sunglasses: ebay
cropped sweater: missguided
black top: primark
skirt: american apparel (via ebay)
shoes: ebay

I have wanted one of the AA reversible pettis for the longest of times but could never justify spending the £68 on what is effectively (kinda ace quality) mesh. And then some lovely girl on ebay was selling one for £15 and I couldn't exactly say no. 

It makes me feel like an actual legitimate princess. It makes me so. Happy. 

The sweater is true to missguided knits, super soft and washes well, being a pixie child means the sleeves will always be too long for me but it's quite a nice, off the shoulder, slouchy piece. Primark is forever doing affordable basics, and the sunglasses were another ebay find. I have since misplaced them though. 

If you follow me on instagram, you'll have already seen these babies (aka shoes), that, yet again, I found on ebay. I've been in love with Rocking Horse shoes for an embarrassing amount of time but was always a bit apprehensive about buying them from Bodyline or other similar shopping services because I didn't want the quality to be crap, as they're still around £50 or £60 even then. I've had the best luck recently - or am just really dedicated to sifting through hundreds of irrelevant listings when I put the settings p&p lowest first... - in finding these, the whole lot was under £40. They also arrived way before I was expecting, and I'm so happy with the quality. 

At the minute I'm stuck inside because it's essay season, but I'd really love to know how your week has been! Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? Also, where is your favourite place to find absolute bargains? Let me know!

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