

Show me beautiful, simple jewellery and I will 210% be on board. Show me Jewellerybox.co.uk's website and I'll cry about wanting to own all their stock. Seriously. It is ahsjdgkashdkg.

So colour me suitably excited when they were at the #BloggersFestival event. And then again positively ecstatic when they gifted me this stunning arrow bracelet* and ball pull through earrings* in - bloggers fave - dipped rose gold. 


12 Sep 2015

Day trip to Brighton

planning a day trip to brighton? click through for a list of things to do and see in the seaside city

Brighton. It's not one of those places that I usually have easy access to, but when presented with the opportunity to take a day trip there, you bet your pastel bunting and pier arcade games that I was jumping straight on a train. 

A day isn't really enough time to thoroughly enjoy this vibrant seaside city, but I did the best I could with the time I had - and luckily the weather thought it was a good day to be nice and (gasp) almost summery, for once. 

So if you're planning a day trip to Brighton, and are wondering what to do - other than sea life, because that doesn't feature - then this is the post for you. Alternatively, if you want to stick around for gorgeous photos of Brighton in the sun and stories of me winning fortunes in penny slots, I wouldn't be opposed. ;) 


10 Sep 2015

The Autumn Wardrobe Staples

autumn wardrobe staples

With the sun shining outside it feels like I've got my seasons all mixed up (how bloody typical, England), but Autumn is creeping ever closer, and I've been snooping around finding pieces that I think would be fab in my autumn wardrobe, and yours too.

Generous, aren't I {face with tears of joy emoji}.

A quick peek at the 'new in' sections, and a blast from the past with aw15 catwalks at fashion week, it seems that everyone is firmly embracing this 70's trend. Gotta admit, when I saw it was the decade of choice I was a little apprehensive, but I am actually loving a lot of what is available to see us through till spring. I'm in a relationship with about 4 different a-line skirts. It's quite bad. (spoiler alert, they're on the must have list).


8 Sep 2015

Mad as a Hatter - afternoon tea at the Sanderson

sanderson mad hatter afternoon tea review

There are very few things in life I love as much as I do Alice in Wonderland and tea (shoes). A combination of the two? Tears of actual joy may have been shed (in a rather sleepy and stupid way), though there weren't any White Rabbits with pink eyes to run past me and direct me to this wonderland - I had to make do with plain old city mapper. 

And by Wonderland, I mean the Sanderson Hotel, Berners Street, London. With it's inner courtyard, fountains, marble topped tables and themed place settings, I felt like not having the White Rabbit escort was ok to let slide.


6 Sep 2015

I am navi

the nave photo shoot get involved

This time last year if you'd've told me I was going to plaster myself to the gates of the Westminster Abbey and be changing outfits in the street like it was no big deal, I'd've told you to jog on. Heck, if you were saying that even 6 months ago, I'd've asked you what exactly you were smoking.

And then on August 30th, I went and did exactly that.

Not in the 'I've had one too many tequilas, pass the champers, GIRLS ON TOUR' sense of reckless abandon, and I haven't lost all my marbles yet  (check back in a bit, mid-dissertation and juggling all the joys of final year uni lyf), but in the name of creativity.

Which is, I guess, in itself, one step away from madness.

Ladies and gents, I'd like to introduce to you the nave. And tell you a bit about how the heck you can get involved.


2 Sep 2015


jamie oliver recipease london review

So Jamie Oliver has actual legit restaurant thingies now. Legit restaurant thingies that are gorgeously rustic looking and therefore super photogenic. No surprises since it's the capital, and if you're going to have a gimmick, you may as well go all out. 

Espesh when that gimmick is teaching people how to make their dishes. Kinda fab, really. 

Unfortunately for me, I am not London-savvy enough (yet) to know this sort of thing existed prior to what I shall call 'The House Sitting Stint', and I don't have the cash (not even close, tbh) to book one of these courses. But before I start feeling too sorry for myself - those lessons did look pretty spiffy to take part in, no I'm not jealous, shush your face - Recipease also has a pop-in cafe; no planning required. 

Lunch = sorted. 
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