If Korea taught me one thing, it is that you have to be selfie (selca) ready all the goddamn time. Maybe I just have vain friends, but I learnt a thing or two (or ten) about how to fake feeling fresh and spritely #nofilter, when you're hungover on a Sunday and been dragged out for brunch in Apgujeong. 

By popular demand^, I was asked to share some tips. So. Here we go. 

Disclaimer: this is very tongue-in-cheek and by no means the definitive guide to selfie-taking. You learn a crazy amount just by observing perfect Korean girls perfecting their 57degree angle. Also I may go a bit Tyra. Soz. Aso this is the vainest post I've ever written. Double soz.  


no honestly you don't look like an idiot holding your phone in front of your face as you spin around trying to find the best light. I PROMISE. It's a necessary step. Move to a window wherever possible, bathroom lights are ~usually~ too harsh. You'll know you've hit it when all the best bits of your face suddenly appear goddess/god-like on screen. THAT is your light.

From personal experience McDonalds has pretty decent lighting. Also coffee shops. If you're in Korea the theA has a brill upstairs bathroom PERFECT for selfie taking (far right photo was taken there).


ANGLES ARE SO IMPORTANT. Seriously. In 2013/2014 there was a trend in Korea for kids to film themselves going from hella unflattering angles to perfect selfie face.

ssEEE. An angle that usually works for ~most~ face shapes is holding the camera above and tilted forward slightly (0:33 in the video is pretty much perfect #얼스타그렘). AKA the 57 degrees. The number varies, but you get the jist. It's a very specific thing. 


unless you are a seasoned selfie pro, you're probably going to have to take a couple to get that perfect shot. And that's ok. For those of us with western phones this is super easy and not at all embarrassing, considering the shutter tone isn't permanently on. If you picked up a phone in Asia I am so sorry, but practice makes perfect, you gotta deal with that constant click. Everyone will know. 


utilise the head tilt to show off your cheekbones/jawline/makeup or to just be amazingly cute. You can never have too many head tilt selfies. If you're at 90 degrees you've probs gone too far. 


if you're STILL having trouble then I suggest getting apps. aillis (used to be lineCamera), beautyplus, aivary, b612, any purikura app... anything with cute stickers, really. Most of them are free (in app add ons), and, well, you can never have too many to find which ones you like. It's an adventure! (aillis is my fave).

I hope these tips are useful~ if you want to get some selfie inspiration then you can always check out my instagram, anything with my face in it will most probably have Korean tags, so you can also see the pros at work ;)

Happy selfie-taking. If you have any questions, leave me a comment~ 


^popular demand = not entirely serious twitter convo. This was painful to write oh my goodness