Things students think

1:  Why is everything other than revision SUDDENLY SO INTERESTING.

2:  What is the cut off for 'acceptable' in regards to how many days in a row you wear your pyjamas...

3:  I actually sort of understand this!

4:  Oh wait. No, no I don't.

Things students think

5:  I should've done more work over easter/spring break. 

6:  I need to stop procrastinating. 

7:  Is turning up to your exam in pyjamas one step too far....

8:  what is this 'body clock' you speak of??? 

9:  Surely someone else must have suffered the same pain and written better notes than me SOMEWHERE on the internet. 

10:  I am actually going to do work.... when the hour starts. OK.

11:  Well that was a waste of a day... but at least everything is clean. 

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Maan, I'm trying to kick the habit of thinking some of these, so I thought the best thing to do was write them down and hope a few of you relate! Anyone?

Real talk though, for all of us that are on the exam approach, please remember to eat regularly and sleep a decent amount! Exam period is a stressful time, but your health is more important than grades on a piece of paper at the end of the day. Don't make yourself ill!!

What are think that you think, or have thought when your exams are looming? I must admit for me, the statements above contain a lot more 'f*ks'... tell me yours!

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