29 Jun 2015

The Summer Shoe Edit

Ahh summer you're finally here! Which obviously means we break out the sandals without worrying about cold feet, and suddenly people become so much more tanned. (Great for white items, like, seriously great.) So I've been part window shopping and part internet browsing to put together a collection that would be brilliant for these long days and peachy weather. 


26 Jun 2015

Top Tips: Packing Ridiculously Lightly

So as you're reading this I'm probably sat in an airport with my mum and my little sister on our way to Slovenia for two weeks. I am so beyond excited, I haven't been on a family holiday in years, and I've never been to Slovenia.

The only downside to this whole thing is: we're only taking hand luggage.

Two weeks. Up mountains, down caves, in cities and at the coast, in summer. Hand luggage. I'm not the best at packing light. Here's to hoping I haven't forgotten anything major, but I did learn a thing or two when I packed for this trip.

They're all probably ridiculously obvious, but I don't generally pack light.  So if you're anything like me, then I hope this helps.


21 Jun 2015

My 'Go To' Summer lipsticks

Summer lipstick shades | Little Miss Fii

My lipstick collection is not that large. I'm a fan of a year-round shades, something that looks good in the depth of winter and not too shabby when I remember to finish off a look in the summer. But I do have a couple that I tend to use more often than others during the warmer months, you may have seen a couple of these pop up before because they are super faves, but I thought I'd share a couple of my go to colours. 


17 Jun 2015

London Collections: Men Streetstyle Faves ss16

LC:M - Joe Harper for Fucking Young

From Friday to Monday, the incredibly stylish event that is London Collections Men has been happening in, yup, London. And, as with any other fashion event, it brings out the amazing street style of the attendees from being hidden in the side-streets of cities all over the world. 

Because the dates fell on the same weekend as me moving home from uni for the year, I didn't get to go for the full 4 days, Monday afternoon was the only option since I was in London anyway, but sans camera. Great planning Fii. Anyway, the more prepared, better-in-almost-every-sense street fashion photographers were out in force, providing me with beaut outfit eyecandy from the venues. 

Quick things I'm super pleased about: the Koreans were out in force (aka, it's super nice to see more of a mix of ethnicities on the catwalks tbh), motifs and bold statements everywhere, some seriously huge names turned up. In all honesty, it was a pretty incredible season to effing miss. Ha. 

As with all fashion weeks I don't attend, photos are not my own, and I highly suggest you go check out these photographers. 


15 Jun 2015

Running Jams

Despite the crazy looks my parents gave me when I told them I would 'be back in a bit, going for a run' I actually did the thing. 'The Thing' being taking that first step to achieve my #bodygoals (EXID's Solji/ AOA's Choa/Jimin, if any of you were wondering - being positively petite brings petite-ish girls as aspirations). 

But running with no tunes is a slightly daunting prospect, and sometimes finding the perfect motivational tracks takes some searching. So I did that super helpful thing and have hit gold with some 8tracks playlists that have summer vibes, and also hopefully give you that little extra motivation if you need it!

If not, then they're some pretty ace summer playlists :D


12 Jun 2015

Popping brand cherries

Before this week I was a complete Lush and Soap and Glory virgin. Never bought a product from either of them. Sure I've been into the shop and seen the stands but I've never parted with my cash. I have had Lush stuff given to me as a present before (years and years ago...) but I've never gone and done that for myself. I guess the need for a new hand cream and something to have a little post-exam pamper sesh made me step outside my comfort zone. Ooooh new products. Ooooh. 


7 Jun 2015

The Weekender: Lucky Fox

lucky fox sheffield hot chocolate | little miss fii

Hahah ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. This week has been a nightmare. Totally justifies waffles and finding new places and just walking around in the sun as I try and distance myself as far away from my flat as I physically can. 6 days left. I have a countdown on my phone. I can't wait.

ANYWHO. Today I met up with some friends for what I'll tentatively call 'lunch'  -  though not entirely sure how fruit waffles and a hot chocolate constitute lunch but we'll gloss over that - at a place I've been dying to try this whole year. Lucky Fox. 

Which is about as cute and kitschy and effing adorable as you could imagine a little cafe/bistro/dive bar/deli place on Division Street being. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 


4 Jun 2015

Top 9 places I want to visit right now

It'll come as no surprise that I'm kinda fond of travelling. I love new cities and new cultures and new places to explore and get lost (and hopefully un-lost) in. I'm a sucker for architecture and artsy little side-streets, and, 90% of the time when left to my own devices with a camera it will be of food or scenery. One of the items on my bucket list is to visit at least one city in every country (within reason, I don't exactly have a death wish). 

My wanderlust knows no bounds, it seems. But there are 9 places that I really, really, really, really, really, want to visit right this very second. 

Exams be... semi-damned??

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