31 May 2015

[Resource] Favourite Decorative Fonts

I am a resource hoarder. Fonts, textures, presets, overlays, brushes, psd's... you name it, probably got one. Or several hundred files.

It might be weird, but I have built up quite the sizeable collection of free stuff to make my computer generated imagery a little bit more appealing to me, and so I thought that I'd share, since sharing is caring and I'm all about that.

So today, have a few of my favourite decorative fonts :D


24 May 2015

No Bake Chocolate Fudge

NO BAKE CHOCOLATE FUDGE super easy | little miss fii

Do you like chocolate, bananas and a sugar free diet? GOOD NEWS. I do too, and so went on a search for recipes for chocolate banana-y type things with no (or very minimal) sugar to snack on while playing my Eurovision Drinking Game.

Great mix all round, really.

So if you're a love of this type of thing, and want to try this ridiculously easy recipe yourself so you too, can feast on chocolatey goodness, then keep reading :D


23 May 2015

eurovision drinking game 2k15

Eurovision Drinking Game


This is an amalgamation of chantel's drinking game, a bit of internet searching and some of my own. Woo. It's in no way 'official'

Pick a country to support (that is not your home nation)

Ok? Let's go!!!


22 May 2015

Late May Wishin'

May Wishlist - little miss fii

I've been stern with myself in the throes of revision and haven't procrastination-shopped! (yet.) But there's such a lovely range of products in shops right now that I'm wishin' pretty hard for some new additions to my life. Especially stationery, now that I've started using my planner properly, as well as a few... other things. 


19 May 2015

F#CK THE PAST, F#CK THE FUTURE: mucc at o2 islington

MUCC F#CK THE PAST F#CK THE FUTURE LONDON 2015 encore | little miss fii

I need the tee with that tour title on it, to be quite honest, but tour shirts are so flipping expensive. Anyway, this is technically installment #3 of 'Fii is slightly reckless really close to deadlines/exams but goes to gigs anyway', but hey. You only live once, and all that jazz. Plus it isn't every day that I get to see most of the bands I listen to a lot, what with them being from Japan and me not being in Japan. 

The last time MUCC (pronounced muku) came to the UK was about 6 or 7 years ago. Which probably tells you a bit about how old the band is. Originally formed in 1997 they started out covering bands like glay, until they began releasing their own music in 1999.  Since then, they have 12 studio albums and a whole lot of singles, ep's, dvds and feature on a number of compilation albums. 


16 May 2015

Weekend Skin Saviour

With essays and exams and really fun, consecutive deadlines, comes stress and the need to consume ALL THE SUGAR for that temporary energy boost to academic success. It's no surprise that my skin has not been in the best condition for the past couple of weeks, and it's also no surprise that this has made me really self conscious. Woot.

But there was something in my dwindling stash of Korean cosmetics that I remembered did wonders when my skin was in the same sort of condition last year - and it wasn't my holy grail honey mask. Enter rice water

Yes, that milky stuff you get when you add water to rice. 


12 May 2015

April Kawaii Box: Unboxing & review

HI GUYS. I have surfaced from the world of essay writing (aka hell), and would like to apologise for my absence. Only 3 exams stand before me and summer. 3. During this dark, dark time, though, I received a lovely little surprise in the mail. My first ever subscription box box.


2 May 2015

how to up your Selfie Game

If Korea taught me one thing, it is that you have to be selfie (selca) ready all the goddamn time. Maybe I just have vain friends, but I learnt a thing or two (or ten) about how to fake feeling fresh and spritely #nofilter, when you're hungover on a Sunday and been dragged out for brunch in Apgujeong. 

By popular demand^, I was asked to share some tips. So. Here we go. 

Disclaimer: this is very tongue-in-cheek and by no means the definitive guide to selfie-taking. You learn a crazy amount just by observing perfect Korean girls perfecting their 57degree angle. Also I may go a bit Tyra. Soz. Aso this is the vainest post I've ever written. Double soz.  

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