22 life lessons you need to know

A week ago I turned 22. And despite the day having striking similarities with how I spent my 20th birthday (surrounded by people and Korean stuff and trying to get half decent pictures of f(x)), I can now sing all the songs that are to do with being 22, and pretend that I have an idea what I'm doing in life. Which totally means I get to dish out little gems of wisdom from time to time. Like now. 

So today you get 22 things I've learned in my 22 years.

1 - there is nothing better than being passionate about something. or many things. 

2 - being friends with your parents isn't lame or weird - it's great. 

3 - sometimes having 5 really good friends is better than having loads of 'kind-of' friends

4 - not all dreams come true and that's ok. the lessons learned along the way were valuable (even if their value isn't known yet)

5 - being excited to learn or being excited for education also doesn't make you lame. learning stuff is really cool. 

6 - traveling really is chicken soup for the soul. 

7 - clearing out things from your wardrobe and bedroom is really therapeutic and not as painful as you'd think. 

8 - people that give backhanded compliments or cannot be happy for your successes are not real friends.

9 - it's totally ok to not follow trends. it's also totally ok to follow them (unless they're illegal, dangerous, or are going to get you into trouble)

10 - get everything in writing. any agreement, have it in writing

11 - save some money, even if it's in an old pasta sauce jar and the value of the coins are pennies. 

12 - because then you get to spend that money in any way you choose. and that feeling is ace

13 - reality is often never like the expectation. but the reality can also be so much more

14 - staying healthy - physically/mentally/spiritually - is the most important thing 

15 - the person you like not liking you back isn't the end of the world, but you can still be upset about it. 

16 - having your life together is a myth for most of us. being completely and utterly flummoxed by the future is a totally ok thing to be feeling. 

17 - Do The Thing. Or at least Try and Do The Thing in Small Steps, 

18 - jealousy isn't cute, but it is also perfectly natural. 

19 - being nice to people is much easier 

20 - impulse purchases are great, but so is the feeling of buying something you've been saving up for and wanting for so long. 

21 - living every moment for instagram is not the same as living every moment

22 - comparing yourself to others is a thing that happens, but it's just as bad a habit as biting your nails. it's not a fun thing to do, and, 99% of the time, makes you feel shit. 

What pearls of wisdom have you learned that you think everyone should know - and do you agree with mine?