31 Aug 2015

the cushion compact

a'pieu air fit cushion compact review

In July, I decided to switch my base - my previous bb cream (Holika Holika aqua petit jelly) had been around for a little too long and was at the stage where it definitely needing replacing. I haven't had a cushion compact since Korea, and, what with the hype around us finally getting them in the west,  was having a bit of FOMO, tbh. 

So I picked up A'pieu's Air Fit cushion compact (shade 21). For about £8 it's way more affordable than Lancome's offering, and still makes my skin look brill. (most probably thanks to A'pieu's formula)

28 Aug 2015

Superdry Festival Fashion

It's still summer (no matter what the weather says, sod you, England), and so I'm going to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity from The Style Rawr and Superdry - creating a festival themed outfit to win a pretty spiffy prize pack that includes: a personal styling appointment, a pinterest takeover, a Superdry outfit worth up to £500, and a blog takeover. How fab does that sound? If you're a blogger you should definitely get involved - so check out The Style Rawr for the full rundown

If you;re not a blogger, then have some ace festival outfit inspiration, or, you know, outfit inspiration for the late summer heat we're hopefully going to get. 

superdry festival fashion inspiration

24 Aug 2015

uni stationery wishlist

uni stationery necessities

I probably need to sign up to a stationery addicts anonymous group, but hey, a new school year is starting and if that isn't the best reason to go a little bit extra in the notebook department, then I don't know what is.

(I do, I will find the smallest reason to rationalise the purchasing of new notebooks.) 

If you're going to university for the first time, knowing how much you need to take in the way of paper can be a bit of an uncharted ball park. Also the amount of file storage. If you know that writing things over and over and over again is a way that you learn well, or you're going to study a language, then you're probably going to be using a lot of paper. But uni is all about finding what works for you, so it's good to have a basis to work from and change it to fit your needs. 

Though I'm all for sharing, so here's my uni stationery wishlist (and generally the amount of stationery related items that I take to uni initially). 


22 Aug 2015

recently - seoul street fashion

seoul street style
image by shotslugger

If you're a regular reader, you'll probably be aware of my undying love for Korean street fashion. The way it looks so thoroughly effortless, the way it incorporates non-standard cuts, mixing them with fun colours and and hefty dose of 'no but how are you doing that???????'.  Or the clean, fierce minimalism that takes a certain knack to master. 

Autumn fashion hasn't ~really~ hit the streets yet (and probably won't till mid-September, when the weather stops with the heat and humidity), but there are a few solid hat-tips towards some of the Autumn trends seen at Seoul Fashion Week. 

I've been browsing some of my favourite Seoulite fashion blogs to bring you a little round up of what's recently been on the streets of Seoul, and I highly suggest that you take a look at a few of the blogs mentioned if this is your sort of thing. Photos are not my own


20 Aug 2015

China ain't so bad~

Aliexpress china online shopping review

The worst/best idea that I've had recently was installing the aliexpress app onto my phone. Worst because I spend far too long browsing it, best because it's 3 billion times easier than navigating the web version. Ok I guess that is also a really bad idea for my bank account. Ooopsiedaisy. 

Online shopping in China usually brings about a lot of quality queries and discontent among a lot of people (fast fashion creates slip ups, sizes tend to run smaller), but sometimes it's not all that bad. You can actually get amazing bargains if you search around a bit, and don't mind the wait. Other times, it can be really disappointing and, well, a bit bleh (technical term, that).

So, Aliexpress: what's the verdict?


16 Aug 2015

22 Things

22 life lessons you need to know

A week ago I turned 22. And despite the day having striking similarities with how I spent my 20th birthday (surrounded by people and Korean stuff and trying to get half decent pictures of f(x)), I can now sing all the songs that are to do with being 22, and pretend that I have an idea what I'm doing in life. Which totally means I get to dish out little gems of wisdom from time to time. Like now. 

So today you get 22 things I've learned in my 22 years.


