I am a resource hoarder. Fonts, textures, presets, overlays, brushes, psd's... you name it, probably got one. Or several hundred files.

It might be weird, but I have built up quite the sizeable collection of free stuff to make my computer generated imagery a little bit more appealing to me, and so I thought that I'd share, since sharing is caring and I'm all about that.

So today, have a few of my favourite decorative fonts :D

- chunky   
- sweet hearts    

I'm thinking of doing a monthly ~resource roundup~ kind of thing, maybe. Possibly? I know that you can find a lot on places like pinterest and tumblr, and obviously through googling - but sometimes it's nice to see what people have in their collections. Or I think it is, but then again I am super nosey...

Anyway, I hope you've had an amazing week, my exams start on Wednesday so sorry for the absence this month, but you gotta work hard to do well and I really  want to do well... soo... 

much much love to all of you! 

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