Ohh look at that, I went and restocked. I picked up a few things that were on my k-cosmetic wishlist and got a whole heap of new things to try too (yay samples!!). It's good things all round, really. I tried out KocoColor.com and the ebay seller rubyruby76, and only have positive things to say about both of them - add them to your reputable seller lists, they don't jack up prices, absolute score.

I'll start with KocoColor first, since the bulk of this comes from them. They're a retailer based in Korea, pretty much a shopping service for Korean cosmetics. They also write your really cute thank you notes with your order. The box arrived while I was in Slovenia, so a little under 2 weeks after I'd placed my order, which was really speedy. 

Freebies/samples: Nature Republic: steam mask sheet, aqua super aqua max cream, jeju sparkling mud foam cleanser, daily sunblock (factor 50+), acacia body cream. The Face Shop: mango seed heart volume butter, the smim emulsion. Etude House: baking powder BB deep cleansing foam mini and cleansing tissues, 

Not bad going, ey? The full size cleansing products were actually a lot bigger than I was expecting - I have an abysmal judge of volume/size sometimes. I was also really really happy to get my hands on the hair mask again, it is my absolute hair holy grail product, and I missed it dearly. 

From rubyruby76 I got Secret Key's snail repairing cream and Etude House 'I need you' mask in Korean ginseng. Again, super speedy shipping and minimal fuss, exactly what I wanted. Didn't get any samples from them, but I wasn't expecting any. 

I'm so so happy with these skincare purchases, I've been having a really tough time with my skin since moving home (yay), and I find that a lot of western products tend to agitate more than they help. I also can't recommend these two sellers enough if you're too scared to order from the brand websites themselves. Although nothing beats actually walking into the stores and spending all my money, this comes a pretty close second! 

Full reviews for these products will be up soon! (Spoiler alert: I am in love with The Face Shop rice water cleanser.)

Have you tried any of these products before? 

Hope you're having a great weekend!