14 Aug 2015

Travel Diary: Slovenia #5: Ljubljana

Ljubljana street photo
streets of Ljubljana
 in case you missed: part 1 - bled / part 2 - radovljica-postojna / Part 3 - portoroz-izola / Part 4 - Piran

The last place we went to in Slovenia was the capitol, Ljubljana, a two-day stay that rounded off our little tour of the country really nicely. Ljubljana isn't a particularly large city, but it has lots of beautiful winding roads and gorgeous architecture. There's an old quarter, that houses the funicular to the castle, as well as the city market, and a lot of cultural aspects dotted around the city to explore. (Heads up, they're super proud of their Roman heritage.)


12 Aug 2015

'Style is Eternal' - the Saint Laurent outfit

Despite having a tee somewhere that states  'ain't Laurent without Yves', the House of (Y)SL is firmly wedged in the list of my brand favourites season after season. Modern yet iconic pieces are the foundations of a killer wardrobe, and although I can't afford anything (yet), it doesn't stop me window shopping on sites such as farfetch, creating outfits that I will one day wear to be effortlessly fab. Because head to toe in Saint Laurent... *whimsical sigh*


10 Aug 2015

Taking a Gap Year

taking a gap year

The run up to results day is scary: did that paper go as badly as you thought??? What's next??? What happens if you don't get in??? and what happens if you don't want to go through clearing???? What happens if you do get in and don't want to go??? All the questions????

It's ridiculous and before I even really get into this post, I want you to know that whatever happens on results day, you are brilliant and wonderful and smart. I promise. And I do hope that this helps any of you if you're in a similar sort of head space. 


8 Aug 2015

Travel diary: Slovenia #4 - Piran

Slovenia Piran

slovenia travel diary part 1 / part 2 / part 3

I think out of all the places I went to in Slovenia, Piran was my favourite. With it's narrow, winding streets, beautiful old buildings, and beautiful, beautiful views, I was pretty much in my holiday element. 


6 Aug 2015

my favourite cleanser

the face shop rice water bright cleansing light oil review

I am in love. With a cleanser. Well, my skin is, and I have a sneaking suspicion that this little guy,  The Face Shop rice water bright cleansing light oil (yeah, I know, it's a mouthful) has something to do with it.

Since returning from Korea and it's easily accessible cosmetics that my skin could not get enough of (and my bank balance could not hate more), I've tried the micellar water and cleansers from UK brands and they've just... not been on par. Korean makeup tends to have pretty substantial staying power, and finding something that doesn't require me using half the product in one go, and doesn't irritate my skin was pretty much burning a hole in my purse. So I picked up this rice water cleansing oil in my Korean cosmetic haul, and have been using it in my skincare routine since. 

And oh my gosh. 


4 Aug 2015

University: what it's like to study a language

studying a language at university

I'm not gonna pussy-foot around saying that it's a lot of hard work. Because it is. Trufax. Studying any language to any degree of fluency takes an awful lot of time - it's not an instant gratification kind of thing. 

But studying an East Asian language at university is so different to studying a European language at GCSE, it's actually quite laughable. 


2 Aug 2015

The birthday wishlist

In a week I turn 22. A terrifying prospect, as it takes me one step closer to things like responsibility and graduation and permanent employment. Scary stuff. For the last two years, I passed the b-day milestone in Seoul. It was awesome, but definitely taught me that as good as pari-baguette cakes and macaron macarons are... nothing quite measures up to the family board game situation. Oh and anything my dad bakes that falls into the birthday category. Being abroad definitely teaches you to cherish the time you have with family. 

Anyway, before I get too sappy for this Sunday, I thought I share my birthday wishlist with you. 

I'm really not in need of anything right now (other than a fixed source of income...), and I tend not to ask my parents or siblings for gifts as I'm not great with people spending money on me even for birthdays - but there are a couple of things I've seen recently that I think would make great gifts. 

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