Aliexpress china online shopping review

The worst/best idea that I've had recently was installing the aliexpress app onto my phone. Worst because I spend far too long browsing it, best because it's 3 billion times easier than navigating the web version. Ok I guess that is also a really bad idea for my bank account. Ooopsiedaisy. 

Online shopping in China usually brings about a lot of quality queries and discontent among a lot of people (fast fashion creates slip ups, sizes tend to run smaller), but sometimes it's not all that bad. You can actually get amazing bargains if you search around a bit, and don't mind the wait. Other times, it can be really disappointing and, well, a bit bleh (technical term, that).

So, Aliexpress: what's the verdict?

Aliexpress china online shopping review

Concerns I had: 

- it doesn't use paypal and the rest of the payment options are debit/credit card or I know nothing about?????
- quality because, dayum, those are some low, low prices.
- scams??????

Aliexpress china online shopping review


I haven't encountered any scams (so far??), and all the goods I've received have been pretty stellar quality considering the price. Everything but the white 'moschino' net skirt was under £5 - and that skirt clocked in at £5.48. All the items are completely wearable - no see through white tees or extra holes when there shouldn't be, which is exactly what I want for fast fashion purchases. My favourite item has to be the baymax bag.

Money wise, the app definitely makes payment a lot easier. My main concerns were the fact that if I gave my card details, what would happen, would money just... make it's way out of my account? I much prefer paypal for these kinds of things, but upon reading the terms and conditions, I found out that your money doesn't go straight to the vendor until you confirm that you've received your order. Which is great. If you don't get your order within the specified number of days you can open a dispute and reclaim. As I've never had this issue, I've never had to open a dispute, so I can't tell you how all of that goes down, but I guess that's a good thing.  I also haven't had any cheeky unknown payments coming out of my bank account. 

Aliexpress china online shopping review

Aliexpress china online shopping review

item links for those still available: black tulle skirt // baymax bag // squirtle top

So all in all, it's clear I have a thing for net-overlay skirts. I've also had a pretty good experience - it's an alternative to primark (ish, if primark had a two-to-four week waiting period), and has a lot of cute and quirky items. Sizes and quality do depend on the vendor, but they're peer reviewed so you can read up before you buy. Basically it is the Chinese eBay. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen a few of these items before, and I'm super excited to style the rest :D

Have you ever bought from Aliexpress before? What do you think of the items I picked up?