31 Jul 2015

Baking Adventures: Chocolate & Pistachio cake

Cake. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake.

Pistachio and chocolate cake, to be precise. Lovely addition to our recipe book, even if a large quantity of pistachios were brutally crushed in the making of this cake. And by crushed, I mean positively blitzed. To smithereens. 

This is a sort-of-not-quite-really homage to the new series of The Great British Bake Off (who's excited???), because if that's not the best excuse to make cake, then I don't know what it. 

Other than, for the heck of it. (Also birthdays are a pretty good cause.)

I've rambled on enough, you're obviously here for a recipe, so let's just get right to it. 


29 Jul 2015

Travel diary: Slovenia #3 - Portoroz & Izola

Slovenia travel Portoroz
portoroz sunset

If you need a quick recap: travel diary part 1 | travel diary part 2

Portoroz was our second base destination; a part of Slovenia we were a little apprehensive to visit, seeing as one of the guests we bumped into during our stay in Bled dubbed it 'seedy' and there were  a  few casino's around when we were doing Hotel Research before we flew out. 

However, all our fears were proved unfounded, though very hot (like, really, really hot), Portoroz was a lovely place to spend our next few days. I wrote in a Dayre post while I was in Slovenia, that even though it was probably super early in the season, and therefore quite quiet, Portoroz had just the right balance of 'resort seasidey' feelings, and a beautiful quiet. Maybe because it was the start of the season, maybe because that's just how Portoroz is.


27 Jul 2015

What I'd wear: Festival Edition

Festival outfit ideas

First off, a little confession: I haven't actually been to a UK festival. Absolute crime, I know, but have you seen the ticket prices vs my budget? They very rarely ever match up, and it makes me sad. I did go to UMF Korea in '14 and had an absolute blast, but both before and after that? Nope. 

Not going to any of the festivals this summer doesn't stop me from imagining the outfits that I could be wearing though, and I've had a nosey around the 'festival' section of a few websites to put together outfits. 


25 Jul 2015

Favourite Fashion Bloggers

Earlier this month I shared where I get my style inspiration from, and conveniently left out actual people from the list (but did include a bunch of really adorable thing if you feel inclined to take a look). Just so that I could tell you all about my favourite fashion bloggers in a stand-alone post. 

Because they're all pretty awesome. Some you'll have heard of (probably), some will come as no surprise, and some most aren't exclusively 'fashion bloggers', but I just really like the way they dress.


21 Jul 2015

Travel diary: Slovenia #2 - Bled and Postojna

window boxes full of flowers in radovljica
If you missed the first part: travel diary: slovenia #1

Day 4: discovering the regions history.

Early starts and more bus journeys were the order of the day as we walked around some absolutely stunning historical towns. Radovljica, Kropa and Kamna Gorica. I'm not even going to pretend I didn't butcher the pronunciation of those - Slovenian people have endless amounts of patience, but I am still very sorry. 

All three of these places were on the same bus route (the Monday Hop-on-Hop-off), and mum was lamenting that we probably didn't to the towns in the right order - apparently Kropa -> Kamna Gorica -> Radovljica would have been better for her - but in the sunshine they are all gorgeous, so I really wasn't complaining.

[warning for being image heavy... but it's a travel post so that shouldn't be a surprise!]


19 Jul 2015

get snap happy* | ad

Summer is a time for a ridiculous number of photographs to be taken. #trufax. Not in a sense of, 'if you didn't instagram it, it didn't happen', more of a 'hey I'd like to fill photo albums one day'. That kind of thing, be it from polaroids, compact cameras, or  disposables. Because I am a 90's kid at heart and am yet to fill a full album (before uni I was terrible at the whole taking photos thing).

As much as I absolutely adore my polaroid (the fujifilm instax mini 7 in blue trim, but the new generations look so much cuter...), film isn't exactly cheap and fitting it in my smaller bags can be a bit of a ballache. Not even going to talk about carting The Big One around. Love my dSLR to bits, but it's a premeditated thing if it's coming with me. It also needs a much better name...


18 Jul 2015

Korean beauty haul!

Ohh look at that, I went and restocked. I picked up a few things that were on my k-cosmetic wishlist and got a whole heap of new things to try too (yay samples!!). It's good things all round, really. I tried out KocoColor.com and the ebay seller rubyruby76, and only have positive things to say about both of them - add them to your reputable seller lists, they don't jack up prices, absolute score.


16 Jul 2015

eBay finds #2

2015 ebay purchase

It's no secret the eBay is a massive treasure trove of weird and wonderful things that just, happen to find their way into my basket and then... somehow end up in my house? Getting the app was probably a mistake and a half. I am so so sorry, bank account. 

So, so sorry. 

But while there is a stigma surrounding eBay quality and truthfulness of sellers, I will proudly fly the flag for team 'if you search hard enough, you really can find some absolute gems'. Not to say that there aren't people out to scam you, so be careful (and aware that eBay and paypal can help you recover your money if your goods don't turn up!)


14 Jul 2015

Travel Diary: Slovenia #1 - Lake Bled

Travelling Slovinia - UK blogger
Lake Bled: Slovenia
I know it's one of those things we all say, and you're probably dead bored of hearing it, but: I heart travelling. Well, the actual act of getting from point A to point B maybe not so much, but the exploration of point B? Hell yeaah. I'm slowly ticking countries off my veery long 'destination' list, the latest being Slovenia, if you hadn't seen me banging on about it enough already. 

But Slovenia is a country that definitely deserves to be 'banged on' about. It's stunning. On this holiday, we managed to get in mountains (Bled), beach (Portoro┼ż), and city (Ljubljana), did a fair amount of cross-country bus rides and had a swell time. 

(This post is going to be pretty image heavy)

8 Jul 2015

Korean Cosmetics I Need Right Now

My box of Korean cosmetic goodies is running low, for some of my favourite products, I am down to sample packs. These are incredibly sad times in my household (for me, anyway, don't think my family is attuned to my despair...), and the only way to alleviate this is to compile a list of the things I need to get at some point. 

And by some point I mean really really soon.


5 Jul 2015

Battle of the Liners

Pencil, liquid, gel, felt tip; I've tried them all with varying degrees of ease, frustration and anguish. It's simultaneously one of my most and least favourite parts of my makeup routine, generally because I'm a fan of a flick. It's a hard life, eh? But through the countless corrective cotton buds and smudge covered fingers, I've actually picked a favourite, and have the others in a pretty sound ranking. 


2 Jul 2015

Style Inspirations

I'm not one of those people that can say 'If x didn't wear it (or something similar), you probably won't find it in my wardrobe', since I've never been much of a single-icon kinda girl. Although Blair Waldorf has taught me that living by that rule is an almost foolproof way to stay effortlessly stylish. 

This past week has had me seriously clearing out my wardrobe - a feat that hasn't been achieved, despite being very much needed, for the last 9 years - and it got me thinking about what inspires my personal style these days. I mean, it has changed since I was 12... regardless of the fact I haven't grown much taller. 

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