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Hahah ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. This week has been a nightmare. Totally justifies waffles and finding new places and just walking around in the sun as I try and distance myself as far away from my flat as I physically can. 6 days left. I have a countdown on my phone. I can't wait.

ANYWHO. Today I met up with some friends for what I'll tentatively call 'lunch'  -  though not entirely sure how fruit waffles and a hot chocolate constitute lunch but we'll gloss over that - at a place I've been dying to try this whole year. Lucky Fox. 

Which is about as cute and kitschy and effing adorable as you could imagine a little cafe/bistro/dive bar/deli place on Division Street being. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Wonderful little things about this place: everything is locally sourced and made on site. EVERYTHING. So you might have a bit of a wait and the occasional time when things aren't actually in stock, per se, but it's all fresh, site-cooked, and delicious. 

The place itself is really small, but the vibe is beautiful and the staff are super duper friendly. Which is always a massive plus. When you combine all of that with brilliant prices and people thinking chicken and waffles should be on the menu in the same dish - that's a winner right there. If you object you haven't lived. 

lucky fox sheffield interior | little miss fii

lucky fox sheffield interior | little miss fii

If you're going to have a #yolo meal then I'd highly suggest going here. It's worth it. Promise. You have a little bit of everything, and yes that 'pies&desserts' shot is strategic. Partly to remind myself that I need to go back for pie, partly because that's a mother-effin home cooked pie. 

Lucky Fox also delivers. 

If you'd like to, I highly suggest you go and check them out on social media: Lucky Fox facebook // luckyfoxsheff on instagram, and if you're in the area then stop by! 

Address:  72 Division Street, Sheffield, 
Phone:  0114 278 0811

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