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sunglasses: asos
skirt: h&m
top: h&m
shoes: new look

Committing the cardinal sins for taking OOTD posts (dirty mirror, visible camera) but the lighting in the front room is glorious AND IT WAS SUNNY OUTSIDE,. As in, spring... is here...?!!!!!! All that wishing and all that waiting and finally I put on a skirt and a top, ventured to the uncontrollable temperature side of the front door and didn't immediately regret my decision. 

Weather, I am proud of you, this is progress. 

Outfit wise, the skirt I picked up in Korea when it was on sale for something like 4,000won, which is roughly £2.47.  It's always been a tad too big for me, which is why it's sat in my closet for longer than I care to admit, but I'll probably adjust it soon because I freaking l o v e   the print.  The top, unfortunately wasn't at ridiculous sale prices but who doesn't love a bit of the Parental Advisory slogan. 

I'm going to have so much fun raiding my spring/summer wardrobe this year. I'm hoping for consistently good weather (with the odd bit of rain, droughts in England are a complete no joke).

What are you looking forwards to wearing this spring? 

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