My box of Korean cosmetic goodies is running low, for some of my favourite products, I am down to sample packs. These are incredibly sad times in my household (for me, anyway, don't think my family is attuned to my despair...), and the only way to alleviate this is to compile a list of the things I need to get at some point. 

And by some point I mean really really soon.

Sheet Masks:
My actual holy grail product if ever there was one. Especially any honey or rice mask. Tea Tree is also a nice skin-saviour. Stockpiling is the way to go.

Etude House 'I Need You Mask' (also known as their AZ range or alphabet masks)
- Tea Tree
- Korean Ginseng
- Snail

The Face Shop Real Nature Masks
- Honey
- Rice
- Cucumber
- Avocado

I'm not quite on the 11 step program, but I have found I get on waaaay better with oil or balm-type makeup removers than any other, and a gentle foaming face wash after this is the way to go.

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Light Oil
Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam (150ml)


Secret Key Snail Repairing Cream (their website is a bit of a mess)
Nature Republic argan essential deep care hair pack (another of my absolute holy grail products)
Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pack


I am absolutely fascinated  with the concept of orange-toned/-hued blushers and can't seem to find any by western brands at all??? I guess it's not the usual colour to slap on your cheeks but I think it looks really cute and want to try for myself.
- Friday Night Cream Blusher in Mandarina
- Fantasy Blusher in 01 Orange Mania

I also think this A'pieu blusher is adorable: Bal Cheek Han Cheek in Prim Pink, plus that product design is really interesting.

I'm doing ok for bases right now, but I'd like to try A'pieu's Skin Fit Liquid Foundation at some point. I got on really well with their BB cream, it actually fit my ghost child skin quite nicely

And in the eternal search for a concealer, then I might give this Skin Food Rice Pen a try.

I'd snap all of these items up in an instant if I had infinite money... shipping can be such a nightmare, I'm still working out where exactly is the best place to get Korean cosmetics from without a major price markup and extortionate shipping fees, or a decent price and having to sell a kidney for packaging. I have a few in mind though, so. We shall see.

Do any of you have any Korean cosmetics you'd really like to try? If not, can anyone tell me where I can find an orange-y blusher in the UK, because I'd love to swatch some!!

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