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solid chiffon vest top & loose long sleeve sweater both c/o

Mint cropped jumper. But now I have another mint cropped jumper and it's super cute, and can hang next to my Forever21 mint cropped jumper and they can talk about their minty-cropped jumper-y-ness. A chiffon vest top, however, was the perfect addition to my wardrobe what with us being blessed with so much sun at the moment. 

Not too long ago, the lovely people at asked if I'd like to review some of their stock for you all, and, as evidenced by this post, I said that I would. I chose this Japanese style loose long sleeve sweatshirt in mint*, and the refreshing women solid chiffon vest top in red*. 

As lalalilo are a completely new name to me, I was interested to see how the experience would compare to that I had with Choies and Romwe, as they're all China-based companies that sell quite similar stock. 

So. uk review fashion blogger uk
japanese style loose longsleeved sweater c/o is a company based in China, so you can expect prices to be pretty reasonable to really quite cheap. The sweater I received was £4.94 and the top £4.65, so not that expensive at all. For the price, the quality is certainly very good. The sweater is more of a spring/summer weight, good for layering, and there aren't any loose threads that I can see. Everything is finished neatly and the fabric is soft to wear. It doesn't sit ridiculously oversized on me, possibly a little longer than I expected, but the colour is gorgeous and the handprint motif is fun. uk review fashion blogger uk
refreshing women solid chiffon vest top c/o uk review fashion blogger uk

I'd say the chiffon top was more magenta than red, but that isn't really much of an issue, is it? It's double-layer style top that's has an inner chiffon 'lining' that stops it being see-through in slightly awkward areas (aka boobs). It's got a couple of exposed seams due to the outer layer being unlined, but they don't appear to be coming loose at all. The back has a cute keyhole tie closure, and the neckline is in that 90's high neck spaghetti strap style. With the material being chiffon, it creases like a mo'fo' and so shipping it folded was probably not the best of ideas...

For the price of each item I'm super happy with the quality. I placed my order on the 4th of April, and received it on the 17th, which is super speedy for shipping from China. One thing I will mention, which is probably the only downside of this company in comparison to Choies, Romwe, Sheinside etc, is that shipping costs mount quite quickly. There isn't a flat rate or free shipping service given. like the more well known companies, so as long as you're conscious of that.

Overall, I don't think lalalilo are  a company to shy away from if you're unsure whether to buy or not. Obviously, I can't make the decision for you, but my experience has been quite pleasant (other than the shipping prices shock). 

What do you think? Have you ever shopped with lalalilo before? Would you? Where's your favourite place to shop online at the moment? Let me know and I hope that you've had a fab day so far~

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